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Three Musketeers

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Chapter 1

D'Artangan is a young man of twenty-one. He has blonde-brown hair with dark blue eyes. He is not the most masculine man ever but he can hold his own. The most important detail about him is that he is a very proud man. He doesn't take criticism lightly. If someone makes a comment that offends him, he will fight that person to the death. The reason he is like this is because he never really knew his mother or father or, actually, remember them at all.

He was raised by a priest, who really wasn't a priest, priest, he just had a strong belief in God. Priest was d'Artangan's parent's best friend. All d'Artangan knew about his father was what Priest told him. He knew that his father was a musketeer for the King's Own. He also knew that his mother was a beautiful woman of high class. She could have been queen of France but she chose father. The last piece of information given to him was that his father and mother were murdered by a rogue musketeer. The only way this man is different was because he had one eye. The other one got cut out by d'Artangan's father when he was fighting for his and his wife's life.

Today is a very important day in d'Artangan's life. He is going to France to become a musketeer, like his father.

"D'Artangan. I can take you to France but I will not help you become a musketeer. You must do that on your own." Priest was getting the horses ready for the long journey. D'Artangan's horse is white with a black diamond on her forehead. D'Artangan calls her Jenny. He was never good with making up names. There was a black horse next to Jenny. This horse looked old and crippled.

"Why don't you get rid of that horse, Priest. It doesn't have much to live for."

"I don't believe in putting living things out of their misery. You know that better than anybody in this house."

"I am the only other person in this house."

"The more for you to know." Priest and d'Artangan started to laugh. It has always been an inside joke to them that they never had a maid or anybody else in their house. They don't know why this strikes them as funny.

"We never figured out why that is so funny", said d'Artangan while trying to calm down.

"And I'm afraid we will never know." The laughter went on for a for more moments and finally they stopped. "Now, I want you to remember what I taught you."

"'Never let anybody take you for a fool. If you have to, fight them.' I think you've told me that enough times already."

"You can never say anything too many times. We better leave now before it gets dark."

They rode off into the afternoon sun. They rode on until sunset, when they had to find somewhere to stay before it got too dark. They came across a little place called the Hanging Hanks. It seemed like a place where they could get into trouble, but they needed to get somewhere quick.

When d'Artangan and Priest walked into the muggy common room, they saw a man with a patch on his face and a peg leg. The man had a hood on to cover his hair. There was a woman who looked like the bar maid. She had a bonnet and a ragged dress on. When she smiled, her teeth were yellow and crooked. In this common room, the tables were all set out for dinner and d'Artangan and Priest were starving.

They went up to the front desk and asked for a room and some food. The man behind the desk had a wicked smile. He was a big man with, it looked like, five chins. He had an apron on that was stained with food.

"Your room number is twenty-one. Enjoy your stay", he said in a gruffy old voice. It sounded like a frog was stuck in his throat.

Priest and d'Artangan fell fast asleep after they ate and they weren't bothered for the rest of the night.