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            “Jesus, Jimin! You look like hell!” You said, taking a bite of your burrito.

            “Yeah, well. Between classes, work, the dance team and my breakup with Maggie, I’ve been a little tense and frustrated lately.” He responded, sitting down across from you.

            “So, why don’t you take ten minutes out of your busy schedule and relieve some tension? You replied, matter of factly.

            “It’s not like I haven’t tried…” Jimin said, not meeting your eyes.

            “So, what’s the deal?”

            “I’m just having trouble…I can’t…”

            “Can’t what? Get it up?”

            “Oh my god! Be quiet! I can get it up just fine, thank you!” Jimin replied, looking around to make sure no one else heard your conversation.

            “So, then what?” You asked.

            “Then, nothing. I can get it up. But once it’s up…I can’t…Achieve the end goal. If you know what I mean.” Jimin was blushing, clearly embarrassed at his predicament.

            “Hmmm. That sounds awful.” You replied, feeling sorry for your best friend.

            “So, this has never happened to you?” Jimin asked, cautiously.

            “Well, I don’t have a dick. So, this entire situation is foreign to me. Plus, I mean, I’ve got stuff with batteries. So, that helps. Actually, have you ever thought about getting some toys or something to help?” You asked, mind working to find a solution to Jimin’s problem.

            “I’m not really into that type of stuff.” Jimin replied, defeated.

            “So, what are you into?” You asked seriously.

            “I don’t know…Stuff…” Jimin said, unhelpfully.

            “What kind of stuff?...Porn? Food? Latex? No…Wait. I got it!” You almost shouted.

            “Can you keep it down? We are in the middle of the campus lunchroom, you know? People are trying to eat!” Jimin shushed you.

            “No. Jimin. I’ve got a solution! Have you ever thought of having someone watch you?”

            “Watch me, what?” Jimin asked.

            “Watch you. Oh my god! It’s perfect! You totally get off on being watched! I know it!” You said, taking a big swig of your water.

            “What makes you think I get off on being watched?” Jimin questioned, almost offended.

            “Um…Hello? Have you met yourself? Park Jimin. The guy that loves to dance in front of hundreds of screaming girls. The guy who ‘unintentionally’ pokes his tongue out when he concentrates really hard. The same guy that can’t keep his shirt down because, god forbid his abs are hidden. Dude, you spent an entire year wearing sleeveless shirts and hitting the gym three hours a day just to hear girls fawn over your biceps. There is no way in hell you don’t have a thing for being watched.” You said, triumphantly.

            “Whatever. How would I even find someone willing to…Actually…What are you doing tonight? Say…Around nine-fifteen?” Jimin asked, smirking at you.

            “Why me?”

            “Because you’re my friend and I trust you and it was your idea!”

            “What about Tae or Guk?”

            “No way! All three of us have accidentally walked in on each other at some time or another. And I can tell you, the last thing going through my mind was cumming. It was more like, ‘oh my god! Get out! Get out! Get out!’ Nope. No way. You’re my best friend. And you love me. And I need your help.” Jimin said, stuffing a fry into his mouth and grinning at you.

            Several hours later, you were standing in front of Jimin’s apartment door, fist poised in the air, ready to knock. You hesitated. You couldn’t deny the fact that Jimin was mouth-wateringly attractive. He had that crooked tooth and those massive thighs. Full lips. Dark eyes that scrunched up and disappeared when he laughed. The boy was too attractive for your sanity. It had taken years of being his friend to learn to ignore his charms. Now, here you were. Preparing to watch him lose himself in pleasure. Once you knocked on the door, there would be no turning back. There would never be a day in your life that you wouldn’t know the sounds he makes when he’s lost in lust. The face he makes when he finally gets his release.

           You squeezed your thighs together and willed yourself not to get wet, standing in front of his door.

            As you gathered your composure, the door flew open with Jimin standing, flushed faced, and staring at you. He reached out and gripped your wrist, turning to pull you into his apartment.

            “I was wondering if you were going to bale on me! I’ve been pacing the living room for the past twenty minutes waiting on you!” Jimin said, flustered.

            “Jimin, are you sure you want to do this?” You asked, needing to know that he was comfortable with the situation.

            “Are you kidding me?! Of course I want to do this! I’m so keyed up right now, I can barely see straight. Glance down. You didn’t notice the tent I’m sporting right now?” He said, blushing.

            You looked down and sure enough. Jimin was harder than a rock. You felt a small trickle of wetness between your legs as you looked back up to meet his eyes. His pupils were dark and blown, his gaze lidded.

            “Okay. Just checking. So…Um…I brought my sex playlist if you wanted to…Well…If if might help any.” You said, unsure of yourself.

            “You have a sex playlist?...Actually, never mind. Bedroom. Now.” Jimin demanded.

            You followed him into the bedroom. Jimin turned on his Beats pill and you set up the playlist and started the music. It took thirty full seconds of awkwardly staring at one another before Jimin began to panic.

            “So…Um…How do you want to do this?” He said, shuffling from one foot to the other.

            “Why don’t I sit down on the bed and you can start by doing a little strip-tease.” You said, enjoying the thought of being in control.

            Jimin nodded once and closed his eyes to gather his nerves. He let the music seep into his muscles and before you knew it, his body was seductively rolling and swaying to the beat. He opened his eyes and was a changed man. Gone was the cute and cuddly squish that was your best friend. In his place stood pure seduction. His gaze burned you to the core. His tongue poked out for just a second before he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth to bite.

            Not breaking eye contact, Jimin lifted his shirt, body rolling to the music. You got a peek of his abs before he pushed his shirt back down and smirked at you. Jimin always was a tease. He danced a few seconds more before pulling his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the side and hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants. He turned to the side, and pushed that side of his waistband down a few inches, revealing a sharp hipbone and the tan flesh of his hip. You crossed one leg over the other in hopes of keeping your arousal at bay.

           Jimin turned away from you, wiggling his bubble-butt a few times before turning to face you again. You saw his hand move down his abs and towards the thickness straining the front of his pants. His hand grazed his manhood before gripping himself as he thrust his hips forward.

            “Take off your pants, Jimin.” You said, wanting the teasing to stop.

            Jimin smirked. He slowly shimmied his pants down his hips and past his thighs before slipping them off completely. His cock sprung free, standing proud and full against his stomach. A deep blush appeared across Jimin’s face and ears, his eyes suddenly avoiding your gaze. You needed to pull him back into the moment or he’d get shy and chicken out.

            “You’ve been holding out on me, Baby. Never knew you were so thick.” You said, licking your lips as you squeezed your thighs together to catch his attention.

            “Um…What should I do now?” Jimin said, still slightly unsure of himself.

            “Why don’t you come lay down on the bed? This is one show I want to get a close up view of.” You said, patting the bed next to you.

            Jimin climbed onto the bed and laid down next to you. You turned your body to face him as you spoke once more.

            “Why don’t you show me how that thick cock of yours looks in your hand?” You said, encouraging him to continue.

            Jimin bit his lip before sitting up and reaching into the nightstand. He pulled out a bottle of lube, opening the cap and squeezing the liquid into his palm. He flipped the cap closed and tossed the bottle to the side before grasping his cock. His eyes closed momentarily as he waited for more instruction.

            “Whenever you’re ready, Baby. Show me how you like to be touched.” You whispered.

            Jimin gripped his cock and gave a few slight tugs. His hand started to twist, changing the angle and pressure as he slid up and down his shaft. His eyes were still closed and he was worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. That wouldn’t do.

            “Baby, open your eyes and look at me.” You commanded.

            Jimin opened his eyes and finally made eye contact with you.

            “That right, Baby. Just like that. Could just eat you up, you look so fucking good like this. I should be videotaping this right now. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You wanted to get Jimin as wound up as possible.

            Jimin let out a small whine at your words. His back arched slightly as he began working faster on his cock.

            “Maybe I should call some friends over. Show them how much of a dirty little slut you are. So desperate to have someone watch you. I could call some of your dance team members. Maybe next time there’s a showcase, they’ll let you just fuck yourself on stage in front of thousands of people.” You could see the sweat on Jimin’s forehead as his moans got louder.

            “Listen to those sounds. Oh, Baby. They should put those sounds in a song. You know how wet I’m getting just from watching you? You’re mesmerizing. Look at those muscles straining. So fucking sexy.”

            “I’m…I think I’m close.” Jimin gasped out.

            “Fuck, Jimin. I want to see you cum, Baby. Don’t you dare stop until I see you cum!” You leaned in close, breath tickling Jimin’s ear.

            Jimin was moaning loudly, hand working faster and faster up and down his cock.

            “Jimin! Please. Baby. I want to see it. Show me how beautiful you look when you cum!”

            “Almost…Don’t stop talking! I’m so close!” Jimin whined, tears slipping from his eyes.

            “You’re doing so well, Baby. God. You know how badly I want to jump on and ride you right now? Bouncing on that thick cock. Jimin, I want you. Fuck me, Jimin! I need to know what it feels like to have you inside of me!” Something in you had snapped and your mouth was working on its own accord.

            “I’m cumming!” Jimin shouted as his body went rigid and white streams of cum painted his stomach.

            Your eyes went wide in wonder. Your best friend was lying next to you, naked and covered in his own cum. He was panting as sweat dripped down his hairline. You had never seen anything so enticing. You had meant every word you said to him. Your panties were soaked and your pussy was throbbing at the thought of Jimin fucking into you. There was no taking it back now. You wanted Jimin.

            Panic set in for you, as Jimin came back to himself.

            “So…How wet are you right now?” Jimin smirked, knowingly.

            “I should…I should probably go…” You replied, not meeting Jimin’s eyes.

            “Or, you could stay and let me repay the favor.” Jimin replied, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

            “But, Jimin, I don’t get off from being watched like you do.” You replied, starting to stand up.

            Jimin grabbed your wrist to stop you.

            “No. But you get off on giving orders. So, how about you tell me what to do and I’ll make sure you get off as much as you want?” He said confidently.

            You thought for a second before smiling widely.

            “Take off my shirt.” You demanded.

            Your shirt and bra were off in record time and before you knew what was happening, Jimin was unbuttoning the fly of your jeans.

            “This was a great idea!” Jimin said with a maniacal laugh.

            It was going to be an eventful night.