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Just My Luck

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Just my luck. For fucks sake I swear I’m going to murder my boss. He must think I don’t have a life and that if I did it would revolve completely around him!

I mean I go out … Sometimes. But I have fun…

Just yesterday I went out to see some old university mates who were on their travels to New York. Okay, I may have left early to watch a new documentary on the Kepler telescope but it was definitely worth it! I mean the 95 mega pixel array –

I’m going off topic again point is I have a life. Shit, what’s the time?

Dylan juggled the coffee and work papers in her arms whilst trying to keep up her pace through the crowds of the subway.

She pulled up the sleeve of her blazer to look at her simple silver watch which she found that she almost relied on just to get through the day without too many complaints from her boss, Cain.

*16 minutes earlier.

‘Dylan, where’s my coffee? Dylan, why are there only two sugars in my coffee? Dylan, what do you think you’re doing? The sugar has to be straight from Starbucks! Dylan, I don’t care if the sachet is from Starbucks it has to be fresh!’


Turns out my boss is like a sniffer dog when it comes to coffffff -

Oh I’m sooooo screwed. 08:43 Cain’s going to flip his-

The next thing Dylan saw was a flash of blonde, and then the ceiling tiles of the subway as her body turned in mid-air and fell to the ground with a thud.

She suddenly felt a hot thin liquid creeping up her body, seeping through her shirt.

The bitter smell of coffee mixed with the metallic and urine smell of the subway.

Ooh. That’s hot! Ow! Ouch. Damn that’s hot. Oh my God!

“Shit! Ow! That’s Hot! Oh my god… Cain’s going to kill me. Oh Why?!” Dylan plead.

She looked up at the ceiling of the tunnel with her hands rested on her now coffee soaked black pantsuit.

“Whyyyyyy?! Seriously?! Do I really deserve this?! I mean… C’mon!” Dylan implored.

“Erm, excuse me?”

“Oh noooo. It’s on the papers too! I don’t know why I try?”

“Hey, I’m sorry, are you oka-“

“First the coffee! Now the interview notes! I may as well resign…”

“Look, I’m really sorry is there anything I can do? You look a little stressed…”

“Yeah! No shit Sherlock! I mean… I’m sorry, I was busy and I wasn’t looking and well…”

Dylan stood and turned around.

Her eyes met a small blonde woman with blue eyes, in a pair of joggers and an over sized t – shirt.

It couldn’t be, could it?

“Oh my goodness! Here let me help you! Oh god, your coffee!” The petite blond knelt and started to gather the dripping papers.

Dylan stood in shock.

“Kate McKinnon?”