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“Hey Zatanna.” A familiar voice says and she looks up from the book she’s trying to find answers in.

“Woah.” Zatanna says. It’s Artemis, and she looks good. Happy, strong-but her hair is short. Artemis laughs. Zatanna’s pretty sure her mouth is open. She almost forgot how pretty Artemis is.

“I’ve been getting that reaction from everyone. It’s good to be back.” Artemis says.

“Where’d you go?” Zatanna asks. She remembers hearing people say Artemis was going to be gone-not there reason.

“Just needed some change after Wally and I broke up. Time to think.” Artemis says and Zatanna nods.

“Zatanna, we need your help.” A Leaguer says and Zatanna wants to sigh.

“I hope I see you around.” Zatanna says.

“Don’t worry, you will.” Artemis promises with a wink.