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With a new era of peace ushered in by the seeker and his allies all seemed to be as it should in the middle realm.

Yet, that was far from being the case .

  Something within Cara Mason had changed .

The  legend of her exploits in battle were now spreading far and wide across the land . As such she became Richard Rahls captain of the guard.

Protector to the seeker and now to his newly formed kingdom. 

Though entrusted with the safety of lord rahls kingdom a restlessness grew within the young Warrior's heart as each day passed the secret she hid took its toll within her troubled soul.

Of late Cara had found solace in the arms of Young maidens and inflicting pain upon herself with her own Agiel.

Cara hoped that with every ounce of pain she inflicted upon herself she would somehow achieve the goal of breaking her own spirit ridding herself of her silent burden.

Her efforts were to no avail and worse of all her antics were drawing attention to her .

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorande Richard's grandfather and wizard of the first order reassured his grandson that he would speak to Cara in the hopes of resolving the issue .

In that moment Kahlan Amnell mother confessor and now Richards  wife intervenes in Cara's behest and pleads with both zedd and Richard to allow her to speak with Cara first

Never one to deny his beloved's wishes Richard  allows her to attempt to dissuade Cara away from her self destructive antics before he himself is forced to intervene.