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Jack/Daniel Humor Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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5:10. Jack's flight leaves at 6:50 and they're both naked, skin still slick with quick sex.

"I better . . ." Jack's knees crack as he stoops to pick up his shirt and pants from the floor.

"You're a General, you really can't schedule a flight for tomorrow?" Daniel tucks his arms behind his head. The protest is for show, really. There's a translation on the laptop that Daniel promised he wouldn't think about until Jack left.

Jack grunts, reading the subtext. He drops his toiletry kit nearly on top of Daniel's foot. Daniel kicks it off the bed, making sure to upend it.

"You're a pain in the ass on good days, you know?"

Daniel grins, shaking his hips.

Jack takes two steps and is on the bed, open shirt fluttering around him, fly undone, only one sock half on, and he kisses Daniel firmly, taking Daniel's face with both hands.

"We really are going to end it this time," Jack whispers.

"Yeah?" Daniel's voice is breathless, eyes memorizing Jack's face. "You're done with me for good, then?"

Jack kisses him again, muttering between their lips, "Have to be. Too many questions."

Daniel sits half-up, the q-word sobering him. "Really?"

Jack nods, sitting on the edge of the bed and putting on his other sock. "They think I've got a girl back here, thankfully. But someone suggested an officer at the SGC and. . . ."

Daniel gets it. "That's not any better."

"Well, it's a little better." Jack turns, clothes properly buttoned and zipped. "But it's not good either."

"So, it's the end this time?" This is the fifth time they’ve had this conversation since Jack moved to D.C.

"Not to say it hasn't been a pleasure, Dr. Jackson." Jack grins, all his charm in that cocky smile.

Daniel kneels on the bed, getting his face almost level with Jack's. "You'll be back."

Jack smoothes back bed-ruffled hair, pulling Daniel closer. "I probably will be. We kind of suck at ending this."

Daniel leans up, kissing him quickly. "You better get out of here. Don't want to raise any more questions." Daniel cops a feel through Jack's pants before sliding out of bed. He kicks a pair of Jack's boxers under the bed and pulls on a pair of discarded sweatpants.

"Smartass." Jack bends over, shoving his toiletry kit back together, but leaving the boxers. He takes one last look around, brow furrowed, and hoists his duffle. "I'll call you when I get back to D.C."

"Okay." Daniel follows him down the hall. "But I'll be busy eating my way through a pint of mint chocolate chip and cutting your face out of all of my pictures."

Jack stops at the door, laughing as he kisses Daniel. He pats his pockets, shrugging. "Feel like I'm forgetting something."

"It's just a pair of boxers. I'm planning to use them in my voodoo revenge rituals. You'll let me know if your balls shrivel and fall off, won't you?"

Jack's answering saccharine grin could probably cause a few things to shrivel. "If anything shrivels up, you're going to be the one that's sorry."

Daniel pushes Jack against the door, getting in one last wet kiss. "I'll see you next month," Daniel whispers. "We can end it again then." He raises his eyebrows for emphasis.

Jack licks his lips, stepping out the door. "Yeah, next time you get to end it." Jack's wicked grin stays with Daniel for the next hour as he thinks about the best way to end it.