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We Make Our Own

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France's blue eyes slid back over, irritated as he watched the former country tap his pen impatiently against the manila folder they'd each been given. The man had not paid attention to hardly anything being said at the meeting, which normally would not have bothered him, but he was also being a pest. Sighing loudly, asking for constant breaks so he could go use his cell, tapping that damned pen against the table.

He could tell that Germany was getting irritated with the man as well, though he'd not given any sign other than glaring, which he was doing very well at this very moment. Apparently the tapping was irritating him as well. Then again, his brother being present would be his own fault, so France supposed he could not complain to awfully much. He'd insisted that Prussia had not been involved in enough of the world affairs and if he wanted to continue to have any pull, he would have to begin coming to the conferences and at the very least taking notes. Something of which Prussia was less than happy to do.

It didn't take much longer for them to wrap up the meeting, thankfully and France noted with a curious twitch of his eyebrow that Prussia was the first one to grab up his things and make his way silently out of the room, Germany watching his every movement suspiciously.

"Notice zat too Mon ami?" France's smooth voice asked, quiet as he moved to stand beside the tall German. The blonde's eyes darted over to France's and he gave a small nod after a moment of sizing the other countries intentions up.

"Ja. He complains about not being involved in the affairs of the world and not having recognition, yet he seems very eager to run from responsibility. This is my bruder." he sighed heavily, gathering up his thing.

"Oui. Oui. But zat's not what I meant. 'e was in quite ze hurry. It does make one worry, Germany, zat he may 'ave an alliance behind our backs." At this, the taller country stiffened and turned his gaze back to the other man. "Not zat i'm accusing your brozer of turning on us, but it is...suspicious, no?"

It was a long moment and most of the countries having shuffled their way from the room later that Germany finally answered, eyes on the manila folder before him. "He's not been home, either lately. I did not think much of this as he goes drinking often, but i'd assumed it had been with you or Spain-" he glanced back up, catching the negative head motion from France and sighed. "but now this does seem much you said, suspicious."

It wasn't something he wanted to think of his brother doing...forming a negative alliance, but if Prussia was determined enough to take back what he'd had, to keep a reigning title, it was not out of the question. And honestly with his brother he could put nothing like that past him. His actions had been disturbing and strange as of the past few years. And when Ludwig thought of it, he really hadn't seen him at home that often. At first he'd slowly seen less and less until now Prussia was rarely around except on important dates or occasions...

An unsettled feeling was boiling in the pit of his stomach as he watched his brother's outline in the car in front of them. At first, he'd been reluctant to take the French incarnation's offer to follow his brother and see where he was going, having a sick feeling for doubting him at all, but if he wanted any answers, he knew something would have to be done.

And so, resigned, he followed the flamboyant country as they trailed his elder sibling. He'd not even detoured toward Germany from the conference which had taken place in London. Instead, the private jet had begun it's long journey across the wide expanse of ocean towards the North American continent.

Imagine not only his, but France's surprise when they'd landed on the outskirts of Ontario, Prussia's car already waiting at the small airport for him. They'd circled a bit more as he drove off before landing and 'persuading' the 'rental' of a car from one of the airport's small staff.

And so they found themselves following the small white vehicle up the winding back-roads into a highly forested area, silent curiousity and worry growing between them.

An hour later, they found themselves parking their car at the end of a decent driveway, turning all lights off as Gilbert climbed out of his car and jogged his way up to a beautiful two story house set in the middle of a wooded clearing. Even more surprising was the fact that he did not knock on the door, but let himself in, shutting it behind him. From inside, shadows moved across the backdrop and nervousness sank into Germany's stomach. This would be the perfect location for a meeting of rebelling nations if ever there were one. Noone would ever think to check Canada, nor the back regions and was just out of the way enough to be even more suspicious.

France pulled himself away from his staring trance, nudging at Germany's arm. "Ludwig, let's go. We need to see what they're saying in there!" he whispered, though at this point that was needless. Germany nodded slowly and followed his motions, opening the cardoor and climbing out into the crisp fall air. There was a slight crispness to the wind as the sun began to sink down behind the tallest of trees, signalling the onslaught of evening time to come. They quietly made their way up to the door, the French nation pressing his ear up to listen.

As he pulled away to speak however, a yelling startled them both. It sounded as though a loud fight had broken out within the household, two lighter voices yelling, nearly drowned out by the roar of Prussia's voice. With little thought for consequence, Germany's hand grasped the doorknob and shoved the door open.


This was not how this was supposed to happen. Though, he supposed, if he were honest with himself, he'd never really thought about it happening at all. Maybe somewhere in the back of his mind, he'd imagined that ignorance would be bliss as it had been for quite the while now. That this would never come to light and he could continue to live a damn near perfect life. But that was not to be, it seemed.

And so all he could do now was stand, frozen in place, as the two intruders stood frozen as well, wide eyed and watching him in near disbeleif. The taller and broader of the men, his hand on the doorknob that he'd pushed open hastily, moved his mouth briefly as though to speak but could not seem to find his voice. The other looked as though he were to pass out. The only reminder that he was still standing on real ground was the light weight at his front and back and the small breaths at his ear.

Time was standing still. Five pairs of eyes sizing each other up, two confused, the other three shocked.


It was at that moment that his partner in 'crime' came around the corner from the kitchen, stopping in the doorway and freezing up as well a small hand attatched to his own, his other free hand resting on the heavy roundess of his stomach.

The world slowly began to turn again, time caught up and everything happened all at once.



"Papa, who's them?"

"Oh Maple…."