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Love on the Weekend

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The boisterous Thorns chant was ringing out loudly through Providence Park. It was the 80th minute of their first preseason game. A Friday night clash with Chicago under the stadium flood lights. The score was tied, one-one.


Tobin was at the near side corner flag on the North End of the park, right in front of the Rose City Riveters, ready to take the ensuing corner kick.


Christen stood up from her seat to get a better view. She wanted to see Tobin strike the ball. She was sitting up in a reserved suite, high above the action, her heart beating loudly in her chest with nerves. 15,000 people had never sounded so loud.


Tobin was locked in, her mind blurring out everything else around her. Her only focus was the ball.

The ref blew the whistle, giving the okay for Tobin to play on. She could see her teammate, Allie Long, in her peripheral vision, sprinting towards the box at the perfect angle, pulling a defender along with her.

Tobin took three steps and swung her right leg, hitting the ball off the top of her foot in the exact way she intended to. The thump it made coming off her laces sounded like music to Tobin’s ears.

The ball was curling towards the goal, as Chicago’s keeper was trying to make a play on it. Tobin took a couple of steps to the right, entranced in watching the ball’s path towards goal.

Before she could even blink twice, the ball sailed perfectly around the near post of the goal, swooshing into the back of the net, just before the keeper could get a fingertip to it.

The crowd erupted into a frenzy as the Olimpico goal broke the deadlock. Two-One, Thorns.

Christen was now positive. 15,000 people had never sounded so loud.

This preseason game felt like a championship match.

Tobin ran to the center of the pitch as her teammates dog piled her in celebration, high-fiving and urging each other to hold the line for just a little longer.

When the cheering died down and the ball was back at the center circle, another chant broke out in the supporters section.



The Riveters were singing loudly for their star player. The one who just put them ahead with less than ten minutes to play. It didn’t matter that it was a preseason game that didn’t count for anything. Pride always counted.

Christen could feel the chills run through her. She felt giddy with admiration, knowing Tobin deserved all of the praise. Being here to support Tobin was important to her. She wished she never had to miss another game.

Three weeks. That is what Tobin and Christen told themselves. When they said goodbye to each other in Rome, they knew they just had to survive three weeks apart. Counting in small increments seemed to lessen the sting of separation just a little.  

When it came down to it, they only lasted two. 12 days, if we’re being specific.

In her second week back in the office, Christen had a stressful few days, as two of her adoption placements fell through unexpectedly. She decided that she needed to take a day off to avoid any mental breakdowns and regroup.

When she told Tobin about it on their nightly FaceTime call, Tobin insisted that a three day weekend couldn’t go to waste. It only took a little convincing for Christen to give in, knowing she was never able to say no to Tobin anyway.

And even though Christen tried to protest, Tobin used her airline miles and promptly booked Christen a plane ticket to Portland. So Christen packed a small bag and flew to Portland on Friday morning without a second thought, excited for a whole weekend with Tobin.

The Thorns had a pregame meal and film session before the game that night, so Tobin wasn’t able to see Christen beforehand. She left her apartment key under the door mat, so Christen took a Lyft from the airport to Tobin’s place. Christen was happy to be able to drop her bag off and relax for a few hours.

Seeing Tobin’s apartment for the first time was truly an experience for Christen. She got to check it out, without Tobin there to explain anything, and she felt like it was a small window into the brown eyed girl’s world.

It was a two bedroom place on the twelfth floor of a downtown Portland highrise. It wasn’t overly fancy, but it was nice, and very fitting of what Christen had learned about Tobin so far.

Christen put her bag down in the entryway and slowly meandered through the apartment. She instantly loved how it smelled like Tobin. It felt so cozy to her right away; calming for reasons she didn’t understand.

The whole place had a laid-back beach vibe to it. There was a large blue couch in the center of the living room, accenting the room’s dark hardwood floors perfectly. A couple longboards and a surfboard leaned against the wall in the corner of the living room. Christen wasn’t sure whether they were for decoration or if they actually got used. And a coffee table between the couch and the flat screen tv that hung on the wall.

In Tobin’s bedroom, a huge, handcrafted wooden bed frame stood tall against the wall. A white down comforter was draped over the queen size mattress; not perfectly made, but straighten just enough that Christen knew Tobin had tried.

She spotted a picture frame on the nightstand next to the bed. It was of Tobin and her family on a beach somewhere. Christen grinned at it, hoping that they were all adjusting to life after vacation well. She found herself missing the Heath family and their generosity and funny stories.

Christen exited Tobin’s room again and headed for the kitchen for a glass of water. She saw piece of paper lying on the edge of the kitchen counter. It was a little note from Tobin, scrawled out in slightly sloppy letters.


Make yourself at home. I can’t wait to see you tonight. :)



Christen smiled as she felt the butterflies in her stomach for a moment. She loved sweet little gestures like this. She grabbed the note and folded it up, putting it in her purse to take home with her.

Christen glanced at the clock on the oven, realizing that it was later than she realized. She figured she should leave soon, planning to walk over to the stadium.  She wanted enough time to grab a coffee on her way.

Tobin made sure to have everything in place, so Christen knew exactly who to meet at the Stadium to get her passes for suite area. Tobin figured it would be easiest for her to sit there so they could meet up after the game without dealing with the fans and crowd.

Christen made her way over to the stadium on foot, admiring the cute neighborhoods as she walked with her coffee in hand. It was a warm evening and the sun was just starting to set. As she got close, she could tell there was a special buzz happening outside the gates. It was clear that people were really excited to be back and ready to cheer on their hometown team.

Christen laughed to herself every time she saw a little girl wearing a Thorns jersey that had Heath 17 on the back of it. There turned out to be a lot of them. Christen loved the thought of those little kids looking up to Tobin, it made her feel excited for what she was about to witness.

Christen made her way into a side gate of the Stadium, checking in with the guest services counter. They greeted her right away, clearly expecting her arrival. One of the ushers brought Christen up an elevator through one of the tunnels. She could tell it was a reserved area, only a few people milling about.

The friendly usher made small conversation on the ride up to the boxes.

“So you know Tobin?” She asked in a non-invasive way.

Christen probably wouldn't have known the difference, not yet understanding Tobin’s stature around here.

“Yea.” Christen said in a happy voice.

“She’s so awesome.” The usher said with a smile.

Christen nodded as the elevator doors opened to the box. The usher just kind of led her inside and disappeared back down with the elevator.

Christen stepped out to where the open air seats were at the front of the suite. She could tell the players were out on the pitch for warmups, quickly scanning her eyes to find Tobin.

It only took a few seconds before Christen spotted her, Tobin’s lanky arms and legs dancing expertly across the field with a ball at her feet. Christen couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Tobin was so zoned in, flicking the ball up with her foot and juggling it as she walked.

Christen could already tell she was really good. And judging by the crowd cheers for her, they agreed.

Christen stood at the edge of the box, just taking in the whole atmosphere. She had no idea soccer was such a huge thing. She hadn’t played or really even thought much about soccer since high school; until she met Tobin a few weeks ago.

There were rowdy and passionate fans filling up the whole stadium, chanting and beating drums, waving flags and jumping up and down. It made Christen want to join them; to go all in on this super fan thing.

As the teams finished their warmups and started to run into the tunnel, Tobin took a minute to glance up at the box she knew Christen would be sitting in. Christen had been watching her almost non-stop the whole time. When they finally locked eyes, both of them smiled widely. Tobin raised her hand to offer a small wave with her white teeth beaming.

Christen happily waved back and bit her bottom lip, trying to contain her smile as Tobin ran into the tunnel and out of sight. She felt so relieved to know Tobin had spotted her and knew she made it okay. They hadn’t had a chance to talk all afternoon.

When the teams came out of the tunnel for the anthems and player introductions, Christen felt another wave of surprise. The PA announcer called Tobin’s name last in the lineup and the cheers for her were insanely loud. The loudest of all the players, by far. Christen still couldn’t process Tobin’s popularity here.

The game kicked off and was mostly fast paced. There were some lulls in the action with it being the first preseason game of the year, but Christen found herself following along easily. Portland scored first from a header by someone Christen didn’t yet know, with Chicago tying it up about twenty minutes later.

Halftime came and went and Christen was happy to see Tobin still in the game when play resumed for the second forty five. She assumed Tobin played a lot, but they hadn’t really discussed it.

The game was still one-one in the 80th minute as Tobin ran to take the corner kick. Christen felt her fingernails digging into her palms as she stood up to watch what was about to happen. She let her eyes scan over the rowdy crowd down below her for a moment, before focusing back on Tobin.

Christen’s eyes lit up as the kick sailed towards the goal. When it flew past the keeper Christen pump her fist a little, letting a loud cheer escape from her lips. Holy shit, Tobin just scored from a corner kick!

The Thorns held on for the last ten minutes of the game, winning two-one. The crowd continued to cheer for a long time, as the players made their way around the outside of the field, waving and thanking the fans for coming. Christen just stood and watched the whole time.

Tobin was pulled aside for an interview of some sort before she took her time signing autographs for fans. She even took off her cleats and gave them away to two little girls. The girls seemed like they were going to pass out with excitement. Christen’s heart melted at how cute the whole exchange was. She was dying to wrap Tobin into a huge hug.

Finally Tobin waved up to Christen as she was walking towards the tunnel. She gave her a couple of hand signals as if to say meet me downstairs , before giving one last thumbs up to the fans and entering the tunnel.

Christen understood what Tobin meant, grabbing her purse and heading for the exit of the suite. She asked the usher standing at the elevator where to go, and was taken down a few floors. She could tell they had passed the floor that she entered the stadium on.

When the elevator doors opened the usher pointed Christen in the right direction. Christen took a few steps before she heard her name being called out by a familiar voice.

“Chris!” Tobin yelled, starting a jog from behind where Christen was standing.

Christen spun around quickly, a smile forming on her lips as she saw Tobin running towards her. She didn’t know what was about to happen, there were several people walking back and forth between the field and what Christen guessed was the locker room.

Tobin didn’t hesitate, opening her arms wide as she reached Christen, launching into a big hug. Tobin was still in her uniform, her hair sweaty and a little unkempt, falling out from her loose ponytail.

Christen didn’t care. She just hugged her back as tightly as possible.

The momentum from Tobin backed them up a little, and Tobin took a few more steps, so they were rounding a corner, out of sight from people for a moment.

“Hi, babe.” Tobin breathed.

“Hi, superstar.” Christen smiled. They pulled back to look at each other.

Tobin leaned in a kissed Christen quickly, just a peck, but it felt so good to feel her lips again. They stood in their embrace for another moment before Tobin let go.

“Sorry, I’m all sweaty.” Tobin laughed. “I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“I’ll take you anyway I can get you.” Christen shrugged. She couldn’t believe she was standing in front of Tobin again, finally.

“Okay so, you are amazing at soccer!” Christen laughed. “Why didn’t you tell me how good you are?” She playfully nudged Tobin’s shoulder.

Tobin just shook her head and laughed, too modest to ever brag about her skills to anyone other than her teammates.

As the couple was standing outside of the locker rooms, two younger girls came walking by wearing Thorns jerseys. The were stammering back and forth to each other something inaudible along the lines of “ No, you ask her..”

Christen started to laugh when she saw them standing behind Tobin. One of the girls got brave enough, speaking up slightly. “Excuse me?” She asked in a soft tone.

Tobin turned around quickly, making eye contact with the two girls. “Yo what’s up?”

The girls both smiled up at her, eyes wide like they were starstruck.  

“Could we have your autograph, Tobin?” The taller girl said.

“You’re our favorite player!” The other girl added for effect. They both seemed a little nervous.

“Yea, of course.” Tobin laughed. “Do you have a pen?”

Tobin bent down and signed both of their jerseys, thanking them for coming to the game and their nice words. The girls ran off after a few moments and Tobin turned back around to face Christen, who was smiling lovingly at her.

“Tobin Heath.. You’re a really big deal around here.” Christen was proudly exclaiming.

Tobin laughed. “Nah, not really.” She put her head down a little shyly.

Christen felt so shaky with excitement at watching that previous scene unfold, only able to contain it by hugging Tobin again, so she did. Tobin smiled and returned her hug again, wrapping her arms around Christen’s waist a little softer this time.

Christen leaned into Tobin’s ear while they held onto each other. “Yes you are. And it’s super fucking hot.” She whispered sensually.

Tobin cleared her throat, her thoughts running wild with want. Christen leaned back and gave Tobin a more mischievous smile, before it faded into her happy face again. Tobin made a mental note to bring that look up to Christen again later.

“God, I missed you.” Tobin whispered as they hugged tight again.

“I missed you so much.” Christen agreed.

Before they could pull back a second time, one of Tobin’s teammates came walking down the hallway, making her way towards the locker room. She was a tall blonde with pretty features.

“Harry!” She called out. Tobin dropped one hand from Christen and turned around, acting like they weren’t caught.

“Is this THE infamous Christen I’ve heard about non-stop for the past few weeks?” She asked in a playful tone.

Tobin started laughing, squeezing Christen’s hip a little. “Hey, Al.”

Tobin looked at Christen who was just standing there with a smile on her face.

“Chris, this is Allie, one of my best friends.” Tobin nodded. “Allie, this is Christen.”

Allie wasted no time shoving Tobin out of the way and wrapping Christen into a hug. It only lasted for a second but Christen couldn’t help giggling.

“Nice to meet you.” Christen smiled as Allie released her.

“You too!” Allie smiled. “Tobin was right, you are super hot.” She winked, turning away from them like she was on a mission again. Christen blushed at her words.

“Tobs, go shower. You two are definitely coming out with us.” Allie said excitedly, pulling open the locker room door and disappearing just as fast as she had come.

Tobin groaned, turning back to face Christen. She didn’t want to go out with her teammates. She had only been thinking about taking Christen home as quickly as possible. She wanted no interruptions for the rest of the night. These past two weeks had felt like a lifetime apart.

“Sorry about that.” Tobin smiled, referring to Allie’s ambush. “We don’t have to hang out with them tonight.”

“It’s totally up to you.” Christen insisted.

“I don’t think I’d be able to keep my hands off of you long enough.” Tobin grinned. She leaned in and kissed Christen again quickly. “Will you wait while I shower?”

Christen broke out into a laugh while she nodded yes to Tobin’s question.

“What’s so funny?” Tobin smiled.

“Of course I’ll wait, I’ve got nowhere else to be.” Christen joked. “You’re stuck with me all weekend.”

“Lucky me.” Tobin laughed, holding eye contact with Christen. She gave Christen’s hand a playful squeeze and turned to open the locker room door.

Tobin got ready quickly as Christen waited in the hallway. When Tobin was done, she was the last one left in the locker room. She got dressed and exited, finding Christen and Allie and two other teammates in the middle of a conversation, all of them laughing at the same time.

“Uh oh.” Tobin smiled as she joined the half circle group that had formed in the hallway where she had left Christen a bit ago.

“Ugh, finally!” Allie yelled when she saw Tobin. “Let’s go slowpoke, we’re starving.”

Tobin narrowed her eyes a bit. “Christen and I aren’t coming with.”

“Yea you are!” Allie insisted. “Christen said she wanted to.”

Tobin locked eyes with Christen as the rest of her teammates picked up their bags to leave.

The expression on Christen’s face just read I’m Sorry . Tobin gave her a smile, knowing Christen wouldn’t have been able to turn them down once they cornered her. She wanted to start off on the right foot after all.

Tobin and Christen spent the next couple hours at their usual after-game bar with Tobin’s teammates, Allie, Lindsay and Emily. The couple sat next to each other in a large booth but didn’t really get a chance to talk much at all, both of their attentions being pulled away into other conversations for most of the time.

Christen learned that all three of them were also on the National Team with Tobin and would be in LA next week for camp as well. Tobin quickly explained the story of Christen knowing Kelley from college and they all thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Finally, after a few drinks, the other girls were making their way around the bar, dancing and talking with different groups of people. Tobin and Christen stayed close together the whole time, barely letting go of each other’s hands under the table.

Christen watched as person after person came up to Tobin. To say hi, or to tell her how much of a fan they were, or to try and buy her a drink. Christen wasn’t bothered by it at all, but she felt like she had totally underestimated Tobin when they first met. Seeing her through the eyes of everyone else was very enlightening.

In Italy, when it was just the two of them, it was easy not to notice the effect Tobin had on everyone around her. Christen just figured she was so drawn to Tobin because of the feelings she developed so quickly. Little did she know it was just a reoccurring theme of practically everyone in Tobin’s life.  

It made Christen feel proud that Tobin’s hand was intertwined with hers all night. Christen would smile silently as Tobin humbly accepted every compliment. She would get lost in silent observations, trying to figure out how she got so damn lucky to meet Tobin.

They finally had a moment to check in with each other as another group of people left their table. Other than the fact that Tobin had been running her hand up and down Christen’s thigh for the past half hour, it was the first interaction they had without anyone else around.

“You’re friends are super nice.” Christen smiled as she felt Tobin’s hand go a little higher under the table.

“They sure like you already.” Tobin laughed. “Pretty hard not to though.”

Christen just gave her a smile, finding Tobin’s hand with her own under the table.

“I’ve been dying to kiss you since we got here.” Tobin continued, her mouth right next to Christen’s ear, in the ever increasing loudness of the bar.

Christen just bit her lip.

“Would you hate it if we got out of here?” Christen questioned.

“Seriously, I thought you would never ask.” Tobin grinned, immediately sliding out of the booth.

She threw down a $20 bill for their drinks and grabbed Christen’s hand gently, leading her towards the exit without finding Tobin’s friends to say goodbye.  

It wasn’t even urgent in a sexual way, their escape from the bar; but more so in a way that they just wanted to be alone. To be able to hold hands while they walked, or stop and kiss each other whenever they wanted.

They both found themselves missing the bubble they had created while in Rome, already realizing it was much harder to shut out everyone else around you when you’re surrounded by people you know.

They walked casually through the streets of Portland towards Tobin’s apartment. Through the Pearl District, where streets were lit up by stringing lights across storefronts, and dimly lit street lamps.

As they paused for a crosswalk signal, Tobin pulled Christen in, grabbing her jaw lovingly and kissing her. The first real kiss they’d had in days. It felt better than either of them had remembered.

“Hi, babe.” She whispered against Christen’s lips.

“Hi.” Christen smiled into Tobin, their lips just barely touching.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” Tobin smiled, not pulling away.

“Me too.” Christen agreed, pecking Tobin’s lips again as their walk sign changed. Laughing as their hands found each other’s again.

When they finally crawled into Tobin’s bed, they were slow and affectionate with their movements. It felt like they gave each other a kiss for every hour they’d spent apart, neither of them wanting to be the one to give up first.

Tobin eased Christen back onto the bed, whispering Christen’s name against her neck. So happy to pick up where they’d left off, finding that every time they did this it was better than the last. Amazed at how good they could make each other feel. When they were done, both of their bodies hummed contentedly, snuggling into each other under the covers.

Christen had her head on Tobin’s chest, listening to her heartbeat. She was tracing a path up and down Tobin’s stomach with her fingertips.

“I don’t think I said this yet, but I was really proud of you tonight.” Christen whispered in the darkness.

Tobin grinned, placing a tired kiss to Christen’s hair. “Thank you, baby.”

They laid in silence for a moment.

“Everything feels just a little different here.” Christen said again after a moment.  

Tobin was sleepy, exhausted from her game and barely keeping her eyes open after their pleasure a few minutes ago.

“What do you mean?” She hummed quietly.

“Just like the effect you have on everyone. It makes me feel so lucky to be here with you. Not that I didn’t feel lucky before, but it just feels like more now.” Christen tried to explain, knowing she probably wasn’t getting it right. “I can just tell, you mean a lot to so many people.”

Tobin yawned, rubbing Christen’s back. “Well, you mean a lot to me.”

Christen lifted her head and gave Tobin a kiss, watching as the older woman under her let her tired eyes shut with a smile. “Night, babe.” Tobin whispered again.

Christen just fell back onto Tobin, inching her way in as close as possible before drifting off to sleep easily.

Tobin had to be up early the next morning for a film and recovery session with her team. She slid out from underneath Christen around seven, showering and dressing quickly, getting ready for her walk over to the stadium. Tobin leaned down on the bed and kissed Christen’s cheek as she slept, unmoved from where Tobin had left her a bit ago.

Tobin stood there for a moment and watched Christen sleep, her dark hair splayed across the pillow. The woman I'm in love with is lying naked in my bed. Tobin thought to herself. God, I’m so lucky.

Christen had woken up once, a little while later, to find the bed empty. She knew Tobin would be gone this morning, but Christen thought she would have woken up when she felt Tobin leave.

Christen yawned and looked at the clock, before rolling over and burying her head in Tobin’s pillow again. Smiling at the scent of Tobin’s shampoo still lingering on it. It only took a few moments before she was sleeping soundly again.

Tobin got back to her apartment just after ten, carrying a bag of donuts and a coffee for Christen. She walked in the door, expecting Christen to be awake by now, knowing she rarely slept in that late.

Tobin rounded the corner into the kitchen, only hearing silence. She walked through the living room and still didn’t find the dark haired woman anywhere. Finally, Tobin made it back to her bedroom, peeking her head around the door frame and laughing quietly to herself. There was Christen, still under the heap of covers, sleeping on Tobin’s pillow.

Tobin set the donuts and coffee down on the nightstand and kicked off her shoes, crawling onto the bed to hover over Christen.

Tobin kissed Christen’s neck softly. “Babe.” She whispered, tracing her hand down Christen’s bare back. Christen flinched under the contact, opening her eyes slowly.

“You’re hands are freezing.” Christen whined quietly, her face still pressed to the pillow.

Tobin laughed. “Oh sorry.” Waiting as Christen turned over on her back.

“I brought you coffee and donuts.” Tobin wiggled her eyebrows.

“You did?” Christen whispered excitedly, smiling at the woman above her. She secretly loved donuts but didn't think Tobin knew that yet.

“Mmhmm.” Tobin leaned up and grabbed the cup of coffee on the nightstand to show Christen.

“You’re my favorite person in the world.” Christen grinned.

Tobin went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple napkins and a glass of milk for herself and came back to her bedroom, perfectly okay with eating donuts in bed with Christen.

When she walked back in the room, Christen was sitting up against the headboard with her pillow leaning against it, already a half a donut in her hand.

Christen gave Tobin a wicked grin, licking the sugar off her lips. “You’re wearing way too many clothes for donuts in bed.”

Tobin bit her lip. “If you insist.”

She lifted her t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the ground as Christen laughed. Tobin then pulled her sweatpants down and stepped out of them, now just left with a sports bra and her underwear.

Tobin crawled onto the bed and reached for the bag of donuts. Christen quickly grabbed them, pulling them out of Tobin’s reach.

“Nah uh.” Christen shook her head sarcastically.  

Tobin gave her a look. “Okay, can I at least have a bite?” She asked, entertained.

Christen laughed and held up her donut for Tobin to take a bite. “So good.” Tobin laughed as she chewed. Still on her hands and knees in front of Christen.

“Lose the rest and you can have your own.” Christen smiled darkly, looking down at Tobin’s body.

Tobin laughed now that she finally caught onto what Christen really wanted. “Seriously, you’re bribing me?”

Christen just nodded, her face barely blushing as she took the last bite of her donut.

Tobin moved off the bed again and stood up, slowly peeling her sports bra off. She made eye contact with Christen as she let it drop to the floor, before bending down and sliding her underwear down around her ankles.

Christen bit her lip as Tobin stepped out of them, now completely naked. Tobin felt a surge of confidence by the way Christen was looking at her. She smiled a little cocky and grabbed Christen’s feet under the covers, pulling her down the bed until she was lying flat on her back and no longer propped up against the headboard.

Tobin crawled up Christen’s body, grabbing the bag of donuts out of her hands sternly and setting them on the nightstand again. Christen was laughing as Tobin pinned Christen’s hands above her head, holding them to the mattress.

Tobin leaned in and licked the remaining donut glaze off of Christen’s bottom lip. Pulling back slightly before she husked in a low voice. “If you want me naked, just so say.” Her eyes dark for a moment.

They both held eye contact in silence for a moment as Tobin licked her lips.

“Oh my god you are so hot.” Christen breathed, barely audible through a thick voice.

Suddenly Tobin’s face softened and she fell off of Christen onto the bed, reaching over her to grab the bag of donuts, plucking one out for herself. She munched on it happily as she looked back over at Christen, knowing that had its intended effect on the younger woman.

Christen’s face hardened in frustration as Tobin smiled lovingly.

“Want another donut babe?” Tobin grinned, taking another big bite as if she was innocent. They finished the remaining donuts tucked under the covers together.

Most of the morning and early afternoon was the same. They cuddled and talked and had sex, enjoying each others bodies and the warmth between them, without giving a single thought to the world outside of those four walls. Christen was sure that she could stay in this bedroom for the rest of her life if it meant she had Tobin there with her.

Eventually Christen figured she should get out of bed at some point. It was well past 2:00 and the day was wasting away. They got ready and headed out to run some errands that Tobin needed to take care of.

Tobin took Christen to Powell’s books and showed her a couple of her favorite stores, giving Christen a small tour of the city for a couple hours. Christen had offered to cook dinner for Tobin earlier, so they also made a stop at the grocery store on their way home.

While they were at the store, they ended up running into Tobin’s coach in the produce aisle.

“Hey, it’s Tobin fucking Heath.” Mark spoke excitedly as he came up behind them. Christen and Tobin were picking out stalks of broccoli for dinner.

Tobin turned around when she heard her name. “Mark! What’s up?”

He turned to Christen and smiled at her. Tobin noticed and introduced them.

“Mark, this is my... this is Christen.”

“Hi Christen.” Mark shook her hand. “I’m Mark, Tobin’s coach.”

Christen grinned and gave him a smile. “Nice to meet you.”

They made small talk for a few minutes, Mark praising Tobin for how good she made him look, until Mark’s daughter came running up to him and pulled him towards the checkout line. Tobin and Christen followed a few minutes later, checking out and heading for home.

Tobin hopped up on the kitchen counter as Christen started to cook dinner when they got home. Tobin was in charge of the music, browsing through her Spotify playlists until she found the perfect one.

The both bobbed their heads and danced around amid conversation as Christen made Rosemary Chicken and broccoli. When dinner was about done, Tobin opened a bottle of wine, pouring them both a glass and setting the table so they could sit down and eat.

Tobin raved about Christen’s cooking several times. “Seriously, Chris. This is like the best meal I’ve ever had.” She mentioned while chewing another mouthful.

“I think you're slightly exaggerating.” Christen smiled. “But I’ll take the compliments.”

“I love that you cooked for me.” Tobin beamed happily across the small table.

“Well I love cooking for you. I may have to do it again sometime.” Christen winked.

After they finished eating, Christen was loading the dishwasher as Tobin got her tv set up so they could watch a movie.

“Honey?” Christen yelled from the kitchen, trying to get Tobin’s attention.

“Yea...?” Tobin responded, a little wonder in her tone.

“Where’s the dish soap?”

Tobin backed up so she could see Christen from the living room. Christen was opening the cupboards around the sink, trying to find the soap so she could wash the pans.

Tobin made her way to the kitchen with a big smile on her face. Christen stood up and turned around, noticing Tobin’s smile.

“What?” Christen asked confused.

“That’s the first time you’ve ever called me anything other than Tobin.” Tobin was so happy about Christen's term of endearment. It was just another little thing that made this feel even more real.

Christen hadn’t even realized what she had said until it was pointed out. “Oh..” She laughed and kissed Tobin. “Well, you are my honey.”

Tobin just returned her laugh and drug Christen to the couch, leaving the dishes for another time.

That night they laid in bed, talking quietly. Christen had to leave in the morning, but it was a happy feeling between them, unlike last time they parted ways where they felt a sense of dread.

“So..” Tobin started, leaning down to kiss Christen’s lips quickly. She was lying on her stomach, mostly on top of Christen. “I have a question for you…”

Christen hummed with her lips pressed to Tobin’s. “Ask away.”

Tobin paused for just a moment before she asked, swallowing down her nerves.

“Christen, will you be my girlfriend?” Tobin got right to the point. Laughing instantly at how cheesy it sounded coming out of her mouth.

Christen opened her eyes. “Your girlfriend huh?” she giggled quietly. “Wait, Tobin Heath wants to go steady with me?”

“I do.” Tobin laughed again. She leaned in and kissed Christen’s lips. “I used to think I didn’t care about labels, but with you I do.” Tobin explained honestly. “I want the responsibility of that title.”

Christen ran her hand through Tobin’s hair as Tobin continued.“It matters to me that I can introduce you as my girlfriend and do special things for you that nobody else gets to do.”

Christen snaked her arms around Tobin’s waist under the covers, pulling her in closer. “It matters to me too.” She kissed Tobin’s cheek once. “Yes. I would love to you be your girlfriend.”

Christen knew she would be replaying this conversation over in her head with a smile all week. It was only five days until Tobin would be in LA, and this weekend together just reinforced their beliefs that they could make this work. For now, the distance meant little to either of them because their feelings meant so much.