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Shared Gravity

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Yuri groaned and turned over in his sleep, gathering his blanket tighter around his shoulders. Something was pulling at the edges of his consciousness and he didn’t like it. He tossed and turned for close to an hour, trying to pay no heed to the urge that threatened to drag him from the sweet bliss of his dreams, until it was too powerful to ignore.

All he wanted to do was sleep. Victor had worked him extra hard the past few days, the Russian man exceptionally prickly at any tiny mistake in the programs. It was already August, and the block championships were only a month and a half away.

He moaned as his eyes cracked open, wondering what had forced him awake so early on his free day. The sun had yet to clear the horizon and a deep blue light suffused through the room.

He was as hard as a rock, far more aroused than was normal for a morning erection, and it was highly uncomfortable.

“What the hell?” he grumbled, briefly wondering what kind of dreams he had been having.

Maybe I can get in another couple hours of sleep if I take care of that.

Somehow just even the thought of release made him even harder, something he would have argued wasn't possible just seconds before. But it also felt wrong. He knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with his hand.

Fine, a jog then. Clear my head.

Yuri tossed aside the covers and sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing the heels of his palms over his eyes to clear the sleep.

Yuri stood, stretched and took a deep breath. It hit him in a rush.

What. The. Fuck?

Yuri growled low in his throat, sexual frustration and annoyance at the early hour shifting to anger.

Of all the irresponsible things…

Yuri pulled on some sweatpants and a light t-shirt, careful of his persistent erection. A cloud of thoughts swirled in his head.

That isn’t going away anytime soon.

I’m going to kill him…

What in god’s name made him think this was even a remotely good idea?

Was he really so stupid as to let a fan overwhelm his senses?

God… that smell!

Is he really unable to go without sex for a few months?

Yuri growled again. The scent was overpowering even in his room, and he was glad that he took suppressants. If he were one of the alphas that didn’t he wasn’t sure if he would be able to hold back in his still-groggy state.

He stomped into the hall and the few paces to Victor’s room. The overpowering aroma was even stronger, which further incensed Yuri, who pounded on the screen.

“What the hell Victor? This is a traditional inn! It’s not safe to bring an unbonded omega in heat back for a fuck session! For god’s sake you don’t even have a lock on this door! Couldn’t you do this at their place?”

Instead of a reply Yuri’s demand was only met with desperate grunting and panting.

Yuri could smell the anger coming off himself. Normally he wouldn’t care about something as simple as a booty call. Who was he to judge his coach’s sexual proclivities? But this was really irresponsible. He grit his teeth, he needed to make it clear that the couple needed to relocate as soon as possible. It was never a good idea to move an omega in heat, but it had to be done before any of the alpha guests could get a whiff of that smell.

That enticing, demanding, begging aroma.

“Fuck Victor, you could at least answer m…” Yuri growled as he slid open the screen.

The overwhelming scent hit him full force, but that wasn’t what had stopped him mid-sentence.

The anger emanating from Yuri turned immediately to lust.

Rather than a couple, he’d walked in to see Victor sprawled on the bed, panting with a bright blush on his face. One of his hands was wrapped around his cock, fingers of the other pressed into his ass. The blankets and pillows on the bed had been rearranged in what could only be described as a nest.


Victor’s… an omega?

Yuri wasn’t aware of the low growl in his throat as he took a step into the room. Victor’s eyes met his, and his legs parted further as he submitted to the alpha.

“Yuri…” the platinum-haired man panted.

Yuri took another unconscious step, every one of his instincts on full. There was an omega in heat right in front of him, begging him to be its alpha.

The growl deepened and Victor’s eyes grew hopeful as they flicked from Yuri’s face to his erection and back.

“You’re… an omega?” Yuri asked.

“Yuri…” Victor begged, trying to move in ways he hoped would entice the younger man.

Yuri pulled his shirt over his head without thinking, fully intending to offer it to the prostrate omega as something to line his nest with.

His own pheromones rushed into his nose as the fabric covered his face, and for a brief instant Yuri felt clear-headed.

He could hear Victor’s needy whine, but kept the fabric over his face for a minute, gathering his senses, before pulling it back down.

Victor’s whine intensified as soon as he realized that Yuri wasn’t undressing. He tumbled out of his nest, pausing his self-stimulation in an attempt to approach the alpha in the room.

Yuri took a step back. “No Victor. You can’t consent right now.”

Every fiber of Yuri’s being wanted to give into the lust, to shed his clothes and fuck the man in front of him senseless; to mark him inside and out.

Victor’s whine increased as Yuri took another step back. “Yuri… Alpha...”

Yuri shook his head. He was almost back in the hall, and though the scent was still powerful it was slightly easier to breath with the fresher air coming in.

“I can’t give you what you want Victor,” Yuri said in as forceful, but calm, voice as he could. “You need to take care of yourself.”

Victor’s eyes didn’t leave Yuri’s face as his hand stroked his cock.

Yuri nodded and released some of his pheromones into the air, growling slightly. “That’s right Victor, show me what a good omega you are.”

The older man made a satisfied noise at the praise.

He’s running purely on instinct. He’s submitting to me.

“You’re going to be good for me and take care of yourself today,” Yuri ordered, fighting his own desires as Victor released a burst of needy pheromones. “Can you be good?”

Yuri released more of his own scent, a sign that the omega was under his protection.

Victor moaned as he breathed it in. Even if Yuri didn’t touch him, the younger man had laid claim to him for the heat. He would do whatever his alpha wanted.

“Go back to your nest for me Victor,” Yuri commanded. “Be good and take care of yourself. I’ll protect you.”

A haze of needy submission clouded Victor’s eyes as he crawled back to his bed. He curled up on top of the covers and resumed his self-stimulation as Yuri stepped back into the hall and pulled the screen shut.

Yuri took a shuddering breath, still angry, and sporting an erection he knew wouldn’t be abating any time soon. He closed his eyes and released as much of his scent as he could right outside the door.

Almost on his own instinct he moved to the end of the hall. He sat down in the narrow space, blocking the path of anybody who would try to go toward Victor’s room.

He spotted movement in the form of a shadow moving in an adjoining hall. He growled low in his throat in warning.

“Yuri?” Mari asked, glancing carefully around the corner.

Yuri breathed a sigh of relief. Mari was a beta, she was family, she was safe.

She came fully into sight, carrying a load of laundry from the inn. “Yuri?” she repeated. “Are you ok?”

Yuri shook his head. “I’m going to need your help today.”

Mari sniffed at the air. Her nose scrunched at smelling her brother so strongly, but she quickly detected the other, baser scent that infused the air. Her eyes widened.

“Did he…?”

Yuri shook his head, and her eyes grew even larger.

“Is he…?”

Yuri nodded.

“Shit Yuri! You’re an alpha! You need to get out of here.”

Yuri shook his head. “I can’t. He’s submitting to me right now. I need to stay close enough to keep scenting the air. If I leave it will probably distress him.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Sit right here and protect him.”

“Can you handle that? All day?”

Yuri glanced back at Victor’s room. “I… I have to. He’s too vulnerable here without the protection of an alpha. Besides, my suppressants are helping more now that I’ve got a bit of space.”

“Did he tell you? That his heat was coming up? That he’s an omega?”

Yuri shook his head. “Not a word, I dunno if he even realized it himself. As to why he never said anything about being an omega, it’s probably the same reason I don’t make it known I’m an alpha. The stereotypes are too much.”

“Shit,” Mari said. “Can we move him somewhere safer?”

Yuri shook his head again. “He’s too far gone, and… he’s nested.”



There was a moment of silence.

“Ok Yuri. What do you need?”

“Keep everybody away. The only ones to get past the kitchens are you, mom or dad. I’m already fighting, and if I need to physically fend off another alpha I might end up giving in and claiming him. Even the staff has to stay away today, my instincts are too on edge to trust anybody but family.”

Mari nodded.

“I don’t think he prepared. So water bottles, lots of them. He’ll need to keep hydrated, but I don’t want to take a chance on glass breaking. Also food. If possible ask mom to make one of her cold soups so we can get water in him with the food too, and not need to worry about it getting cold.”

Mari nodded again and turned to place the order.

“Oh Mari.”

She turned.

“Towels. As many as you can spare from the inn.”

She nodded and scurried off to warn his parents and the employees about the situation.

Yuri leaned his head back against the wall and moved so that he was physically stretched  across the hallway. He glanced toward Victor’s room and swallowed at the lewd sounds he could hear coming from it.

“It’s going to be a long day.”