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Evil Author Day - 2017

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Title: Templar's Justice
Author: rivermoon1970
Fandom:  Criminal Minds, The Librarians
: Most Criminal Minds, All The Librarians
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Genre: Magic, Angst, Immortals, Dragons
Rating: Teen and UP, will go up once posted
Series: The Templar and The Library
Beta: None
Word Count: 5808
Warnings: None

This is a re-work of last year's EAD tease. I didn't like how it was shaping up, so I am changing the crossover, and it is working much, much better.


It happened when they were on a case, something shifted, and the wind changed slightly and Aaron felt something stir deep within his soul. It was a distraction as he held his gun on the UnSub they were currently trying to talk down. When his eyes flicked to Spencer he saw a flash of red move through his eyes but he didn’t say anything. He kept his emotions in check as Morgan was working the profile against the man in front of them.

“Why shouldn’t I kill her? I’m dead anyway. If you take me I’ll never get out of prison.” The young man didn’t care, he really preferred death to going back to prison. As he raised the knife Aaron saw his opening and took the shot. It gave him a bit of satisfaction when his aim was true and the UnSub went down.

“Jesus,” Morgan proclaimed as he dived for the woman who was holding up pretty well for having been taken hostage, and held at knifepoint for the last twenty minutes.

Aaron lowered his weapon as did Spencer. Not saying anything they walked away together to their SUV that was parked in a slightly secluded spot. They climbed in and Aaron clicked the lock on the doors so that no one could disturb them for the time being.

“You felt it?” Aaron looked to his partner quirking up a brow.

“Yeah, I did,” Spencer smiled wide and laid his head back against the headrest.

“What do you think it means?” Aaron was leery; he always was when it came to magic, though he was quite the practitioner himself. Neither he nor Spencer has had access to their magic for almost a millenia.

“I don’t know, but I think we should find out.” When Spencer looked back at Aaron his irises were a vibrant purple and his pupils were red. The sclera was also a faint purple themselves. It was something he hadn’t see in way too long.

“Fuck Spencer.” Aaron’s eyes widened and his breathing was shallow as he thought of what this could mean.

“What?” Spencer wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

“Your eyes, look...” Aaron pulled the visor down and Spencer looked and sucked in a breath as his eyes widened.

“Well fuck,” he cursed. There was no hiding his eyes. Even the contacts he was currently sporting didn’t help. He immediately put on his sunglasses to hide them, even though it was currently just past dusk. “What do you think this means?”

“I have no idea.” Aaron reached over and pulled the younger man onto his lap and kissed him fiercely. “I’ve missed that part of you.” Aaron smiled an almost predatory smile.

“I know my love.” Spencer bent down and melted into the arms of his lover as he kissed him back with a burning passion that always simmered just under the surface making Aaron groan in the back of his throat.

“Spence.” Aaron’s eyes burned with lust, but he knew they couldn’t do anything here and now. They always agreed, never on a case, of course that didn’t always happen. There were times they sought the kind of comfort that only each other could bring, especially on really difficult cases. “We should get going,” he panted out as Spencer tried to curl up on his lap. “Well, that’s one instinct I’ve missed,” Aaron wrapped his arms around his lover and held him close.

“I know, I can’t help it,” Spencer sighed contentedly and he sat there cuddling against the firm chest of his lover.

Aaron wasn’t in a hurry to let Spencer go when there was a knock on the window.  Aaron, without letting Spencer move, rolled it down and saw Dave standing there.

“Dave,” Aaron deadpanned and just raised his brows at his friend.

“Aaron. What are you doing?” Dave was watching the two men like he had seen them for the very first time.

“What does it look like?” Aaron smirked at the profiler.

“It looks like Reid is in your lap cuddling.” Dave narrowed his eyes at the two men, “How long has this relationship been going on?”

“I honestly don’t know how to answer that,” Aaron looked at Spencer and quirked up a brow at him, “How long Spencer?”

“I,” Spencer closed his eyes and calculated how long they have been each other’s bond mates, “Well, four thousand fifty six years, eight months, six days and fourteen hours,” Reid smiled then kissed Aaron unashamedly.

“Right, when you two want to tell me the truth I’ll be at the station.” Dave shook his head and walked off.

“He didn’t believe me,” Spencer pouted as he laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder.

“It is kind of difficult to fathom Spencer, you have to remember that magic had left the world and Immortals are just stories. Come on let’s get to the station.” Spencer scrambled back into the passenger seat and Aaron grabbed Spencer’s hand and held it as he drove. “What do you want to tell them?”

“Obviously we can’t tell them the full truth, they wouldn’t believe us.”

“Then let’s take this one step at a time.” Aaron drove to the small Idaho Springs Sheriff's department and parked right outside. When they got there the whole team was glaring at them, Morgan had his arms crossed and an angry look on his face.

“So Dave, what did you tell them?”

“Nothing, but they are profilers Aaron, everyone saw the two of you get in the SUV, but you didn’t go anywhere. Now, tell me, us the truth.”

“Spencer,” Aaron indicated with his head Spencer sunglasses.

“You sure Aaron? It’s going to be quite a shock for them.” Spencer lifted a hand and rested them on the sunglasses.

“It’s the only way that they will at least partially believe us.”

Taking a deep breath Spencer took off the sunglasses then took out his contacts and slowly looked up and opened his eyes. The audible shock from everyone in the room had Spencer looking back down, and toeing the table in front of him.

“If I tell you guys the truth, the real truth you’re going to assume that I, or we have had some kind of psychotic break, but that just isn’t the case.” Aaron stood with his arms crossed as he looked out at his team. After a few minutes of just staring Aaron took off the chain that he constantly wore under his shirt with the ring on the end. It was the last tenuous hold he had on his previous life.

“Dave, what does this look like?” Aaron handed Dave the ring for him to look over. Not only was Dave a history buff, but he was somewhat of a religious buff as well. Aaron hoped he knew the significance of the ring he just handed over.

Dave took the ring and looked it over quite thoroughly then looked up at the Unit Chief, “is this real?” Dave eyed Aaron suspiciously.

“Yes Dave, it’s very, very real.”

“This is a commander’s ring for the Knight’s Templar. Aaron, where did you get this?” Dave handed it back to his best friend.

“It’s mine.”

“I get that it’s yours now, where did you find something like that? Usually they get locked up in museums-”

“No Dave, you don’t get it, it’s mine .” Aaron took the ring back and put it back around his neck.

Dave chuckled at the joke as he watched his best friend then realized that it wasn’t a joke.

“You’re serious.” Dave took a deep breath and sat down, “Aaron I know you’ve been under a lot of stress lately with everything that’s happened but, seriously?”

“I’m not reacting to stress. I’m fine actually.” Aaron wasn’t sure how the magic inside him was going to react after being suppressed for so long. He didn’t want to try anything here in the station. He wanted to be clear of any humans before he tried.

“Yeah about that, Spencer, what happened to your eyes?” JJ got up and looked closely at Spencer mesmerized by the change.

“Well JJ, this is what they really look like. I am, or was, a dragon.” His voice didn’t falter but his face turned bright crimson under her scrutiny.

“Right, a dragon.” She stepped back and took a deep breath. “Spencer I’m going to ask you both a question, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but what the hell are you on?”

“I’m not on anything JJ and for you to even bring that up shows just how much you don’t trust me. Here,” he pulled up his shirt sleeves and thrust out his arms, “Happy?”

“Spence, I,” JJ didn’t know what to say because he was right, “I didn’t mean… It’s just this is crazy.”

“Let me tell you our story, then you can determine whether we’re crazy or not, okay?” As he was about to speak again there was a knock on the conference room door and the desk Sergeant came in with a large package.

“Sorry to interrupt, Agents, but this strange package just arrived. It ah... It was weird because it just showed up on the desk...with your name on it. We did all the quick tests and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.” The Sergeant handed Aaron a long box wrapped in plain brown paper. Setting that aside Aaron carefully opened the package and his face paled when he saw the ornate box.

“Aaron, I thought you said you lost it.” Spencer came to stand by his partner looking down at the box.

“I did. I thought it was gone.” He ran his hands across the dark finish of the hand worked mahogany. His fingers outlined the ornate scrollwork and the gold hinges, his breath shallow as he slowly unlatched the front hinge and opened it. Lying there in the purple silk denoting his rank and status, was a sword. Perfectly balanced, forged with dragons fire by the man standing next to him. With tears pricking his eyes he slowly stood and pulled the sword still in it’s ornate scabbard out of the box. With a practiced ease he pulled the scabbard off and held the freed weapon up in front of him.

“Then what happened to it?” Spencer’s eyes flashed bright as he stepped in front of Aaron.

“I don’t know. It happened when we were fleeing Lyon.” Aaron took a deep breath as he held the familiar weight of the sword in his hand.

“Lyon was where we left...” Spencer had a terrible thought as his breath turned shallow.

“Wren? What are you thinking?” Aaron saw the pain flash in his mate’s eyes and knew what it was he was thinking. That was where they had to leave behind some of their family. When they had gone back, after it was safe to do so, everything was gone..

“We left them there, George. We left them and never saw them again.” The pain in Spencer’s eyes was something Aaron never wanted to see. They had both suffered the loss and it took decades for both of them to get over it.

“Wren, you were in no shape to battle or shift, we had to leave and we had to do it quickly.”

“I know, but we don’t know what happened. We never knew what happened.” Spencer fell into Aaron’s arms and was held close. Spencer pulled out of Aaron’s arms and cupped his cheek.

“Do you think they were destroyed?”

“No. No I would have felt it. Even if I couldn’t access my magic, I still feel the bond, it’s tiny but I can’t follow it. Something is blocking it. I don’t know what it is. Don’t you feel it too?”

Spencer closed his eyes and reached down into the bond he shared with Aaron and felt around. When he connected to the tiny threads of three bonds, he let out a sob. They were so thin, anything at all could break them, they were no thicker than a single strand of hair. He felt those same bonds inside himself flare to life, but found they were just as thin. He looked up, almost miserable, and had to walk away to try to get his emotions under control.

Aaron sighed, knowing Spencer had buried the bonds so deep he hadn’t tried to access them. For Aaron they were never far from his mind. He had tried to find them, and often used the cover of cases to try to find any clues he could, but never found anything, even after all this time. When he finally realized he wasn’t alone he sighed deeply as he turned around to see the shocked expressions on the team’s faces.

“So, want to explain what just happened?” Prentiss raised a brow as she tried to process what they just heard.

Aaron started pacing, not realizing he still had the sword in his hand.

“Aaron, put down the sword.” Dave slowly approached holding up his hands to try to calm the agitated Unit Chief.

“What?” He was still distracted by the strong emotions coming from his mate when Dave approached.

“Aaron, put down the sword and we can get you and Reid some help.” Dave was talking to Aaron like he was and UnSub..

“What the hell Dave? I’m not crazy and I’m not an UnSub.” He stalked back to the case and put the sword away, immediately missing the weight of it.

There was a collective sigh of relief from the rest of the team as he clicked the lock on the front of the box.

“What I am going to tell all of you is the truth. I know you are going to think it’s a figment of my imagination, or that I’ve cracked under pressure but I assure you it’s not.” Aaron took a deep breath as he sat down at the head of the table.

“My real name is Georges of D’Arnagc, Spencer’s real name is Wren. We are a bonded pair and have been together for a very long time. I was a commander in the army of the Knight’s Templar and Spencer was my bonded Dragon. What all of you know as the ‘history’ regarding the Templar’s is false. We planted a lot of that information to disseminate if any of our real history leaked to this world.” Aaron took a moment to gather his thoughts before he started talking again.

“In the service of the Templar’s when a cadet passed over into full service he would be taken to the Dragon court. There the available Dragons would circle the cadet and after quite a bit of time they would be chosen by one of the available dragons. Once chosen and bonded the only thing that could break the bond was death. I saw many of my brother’s die as well as their dragons in a terrible war with an ambitious King and his Magician.”

Aaron wiped a hand down his face and settled some before continuing, “The time we were born in, magic was very real. Spencer can turn into a dragon, and I can wield magic. I didn’t learn it per se, it was always a part of me. When I was old enough I was given to an adept who trained me.” Aaron closed his eyes and smiled as memories flooded his mind.

“We would ride our Dragons into battle, or help any kingdom that asked for it. We had no allegiance to any one kingdom in particular. Uther Pendragon tried to negotiate exclusive rights to our services. Our generals politely refused many times telling him we weren’t for sale and that our charter was to help all kingdoms, all peoples. He didn’t take kindly to that and he waged a slow systematic war on us. Many of my brother’s died under his hand. Spencer and I are, as far as I know, the last bonded pair of the Knight’s Templar.”

Sitting back he crossed his arms and tried to keep the emotion off his face. “When we were at the last of our reserves we hid in a cave in Lyon, with three Dragon eggs. They were supposed to have been protected by one of Spencer’s brothers. Unfortunately, the dragon was found and attacked. We later found out that Arthur Pendragon, under the advice of Merlin, killed and collected the blood of the dragon. It was fused into the cornerstone of Camelot. Merlin also stole the Dragon’s magic. This was the beginning of the death of Magic in the world.

“The Templar’s that rose up in the 12th Century were very different than what I had grown up in. They wrapped religion, Christianity to be specific,  around them, but secretly they were trying to unlock the secrets of Magic. The longer they went on, the more they became corrupted and the deeper into strange mysticisms they sank. We watched our order being ripped apart on the inside from greed and corruption.” Aaron sighed as he wiped a hand down his face. There was silence in the room as he looked around at the stunned faces of his team. He knew they weren’t believing him, and wouldn’t till they had tangible evidence.

“So the eggs?” JJ was trying to comprehend the story but she just didn’t know if she could.

Aaron knew this was where he might lose them completely, “They’re our children.”

“Okay, what?” Morgan looked at Aaron like he was crazy. They all were which made Aaron sigh. This was going to be tough to get through till they had the evidence to back them up. A sword suddenly appearing out of nowhere just wasn’t enough for them. These were people who lived and breathed rationality. They needed to or they would all be ineffectual in their jobs. Magic, and the possibility of Immortals, is irrational. Aaron understood that and knew he needed to be careful.

“True Dragons are actually neither male nor female. They can choose to present whatever gender they want when in human form, and it’s often chosen during the bonding. There were just as many ‘female’ appearing dragons as male. When they get pregnant they nest for about six months before they drop their eggs. When Wren said he needed to nest I knew.”

“So, are they all dragons?” Prentiss was actually enjoying egging on Aaron’s delusions. The ever stoic Unit Chief was showing a strange breakdown and Prentiss couldn’t help indulging him. As far as she was concerned this was the most creative and entertaining psychotic break she’d ever seen. If Aaron didn’t look so serious about it she would be laughing her ass off.

“Don’t patronize me Prentiss. I’m not crazy. I know this is a lot to comprehend, and I would try and prove it to you, but I don’t know what will happen. I haven’t been able to access my magic in a very long time, and I don’t want to here. It could easily get out of control.“

“We need to find them Aaron. No matter what, we need to find them.” Spencer walked back into the conference room and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“Spencer.” Aaron started to move towards him but Spencer walked around him not wanting the comfort just yet.

“Do you intend to get them back?”

“I’m not sure what we can do.” Aaron walked to Spencer and pulled him into his arms.

“Follow the bond Aaron, that’s what we need to do. Follow it and find them. I have to…” Spencer buried his head against Aaron’s neck taking a deep breath. “You smell like Magic again. God, I’ve missed that.”

“We’ll figure this out, I promise.”.

The team was in Idaho Springs for a couple of more days, paperwork, processing and interrogation of the suspect after he was coherent enough to answer questions. He confessed to everything he had done, and they got all of it on record. Aaron and Spencer hadn’t tried out their reawakened abilities, still wary of hurting anyone.

They were packing up and getting ready to leave when someone Aaron thought he would never see again came into the police station.

“It can’t be…” Aaron looked right at the man who he knew saw him. He was standing with a woman on one side and a gruff looking man on the other. Frowning he walked towards them.

“I can assure you this is an urgent matter…” The man in the center started to say.

“It’s alright Sargent.” Aaron felt the magic inside him flare as he stared. “Let’s talk.” He turned and started back towards the conference room. He wasn’t surprised to see the three people enter the room behind him. Once they were inside, he took a chance and raised a ward, as well as a dampening spell. They all felt the magic take effect, Aaron could tell by the shocked expressions on the faces of the two people he didn’t know.

“Galahad.” Aaron didn’t even try to hide the cold tone in his voice.


“It’s Aaron now. Aaron Hotchner.”


“What are you doing here?”

“We were alerted that an artifact had disappeared from the Library, we followed the magic, and it brought us here.”

Aaron felt the fire in his eyes as he turned to the small group, sword in hand.

“This artifact?”


“You know it’s mine, and I’m not handing it over to you, Galahad.”

“Its Jenkins now. How did you get it?”

“It showed up, wrapped up and addressed to me. Seems the Library sent it to me then.”

“Jenkins, how does he know about the library?” The blonde woman asked as she stared at Aaron.

“Because it was his order that helped build the first Library.”

“I thought no one knew how it started.” The gruff man was staring at the sword, scrutinizing it. “I’m sorry, can I see that?”

Aaron and the man stared at each other for a few minutes, then warily, Aaron handed the sword to the man.

“Spencer follows your blog, Jacob Stone, or should I use one of your many aliases.”


“Spencer is a linguist. He can discern someone’s writing pattern, even when they try too hard to hide that pattern between their different pen names. Plus, profilers, we are very good at understanding people.”

Jacob took the sword out of the scabbard and admired it. Aaron let out a small smile as he watched the man.

“This is an impossible sword.”

“Why do you say that Stone?” The woman asked as she walked around Jenkins to stand next to Jacob, Aaron just kept an eye on all three of them.

“It’s not folded steel. It’s forged from a single piece, but that only happened in certain parts of the world and after around 55 ce, yet it’s hardened as if it was folded. Plus, see this here? The pummel? This is an older design, like 500 bce or older. The grip, everything about this sword would make me immediately think a good forgery or a fantasy replica. But it isn’t.”

“No, it isn’t. That sword was forged by my hand, the steel hardened by a Dragon’s blue flame. The pommel, is indicative of the original Knight’s Templar, and the grip was also made by me.”

“It’s perfectly balanced.” Jacob handed the sword back to Aaron, who put it away in it’s scabbard.

“Yes, it is.”

“Wait, you said Dragon fire? Like real Dragons?”

“Eve, I think that is a conversation we need to have somewhere else.”

“And where do you suggest, Jenkins?” Aaron crossed his arms and glared at the man.

“Why don’t we go back to the Library?”

“I’ll need Spencer. He should be here for this, don’t you think?”

Jenkins visibly swallowed and nodded, but Aaron could see his nervousness.

Aaron dug out his cellphone and called Spencer to have him come to the police department immediately.

“He’ll be here in a few minutes. Now, I think proper introductions are in order, don’t you Jenkins?” Aaron glared at the man.

“Oh, oh yes, um Eve Baird and Jacob Stone, this is Aaron Hotchner, formerly known as Georges D’Argnac.”

“Miss Baird, Mr. Stone. I would say that it’s a pleasure, but I wouldn’t mean it.”

The wait didn’t take long for Spencer to show up at the station. When he got to the conference room he stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes flared red, and his hands turned to dragon’s claws and scales flowed up his arms. Aaron’s brows disappeared under his cowlick as he watched his bonded fly at Jenkins and held him up by the throat.

“Whoa. Just, just calm down.” Eve had her gun out and trained on Spencer.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Miss Baird. Now, put your gun away.” Aaron had his own gun trained on her.

“Not until he lets go of Jenkins.”

Aaron sighed as he turned to Spencer, who had yet to say a word. He was just growling low in his throat as he held the man in his hand.

“Spencer, put Galahad down.”

“Aaron, you know he’s partially responsible.”

“Yes, but, and I myself am loathe to say this, but you have to let him go. He’s part of the Library now.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” More scales flowed over Spencer’s body and his face was almost overtaken by them. If they didn’t get him out of the precinct, Aaron was pretty sure there would be a lot of damage that they wouldn’t be able to explain.

“No, love, I know you’re angry, but you have to let him go.” Growling even more, Spencer squeezed just a little and pulled the man to him, baring his teeth. It was only Aaron’s hand on his shoulder that had him reluctantly letting Jenkins go.

“Thank you.”

Still glaring at the man Spencer turned to Aaron and closed his eyes, he sniffed around his neck, seeking comfort to control his emotions. As he calmed down, his scales disappeared, and his hands turned back human.

“Y’all wanna tell us what the hell that was?” Jacob practically yelled.

“Mr. Stone, this is Wren, he is a shape-shifter. A Dragon to be exact. Probably the last true Dragon that we are fully aware of.” Jenkins rubbed his throat and swallowed hard as he kept his eye on Aaron and Spencer.

“I go by Dr. Spencer Reid now.”

Jacob’s eyes went comically wide as his gaze swung to Spencer.

“The Dr. Reid? You wrote that paper on Art and writing therapy for schizophrenics. It was brilliant.” Jacob was practically bouncing on his heels.

Spencer blew out a breath, and Aaron couldn’t help noticing how warm it was. His bonded was still upset, he was just grateful he didn’t try to fully shift and burn the place down. He wasn’t in the mood for awkward explanations.

“Spencer, Jenkins wants to take us back to the Library where we can explain everything to his companions.”

“I take it that’s where your sword was.”


“And they followed it here.” Spencer crossed his arms over his chest and stood watching the three people across from him.


“Alright. We’ll talk.” Spencer leaned into Aaron as he calmed down even more.

“The door is just around the corner.” Jenkins started to walk out of the precinct and out the door. Aaron took down the wards, grabbed his briefcase and went after the others.

Aaron and Spencer saw the doorway that was opened, and knew it was the way to the Library. They both knew if they stepped through, their lives were going to change forever. Nodding his head, Spencer indicated that he agreed and went through the door first, Aaron not to far behind.

“I think this conversation might be best done in  more comfortable surroundings.” Jenkins led the group, Aaron eyeing the other woman and the Asian man that looked like they had been doing some reading when Spencer and Aaron came through the door.

They were all led to a large reading room with comfortable couches and chairs all around the space.

“Jenkins,” Baird turned and crossed her arms as she looked very upset with him.


“Why didn’t we know about this room?”

Jenkins blushed and blubbered as he gave a very convoluted explanation which no one there bought.

“Does it matter? We aren’t here to debate on a damn room. You wanted answers, and so do we,” Spencer stalked to a couch and sat down.

“I’m sorry, Jenkins, but who are these people?” The petite woman asked as she looked between Spencer and Aaron.

“That is part of the explanations, Miss Cillian. For the sake of expediency, this here is Aaron Hotchner and his partner Dr. Spencer Reid.” Jenkins gestured towards the woman, “This is Cassandra Cillian, and that young man over there is Ezekiel Jones.”

“The art thief?” Spencer narrowed his eyes at the man.

“That’s me mate.”

“Spencer, we aren’t going to do anything.”

Ezekiel looked between the two men and frowned.

“What is it you gentlemen do?”

Aaron’s wry smile as he crossed his arms over his chest as he started at the young man.

“FBI Agents.”

Ezekiel and Cassandra started to protest and talk over each other as they glared at Jenkins.

“Stop, don’t worry we aren’t here for that. Explanations were promised, we’ll go first.” Aaron felt a brush against his leg and looked down to see another sword floating in the air next to him. Smiling, he reached out and grabbed it. “Excalibur. I never thought I’d ever see it again.”

“Okay, now we really need to know what is going on…what the hell.” Stone looked over at a table in the middle of the room, both Aaron and Spencer’s gaze fell on a familiar box. They both gravitated towards it, the others tried to stop them, but Jenkins held them back.

“Aaron…” Spencer lifted a shaking hand and laid it on the box.

Aaron swallowed hard as he to laid a hand on the box. Carefully they lifted the lid and inside were three gleaming, colorful dragon eggs. Spencer whimpered as his fingers brushed over the eggs. He spun and fell into Aaron’s arms and cried.

Aaron gently carded his fingers in Spencer’s hair and wrapped an arm around his waist.


“I don’t know. But they’re here, love.” Spencer cried harder as years of buried pain surged up inside of him. “Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Aaron tried to stem the tears in his own eyes, but it was difficult.

Once they were both calm, they closed the box, and Spencer gathered it in his arms and was determined not to let it out of his sight.

“As we told Miss Baird and Mr. Stone, we, Spencer and I, are Immortals. Spencer is a Dragon, a true Dragon, whose name is Wren. My name was Georges D’Arnac, and I was born into the Order of the Templars. Forget what you know about The Templars, the history was one we manipulated to hide us.

“My parents were a bonded Dragon-Templar pair. As was Wren’s. We were spread out over several villages, to try to cut down on any improper bondings. When I was old enough, I was conscripted into the Templars, as were all the Immortal children of the Dragons. When we were old enough, and if we made it out of cadet training, we were given the chance to find our Dragons. The Dragon always chooses their riders, and when we bond, its for life.”

Aaron took a deep breath and looked at Spencer, whose eyes were still very purple. Taking a very deep breath, Aaron turned and laid a hand on the chest. His heart pounded and all he wanted to do was to have Wren back, and build a nest for him.

“Dragons were very complicated creatures. When they would choose their rider, they would turn human and choose the gender they preferred to be. Wren chose male, one of his egg mates chose female, and the third, well Tamlyn chose to be neither gender. Tamlyn was a very complicated creature, but their rider was just as complicated. Androgyny wasn’t unheard of, and neither was gender switching.

“When we were at the height of our numbers, we had ten battalions. We were also the holders of most magic. Part of cadet training was intense magic training. I learned from the time I was just three years old how to be careful of what was inside me. Though Immortal, there are ways that we can die. One, if you know the trick and can kill our dragons, that was the quickest way to kill a Templar. No one knew our secrets. We had a strong pact, and oath all cadets must make, and that was that we had no allegiance to any one nation, city, village, or town. If someone needed help, we would be there. Many leaders tried to curry favor with our Council of Elders, but they held to the beliefs of those before that as the protectors and wielders of Magic, we were bound by duty to protect all. We took this oath very seriously.”

Aaron stood and took off his jacket and loosened his tie. Spencer knew what he was going to do as he looked at their audience of five, who looked very enraptured in the tale.

Next came Aaron’s shirt, and undershirt. And there, what very few people knew, were the marks of his training in Magic.

“This mark,” Aaron pointed to the large tattoo over his heart,”Is the oath. It was made with magical ink. If a full-fledged Templar ever broke their oath, the mark could kill them. These bands on my arm are the different magical disciplines that I mastered through training. Water, earth, air, fire, spirit, mind, body.” Aaron smiled at Spencer as he turned and showed them the runic symbols running down his back. “And sex.”

When Aaron turned back, he saw Cassandra blushing deeply.

“These,” Aaron pointed to the marks that could just be made out on his hips and waist, “Are the bonding marks. These are placed by magic by the Templars bonded Dragon. Wren got very creative.” Aaron couldn’t help the smirk that formed on his lips.

He grabbed his shirts and put them back on, but left the tie and jacket off.

“A Templar pledged their life to the order and to their mate.” Aaron sat back down and took Spencer’s hand in his and took a deep breath. “I was a Knights Commander. My ability and affinity to magic, as well as my natural fighting ability gave me power, but I never abused it.” Aaron went silent as memories of the past flooded his mind. Thinking on all he lost was always painful.