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The Father and the Scientist

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W.D. Gaster was the Royal Scientist and everyone knew about him because of his brilliant mind. Gaster wanted almost desperately to break the barrier that kept everyone in the Underground. He had been known for his work on SOULs, but, for some reason, gave up on the project. Nobody knew why, but Gaster said that it wasn't worth it. No one knew what he meant by that.

Gaster had 2 sons he'd mysteriously brought home one day. He claimed it to have been an accident, but people were a little sceptical. Gaster's hands made no sense either, as they had holes in them, which he had gotten around the same time he'd brought his sons home. As far as anyone knew, Gaster had never dated anyone, nor harboured romantic affections for any pretty lady.

He became fond of the little skeletons and decided to go back on the project. He knew that the pain they would be subjected to so they could be powerful enough to break the barrie would be very painful. He couldn't press the switch, so he brought the 2 home with him and took them in as his sons. He named them Sans and Papyrus due to their fonts and their personalities. They weren't 'old' enough to remember their days in the lab, which Gaster was grateful for. He didn't want them to remember what he had wanted back then. He wasn't the same person anymore.

Gaster was glad that he chose to father them. He had people to care about. Sure, he had Grillby, a good friend, but he wanted someone else, too. His sons helped him a lot. He knew he still had some LOVE from the human-monster war, but his sons made it much easier to deal with it. He was sure that if he had not grown parental feelings for his sons, he would have a lot more LV than he had today.

Sans and Papyrus had gotten quite a bit from their "father". Sans had his intelligence and Papyrus had his looks. They were both very happy to be with their father. Sans had a lot of nightmares though, which was worrying for his family. They didn't know what to do, but they comforted him after the night terrors happened. Sans had contracted a deadly disease after one of his nightmares once. His HP had steadily lowered to 1 point. He had insisted that he was fine, but Gaster knew better. He had secretly checked Sans and found that he had a deep scar on his rib cage, stretching diagonally through. Strange...

The nightmares slowly subsided, but they sometimes resurfaced. Sans had refused to talk about them to anybody, even Papyrus. Gaster knew that Papyrus was worried, just as he was. However, Papyrus had taken a liking to spaghetti, which cheered him up, but the last time he had made some, Gaster had the urge to spit it out. The taste was indescribable...but Papyrus' face had been worth it when Gaster had swallowed the bite, praising his son.  Gaster didn't regret the choice he made by taking them in that faithful day...


 ~In an other Timeline~


Gaster blocked out the screams. He was used to them by now. Subject 1-S and 2-P had stopped begging by now, as they knew better than to anger him. He kept the machine on for an other few seconds before shutting it off. The screams died instantly. Subject 2-P was on the table, breathing heavily from the excruciating pain of the laser going into his eyesocket. He was so naive to believe that Gaster still had emotions. Hah! He had let go of them long ago. Sure, at the beginning he had hesitated to press the button, but he could not go back. The procedure could not be undone, nor the pain the subjects went through every day. 

Gaster had hidden them from the world, knowing that people would try to 'help' them.They were only lab rats made to break the barrier!He didn't care if they were sentient or not, he was doing this for the sake of science and monster kind! Those were the reasons he had created them in the first place. His LV was already quite high, but he didn't care anymore. He couldn't care anymore, not on the brink of breaking the barrier!

Gaster was a brilliant scientist, who didn't know that? The doctor did have a small issue, however...He didn't accept any kinds of failure. You dropped a glass beaker and it spilled? "You're fired!" he would declare. You did the wrong calculations? "You're not welcome here anymore!" he would yell. Many of the other scientists feared Gaster, as they struggled not do anything that would anger him. Gaster was still nice to the king, Asgore Dreemurr, but that was out of curtesy. When he went back to the lab, he would become cold again, not deigning to talk to the other scientists, finding them 'incompetent'  and treating the as though they were fools compared to him. He was never seen anywhere in New Home or outside of Hotland.

Gaster lived at the Lab these days, not bothering to sleep, eat or drink. He had an exciting theory and wanted to test it out immediately, already drawing plans for his machine. It would require a lot of power, but he was determined to try and make it work. He had toyed with this theory for quite a while now. With the SOUL containers finished and 3 human SOULs collected already, he was free to work on this project. He had tested teleporting there with his magic, but the only place he reappeared was a few inches forwards. He had attempted it countless times, but nothing seemed to work. 

He needed more power, that much was obvious, but he couldn't take it himself. A machine, however, could take much more power than he ever could. Gaster had not forgotten of subjects 1-S and 2-P, but he deemed them unfit to do it. He couldn't have them escape, could he? He found that the probability of them escaping was quite small, but he couldn't take any chances, especially not with this. The project was too important.

1-S and 2-P were still fed regularly, tearing Gaster away from his work, to his great regret, but he still needed them to break the barrier. They were curious as to why the tort- improvments stopped, but they didn't complain, at least. Ever since 1-S' eye had stopped glowing, he had grown weaker. His HP seems to have progressively gone down to 1. He needed more magic to sustain himself.Its not like Gaster needed the failure, he was just using him to bribe subject 2-P. Subject 2-P had proven to share his magic with his 'brother' when 1-S seemed to be weaker. Gaster shook the thoughts away, he needed to make this breakthrough. He took up a  note book and started writing an other entry on the subject.

Entry XX: I am on the edge of a great discovery. This theory is very interesting. I have already started on the plans for the machine. I will find out if I was correct soon. I will go as soon as it is completed. It will be a new experience, to see if alternate universes really exist...