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Until We Meet Again

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Beneath the building, there was a little girl, who might be five years old at this time and she was alone in a small capacity of the closet. She was crying and desired to have her mom to find her. To herself, she was a beautiful child with green eyes and auburn hair. She was smarter like her mom. It was her name, Charlotte.


Charlotte didn’t know where she was at but was terrified when it happened to her. She was taking away by two men from her school in New York City. Well, it was a private school with the high reputation in the city. But to two men, they knew that Charlotte was Ellen Parsons’ daughter and wanted her dead.


The auburn-haired girl immediately looked up at two men who were blurring their faces at her. One of them was chuckling and gripped her then hostage her out of the room. Beside him, the man nodded with his phone call and ordered him to get Charlotte out to their housing where they collected many young girls in the warehouse.


The men were working for one powerful man in the household of his company, Jasper Co. which it was a private business that hid their cover up by collecting the young girls to the warehouse to rile them up with sexual and human trafficking. Most of the people in New York City knew that business as a good business for collecting the jewelries and went to their small businesses stores everywhere in New York City.



That’s how few men get picked by seeing the children everyday by proposing the deals on the jewelries. They didn’t get a lawsuit from any law firms. But it happened from few years ago, the girl was seven years old that escaped from their hostage area and asked for help toward the police station. Finally, her parents arrived and carried her to the hospital. The detectives assigned themselves to a new case to investigate on the girl’s knowledge of somewhere she was abducted.


The men heard the news and decided to call up on his boss and got their orders that they removed the warehouse and collected the girls in the trucks then moved away to be outside of New York City that they couldn’t find them. The girl’s parents decided to sue Jasper Co. because the girl saw the banner sign outside when she was out with two men by moving herself to the other warehouse.


It proposed out of the blue when Patty Hewes decided to take a case on Jasper Co. business after watching the news on television. She felt pitiful on the girl who was abducted but wondered if it was her granddaughter, Catherine when it happened. The high-stakes lawyer shook her head and called on the dibs on Jasper Co. then sent herself to investigate everything from her good friend, Detective Huntley who was retired from the police force.


It was in a middle of the case where Patty stood in the events. She knew something’s not sitting right in the case and went deeply to investigate on CEO of Jasper Co. At this time, Patty was getting close to win the case for the girl’s parents and others. She defended them for the case against Jasper Co. with the evidences. Patty was intrigued for her winning streak on her cases since she started her new law firm.


To her knowledge, she knew her former lawyer and mentored her many times, Ellen Parsons because she found out that she had her daughter who was kidnapped by two men and vanished in her sights from six months ago. Patty felt helpless when she saw Ellen in her office again after few years but hid her mask toward her. Ellen knew her but asked her for finding her daughter with her wish and left Patty alone in her office with her wonders.



Back in the building, Charlotte struggled with her strengths to fight back against two men but fell apart in the common room with few girls in her age group. She was crying and went to corner herself for a good cry. Other girls were silent and didn’t do anything to help her. Now, she was completely alone and wanted to go home with her mom.


The men chuckled and insulted her for her good. They closed the door behind them and went away to collect other girls from their businesses. Their boss was pleased with his business but collected himself to listen on the news about his business. It fired him up when it came to Patty Hewes and her lawsuit against his business because she found something in Jasper Co. Business.


It had leaked in his business. He decided to call his men to find a snitch and order them to kill him. The CEO continued to enjoy himself a mind game with his lawyer to fire up on Patty Hewes. He asked the lawyer to cover up everything that he was pretending to be innocent. The lawyer smiled at him and nodded with gathering the evidences then left her boss alone in his office.