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...And all I got was this lousy t shirt

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Laurel is invited to the blessing of course, but she doesn't go. It feels wrong to celebrate Oliver’s wedding to someone else. It isn't like she’s still holding a torch, or nursing a flame, but she can't deny that somewhere inside she’d thought that when all was said and done he would end up with her. Why else would they have found their way back to each other so many times? Despite the infidelity, the lies, the deaths - somehow they had always come back together.

Laurel and Oliver.

And now there he is, married to someone else.

Felicity Smoak.

Laurel can't quite figure her out. On one level the women in the paparazzi photos is gorgeous: blonde hair, big eyes, perfectly chosen designer dress. On the other hand she had met Oliver’s bride at the club once, and the nervous, geeky girl she remembered was definitely not the type to catch her ex’s eye.

She wishes them (him) all the happiness in the world. But she doesn't understand it.

Maybe this is a sign that Oliver Queen finally was growing up. But if that was the case, why couldn't he have grown up for her?

And getting engaged and married in under 24 hours in Las Vegas hardly seemed grown up.

Laurel sits at her desk, ostensibly researching her next case but really scrolling through headlines on Google news about Oliver's nuptials.

The bride wore white to the blessing.

Walter Steel stood as Oliver’s best man in the spot that would have gone to Tomny Merlyn.

Thea was the only bridesmaid.

Despite her misgivings, Laurel can't help but smile at pictures of a happy Thea Queen. She had enjoyed having the younger Queen around the office during her community service. It had felt like having a little sister again.

Now Thea was someone else’s sister in law.

Felicity Smoak.

On impulse Laurel types the woman's name into Google. Pages of Queen wedding related search results appear. Sighing she clicks into the advanced search and adds the words "bride" and "wedding" into the do not include box. Then she runs the search again.

There’s surprisingly little public information available about the woman. Laurel finds a few tagged photos on Facebook but no public profile. No cv on LinkedIn. No twitter handle. Or at least none under her real name.

Who is this girl who has captured Oliver’s heart?

Halfway down the second page a news headline catches her eye.

"Is Oliver Queen the Hood?" The URL says

Laurel blinks. What’s this? And what does it have to do with Felicity Smoak? It’s dated the weekend of Oliver’s wedding in Vegas and she vaguely recalls Joanna mentioning something about this but she never read it herself. Too busy dealing with that weekend's other big news story.

She clicks through but gets a 404 error. Page not found.

Frowning, Laurel hits back and looks for a cached version. But none of the links work. It is as if someone has erased the article from the Internet.

She frowns again. She can almost feel that little line on her forehead appear as her eyebrows pushed together. Tommy always called it her ’sonething’s afoot’ face and had teased her that one day the wind would change and she would stay like that. A perpetual frown of curiosity.

For the first time in a long time thoughts of Tommy don't hurt. That’s almost enough to make her smile but a smile right now would be a distraction. And Dinah Laurel Lance will not be distracted when she smells a mystery in need of solving.

Something is, in fact, afoot. Something to do with the Hood. And Oliver Queen.

And Felicity Smoak.

Laurel picks up her handbag. She has the article title and the date of publication from the search engine results. The online version might be unreachable but even in this day and age Starling City library still maintains a 12 month print copy archive for the Post.

She'll find the article there.