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Going Down

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It had started out so innocently, Phoenix would think, years later when he looked back on the events that destroyed his marriage. It had all been for Miles, everything he had veer done was for that man. He had wanted to help with the endless torture Miles lived through, the events of DL-6 that played in his mind each and every day. He had wanted to take some of the burden, to help find the truth of what had happened that fateful day.

It had taken months to find witnesses, he had tracked down every person he could find that might help with the case, yet there was nothing. Feelings of disappointment swamped him, as each day brought nothing new to the investigation. All the while, he pretended as though there was nothing going on to his husband, the beautiful prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix could not bring himself to tell Miles about this mission of his, for what would it do except destroy the man even more when Phoenix came home empty handed each night.

The attorney would stay up late into the night, locked in the bathroom of his tiny apartment, papers scattered everywhere. On the night in question, the night it all began, he had been curled in the bathtub, testimonies clutched in hand as he read and read and reread every line. As the early hours of the morning crept upon him, his eyes drooped and he fell into an uneasy sleep. Dreams and visions of DL-6 played out in his hazy dreams, dark and disjointed images and sounds floating around him. A gun, a bang, the scream of a child. Darkness broken by emergency lighting, the whimpers of terrified people. An elevator, doors wrenched open.

In that moment, something clicked in Phoenix’s brain. The elevator! Of course he thought to himself as he threw himself from the bathtub, tripping over his rubber duck as he did so. They interviewed everyone he continued as he hastily crammed the papers back into his case But they never asked the elevator!

Desperate for answers and of course, oblivious to the fact it was almost three AM, Phoenix grabbed his bike and headed for the courtrooms.

As he slammed through the doors, questions already on the tip of his tongue, there was a part of Phoenix, a dark part, hidden under numerous black psyche locks that couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the lift. It was tall, well built and looked strong enough to hold him so tight he might never leave. He knew it could actually, seeing as how it had managed to trap three people in it’s embrace some years ago. Time, it seemed, had not diminished those powers. Stop it he told himself, You are a married man.

His steps loud on the floor, the elevator must have known he was coming, it’s light shinning red in the darkened corridor, like it was waiting for him. A shiver of anticipation ran through Phoenix, and looking back he couldn’t tell if it was the fact he was possibly about to break the case wide open, or pure, unbridled lust, he couldn’t tell. When he opened his lips to speak, his voice was low.

“Hey, I have some questions for you,” he murmured, too aware of his voice in the otherwise silent building. The elevator pinged in response, an invitation to continue. He heard the thrum of mechanics as it replied.

“It’s about… DL-6, do you remember that case?” The machine’s noises stopped abruptly, and Phoenix realised his insensitivity.

“OH God!” he cried, hands going out to hold the cool metal archway that protected the elevator. “I’m sorry if this is a sensitive topic for you, but you see, I’m an attorney, I’m trying to find out what-“

A ping interrupted him, reminding him that they worked in the same building, of course the elevator knew him. He felt his face flush red.

“O-oh, of course… well, I need your help, if you’re willing? I want to find the monster who did this,” he said, voice determined. There was a moment of silence, prompting Phoenix to lay a gentle hand on the cold doors of the elevator.

“Please… It would help you too. After this, we can all move on.”

The elevator hummed again, then there was a low hiss as the doors began to slide open under Phoenix’s hand. Phoenix gasped as light from inside spilled over him.

“Doors opening,” came the sweet tones of the elevator, an invitation and acceptance at the same time. A small smile broke over his face, as he stepped in, and they began to talk.

They spoke for hours, until the early morning sun began to rise, and the longer they spoke, the further conversation drifted from the case. Phoenix sat, slouched against the inside wall of the elevator, his sleeves pushed up and head thrown back as they laughed over some silly joke.

The rumbling machinery died down as the elevator beeped at him. Phoenix felt himself turn pink as it told him how it had been too long since it had last laughed this much. Working virtually 24/7 meant it had little time to go home to it’s partner, and when it did, it was difficult. Phoenix felt his heart go out to the poor thing.

As he left, he patted the doors with care.

“Hey, if going home is too hard, next time you’re free, there’s always a space on my couch.”

That is how, three weeks later, Phoenix found himself sat on the couch next to the elevator, beers open and the TV blaring. Miles was working late, a case that needed the extra hours put in, so Phoenix had been alone and to be honest, lonely all evening. Then the doorbell had rung and as he peered through the peephole, he could not deny that his heart leapt a little.

They sat together for hours, drinks flowing, conversation light and easy. The room was warm, warm enough to prompt Phoenix to remove his jacket and loosed his tie. At one point, having sat for so long in one position, he leaned forward to stretch, and could feel the cool stare of the elevator on his back, the muscles that strained under his shirt.

The beer had gone to his head, and he would not recall later, what prompted him to sit back and throw an arm around the elevator. Nor would he recall what happened to his tie, as it was flung across the room. For a moment there was no movement, as both man and machine watched the tie fly across the room and land by the door.

Then suddenly, Phoenix could not bear to be so far from the machine. He pressed himself against it, it’s cool doors accepting of his advances, doors sliding apart ever so slightly, teasing him. The plates of metal were cool against his face, soft lips meeting hard, unyielding metal, and it made him tear at his shirt, desperate to have the cool metal pressed to his chest. As he pushed, the elevator slid, and he found himself lying atop it, the sturdy archway around the lift keeping him held steady.

The elevator beeped, a delicious sound as it begged for Phoenix. Who am I to refuse the request of such a beautiful creation?, he thought as he tugged at his belt, trousers quickly being pushed to his knees. The elevator dinged in surprise at the revelation he had gone without underwear and Phoenix threw it a dirty grin. “I had been… hoping you might turn up,” he moaned into the doors.

They rocked together, body and casing melding into one another on the small sofa. The room was filled with the thrumming noises of the elevator and the grunts of the man who made love to it. Cries of ‘El-el-elevator!’ and ‘Tenth floor’ rang in Phoenix’s ears long after he had peaked, his body feeling as though it were shattering into a thousand pieces as the conclusion of their lovemaking shook him to the core. Spent, he collapsed atop the casing, mind spinning. Lost in the post-coitus haze, he barely heard the cough behind him, but at the elevator’s hurried beeping, he pushed himself up to turn and stare into the eyes of his husband.

Equal parts terror and fury blazed in Edgeworth’s eyes, and as Phoenix opened his mouth to speak, his hand shot up.

“Don’t. Even. Try,” the prosecutor said. “I don’t want to hear it.”

He spun on his heels, and stormed from the apartment, door slamming hard enough to shake the frame, and loud enough to cover the sounds of broken sobs.

Lost, Phoenix slid off of the elevator, which scrambled upright and off of the sofa.

Phoenix didn’t even hear as it beeped a stuttered apology. The quick ‘I should go now,’ was ignored as Phoenix stared blankly ahead, regret swirling in his stomach. He fells asleep that night on the sofa, unable to face the empty bed that waited for him.

Life only got worse from there on out. The DL-6 case was never solved as the one key witness, the elevator left in the middle of the night, Miles was eventually arrested for murder, and with that, all of Phoenix’s dreams and desires of seeking the truth were lost to him. He abandoned his career, became complacent in his upkeep, became a slob and a bum that even Larry pitied. His addiction to ‘grape juice’ took control of his life and it seemed as though in the yea that followed, Phoenix Wright was destined to die alone.

Then one day, as the end of another hangover began to fade, his doorbell rang again.

There, in the archway stood the elevator that had left him all those nights ago. It pinged softly, an apology and a plea all in one. Phoenix’s eyes shot wide open at the please, as the elevator shifted slightly. Behind it stood a small escalator, that had it’s mother’s abilities to go both up and down, but the dark, spiked grooves of it’s father.

The elevator’s partner, it explained, had been ecstatic at the thought of a child, maybe a new elevator would fix their broken marriage, but when the escalator had arrived, it had left. Left with nothing, and knowing that Phoenix deserved to know the truth, it had finally returned.

Phoenix looked from the elevator, it’s blinking lights as shining and wonderful as the day they had met, to their child, as it rose and fell nervously in the hallway.

A family. He had a family. He may have messed it up with Miles, may have fallen into a terrible drinking habit and lost all ability on the piano, but he had a family now.

Maybe this time he thought as he opened the door and invited them in Maybe this time, I can get it right