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I Found My Love

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Some said that each race had a soul-mate in someway or form. But none were sure how true that might be. For you see, finding your One or soul-mate outside your own race was very rear. It was even more so for Dwarves and Hobbits. But when it happened it was those how had Fae blood in them. Because unlike Hobbits the Dwarves lived to be three hundred years old, unless they died in battle or some one killed them. And so life went on like that. It all began when Kili was still in his thirties. His uncle had started taking him and his brother Fili in trips to find work in the surrounding area. They had even gone to the Shire. There they had met a lovely Hobbit lady named Belladonna and her son Bilbo. Bilbo had won them over quickly with his enthusiasm, especially Kili. Kili spend most of his time with Bilbo than helping his uncle and Fili with the work. Thorin of course had an inkling as to why that must be. But no one seemed to notice the way Fili also looked at Bilbo. For sometimes, even though it was very rare, that a Dwarf could have two Ones not just a One.
It was just like any other day training with his uncle Thorin, learning to use his bow. He was getting better, but there were days that he just could not hit the target. “Kili, you need to be more careful. You will lose all your arrows. What is with you this past few day. I’m worried, you know you can tell me anything,” Thorin asked worriedly, as he approached his nephew slowly, as if approaching a frightened little bunny.
“It’s nothing uncle. I just do not seem to be able to sleep very well the past few nights that is all,” he said and tried to act nonchalant. Thorin of course did not fall for that. Dis had gone to him in confidence and had told him that Kili had started sleepwalking calling for someone named Bilbo, and that it would be ok. That he would come for him before the winter to save him from the wargs.It was obvious that this winter would be a bad one, since the cold wind and rain clouds had come early this in the first few days of winter.
Thorin had told her that he and Fili and Kili had gone to a small village called the Shire, were Halfling lived. There, they had met two Hobbits that had become their friends from the first day they arrived and had taken them in. Kili and the child named Bilbo had become inseparable. He also told her that he might be Kili’s One from the way they both acted.
“Kili, there is something I need to tell you. I’ll explain as we look for your arrows,” Kili just nodded and followed him. “Do you remember when we went to the Shire and you met with Bilbo?” Thorin questioned. At the mention of Bilbo’s name Kili flinched, as if he was struck. Was his uncle angry at him? He knew that he paid more attention to Bilbo than the work they needed to do and now continue with his training, but Bilbo was constantly in his mind and somehow he knew something bad was going to happen.
“It’s ok Irakdashat, I am not upset and your mother told me about your sleepwalking. You are calling for Bilbo because he is your One. I will take Dwalin as soon as we are both free and go to the Shire and bring him and his family here. I will explain to them why and all will be well,” Thorin told him with a smile.
Kili looked at him in shocked surprise. “Really, you think so? But how uncle, he is a Hobbit after all? What if Ms Bell says no, what will I do then? I need him. There is this feeling that I cannot explain when I think about him. It feels like my heart will explode,” Kili questioned.
Thorin could only laugh as he nephew bombarded him. “Calm down Kili. Before we left the Shire Belladonna told me that Hobbits have Ones, but they call them soul-mates. And also said that if Bilbo and you are indeed meant for each other and knew you would not hurt each other, then she and Bungo would give the two of you their blessings as long as you both came of age,” Thorin explained to him.
Kili was close to tear after hearing the best news he could possible hear in his whole life. “A-are are y-you sure? I can s-stay w-with him?” he asked. “Yes and also that because of fae ancestors he will live as long as his soul-mate and bear his children. It is the same for all the hobbits. So hopefully at the beginning of next month along with Dwalin, Bofur and Nori we will go to the Shire and bring them hear,” he said as he handed Kili his arrows.
Kili just let the arrows drop from his hands and hugged Thorin with all his might. “Now let’s head back or your mother will have my hide,” Thorin told him with a laugh and led him back after picking the arrows again. It did not take long for them to reach home, with the way Kili hurried them back so he could tell his mother and Fili the news.
Once there were back and saw that their mother was not there, Kili dragged him to their room and told him everything he had learned. “Are serious brother? And calm down Kili and take a breath. I am so happy for you,” Fili said. Fili wished he could tell Kili that he liked, even loved the little Hobbit also. They spend almost the whole night talking about it. Thorin told Dis what he was planning to do when she came home from the market.
Before long the second month of winter came and Thorin along with Dwalin, Bofur and Nori, were getting ready for the journey to the Shire. This winter was really bad, the snow covered the ankle and it froze the lake outside Ered Luin. “Thorin we are all ready,” Nori called as he mounted his pony quickly. And before long they were on their way.
Less they knew that the Shire was hit by the winter harshly. The River had frozen over. That had made the starving wargs and wolves cross it in search of food. A few Hobbits had perished. Among them was Bungo Baggins. Belladonna did not have much time. She just hoped she could live long enough to find one of her long family to take care of her little Bilbo.
Bilbo knew that his mama did not really want to leave him but she did not have a choice, and even though he was really heartbroken that not only did he just loose his papa now he would lose his mother. So Bilbo decided to tell her that his Kili would come, and so she did not have to worry about him.
“So you see mama, it will be ok he will be here soon. So please wait ‘till then,” he begged her. “I will be here my little Heartbeat do not worry,” she said trying hard not to cry. She just hoped that Thorin would come soon and look after her son before she faded, even though they had never found Bungo’s body. But less she knew that somehow Bungo had indeed had survived and was hiding to make sure that the wargs and wolves would not follow him home.