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Hands Full

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“Do we need anything at the house?” John’s voice rumbled on the other end of the line, Finch simply shaking a bottle and checking the temperature as he watched Tyler in the crib. It had been a rough day, Shaw was working overtime with their latest number, bless her soul, and Reese was just wrapping up the deal with the perpetrators when finally Carter showed up with her goons.

“Not in particular.” Finch explained, placing the phone on speaker as he busied himself with picking up the needy baby. “Oh, wait…” He said impatiently, getting Tyler cradled up in his arms before taking a seat on the couch and proceeding to feed him. “I believe Bear needs more dog food, but we can always get that tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Reese mumbled, “See you later then, Love you.”

Finch smiled and shook his head toward the phone, “I love you to, John.” The rest of the evening went by slowly; Harold catering to his child’s needs while Bear paced around the library and carried his bowl around in outrage. Tyler was just nearing three weeks old, Finch and Reese had adjusted fairly quickly to raising a child 24/7 but it was still a tough job.

Samantha made it to headquarters first, right as Finch was tucking Tyler into the car seat and getting ready for the ride home. They had separate supplies, one for home, and one for the library. It was more of a hassle, washing all the bedding and blankets separately, but gave Finch comfort in case they had to spend the night there. The woman smiled and silently reached down to pet Bear, looking at his empty food bowl followed by Finch’s apologetic shrug.

By the time Reese wandered back home it was nearing ten o’clock, Samantha had already returned to her apartment, but on the bright side he’d bought dog food. “Sorry I’m late, the store was surprisingly busy, and I even saw Leon there.” John said, walking around to the ‘gun room’ and pulling out the plastic tub, popping the lid with his foot and tearing the bag-pouring the kibble into it.

“And how is Leon?” Harold asked, watching as Bear picked up his bowl and happily bounded over and Reese quickly feeding the impatient pooch.

“Starting to show, but still bouncing off the walls as always.” The operative slowly made his way closer to the omega, hugging him close and sniffing around his neck, wallowing in the scent gladly. “Lionel was at the crime scene today, he seems nervous.”

“I would be nervous to, knowing Leon is carrying his child.” Finch mumbled, burying his face in Reese’s clean jacket, taking a deep whiff and leaning closer to his mate. “We should go home, it’s getting late.” The alpha hummed lightly before pulling away and carefully picking up the car seat’s handle, cooing almost as he watched Tyler rest safe and sound in his lion printed blanket.

“You know,” Reese started as he escorted Finch to the car, Bear hopping along at the end of his leash and the omega huffing at the sudden cold. “Leon and Lionel are going to be raising a child-right?” Finch glanced at him with a raised eyebrow and nodded curtly, “I have a feeling we’re going to have our hands full then.” He chuckled, unlocking the car and moving to the back seat to secure Tyler’s car seat. Finch settled into the passenger seat and pondered John’s words before groaning-they were going to have a hand full when Leon finally settled down and succumbed to boredom. Not mention the detective was going to be learning how to take care of a baby-Finch had always assumed Fusco’s ex had taken care of Lee as a child.

Reese eventually slid into the passenger seat, looking back at Bear as the war dog curled closer to the car seat and huffed, clearly on guard. “Think of the bright side,” He chirped, leaning over to kiss Finch lightly as he buckled up, “Leon might stop laundering money.”

Harold simply groaned and hung his head.