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A Day In The Life (A Conclave Story)

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For a few moments, everyone stared at the screen, then Walter stood up and walked to the front, attracting everyone's attention.

"So - clearly we have some things to talk about" He said in a quiet voice "Either an outside agent is going to break in to The Conclave and steal one or more of our weapons, or....."

"Or someone here is going to go rogue" Alex said calmly "Which seems unlikely, but given everything I've seen - both since I started here and in the Sunnydale years before that - I wouldn't say it's impossible"

"Quite" Walter nodded "But since the rules forbid us to scan our own timelines, and scanning the timeline of every other creature in existence to see if they come here and break in would take more time than we actually have, I think we are just going to have to wait and see what happens"

"God I hate that" Xena sighed.

"You and me both" Walter grinned "But in the meantime we have things to do - we are coming up to the fall of Sunnydale in about two weeks time, and pretty soon after that Agents Arc-Angle and Eris have to go and pick up Mr Potter and Miss Perk before their untimely deaths" He paused, then looked over at the two women in question "The untimely deaths being those of Harry and Sally, not you two"

"I was hoping" Hermione grinned.

"So - since we have stuff to do, lets go" He dismissed the group, and one by one, they filed out.

As Dawn pulled the door open, she turned to find her husband staring at the projector with a thoughtful expression.

"Hon?" She called out, apparently startling him out of his thoughts and making him jump "Penny for them?" Alex grinned.

"You sure they're worth that much?" He asked with a laugh, then bounded over to join her as they walked out of the room.