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Jack O'Neill Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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1. Colonel Thomas, 1975
Have instructed First Lieutenant O'Neill that "for crying out loud" is not an appropriate way to address a superior officer.

2. Colonel Michaels, 1982
Captain O'Neill is an excellent candidate for the rank of Major. Frankly, sirs, he reminds me of myself. I mean that to be a good thing.

3. General West, 1995
He still stands like the soldier that left, but something cold melted away on that desert planet. Perhaps that's for the best.

4. General Bauer, 2000
Col. Jack O'Neill is the most insubordinate officer I've ever had in a command. That he's ascended this far is beyond reason.

5. General Hammond, 2003
It has been an honor to serve with him. He is an exemplary officer, a good friend, and the first person I would trust with the continued operation of Stargate Command.