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Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well

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I am going to be posting short one-shots and bits and pieces of larger works. Some will have questions about directions of a story for those that I'm having issues with and if I take any suggestions they will be credited in the main story.

Currently, I am working on the fourth part of my Corrected Path series but I am having serious writing block for it. But have had a few ideas for other stories and will be occasionally posting bits and pieces.

Also, willing to take prompts but can not really promise more than one per month...unless especially inspired by a prompt. There are pairings that I am not a huge fan of, most of which are canon/het. [No Angel/Buffy, Harry/Ginny, or Edward/Bella, unless it is an ending relationship.]


Fandoms that I am most familiar with:

Angel: the series


Buffy tVS

Captain America

Chronicles of Riddick


Fast and the Furious


Harry Potter

Hawaii 5-0

Lord of the Rings

Stargate [SG-1 and Atlantis]

Teen Wolf




**This may not be the full list but my most common fandoms and I am very willing to do crossovers.