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Kissing the Flame

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A Note of Thanks

Robin sat down to the little desk in their hotel room. Amon was out running errands which gave her a chance to do what she had been planning. She didn't want to get caught in the act of writing him a thank you letter. It would be embarrassing. But she did want to write this thank you letter. The nuns had impressed the importance of formal letters on her, and quite frankly Robin sometimes found it easier to express what she was feeling in writing rather than verbally.

She felt the need to express her thanks to Amon. She had so much to thank him for, and she never seemed to be able to do it adequately. She still got easily flustered around him. A letter seemed appropriate. She just needed a way to let him know just how much he meant to her. However, as she laid out a piece of stationary and took up a pen, Robin found that it was harder than she thought to start. Eventually though, she found the right words to start and began moving her pen across the page.

It wasn't easy going. She couldn't seem to get the words right. She wrote and rewrote sentences dozens of times. She had sighed and crumpled up the paper she was working on at least half a dozen times. But each time Robin rewrote the letter, she got a little closer to what she really wanted to say. It was frustrating at times, but it was important for her to do this right. She wanted to give Amon a tangible thank you for all he had done and all he had given up for her. Her pen made a soft scritching sound across the page. It was almost musical with its rhythm and pauses. Slowly the letter began to form and take shape.

With a final sigh, Robin finished the letter. She hoped Amon would understand both its message and why she needed to give it to him. Folding the letter carefully, Robin kissed the pages before slipping them into an envelope and carefully sealing it. She finally penned his name on an envelope. It felt good to have this finished. Robin set the note atop the pillow on the bed in the room they shared, secure in the knowledge that Amon would find it. He most likely would be back soon, and Robin still had a few other things she wanted to accomplish before his return.