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The Implications of Your Heartbreak

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Agent Susan Vasquez really likes Winn Schott Jr. She didn't always. When he first came to work at the DEO, he was like a kid in the candy store with all the hot new tech. The boy had no chill, not like the hot cop Sawyer that Agent Danvers kept eyeing, the one who said, "This place is sick. Like James Bond secret hideout sick." No, Winn was just annoying, grinning and pointing out how much fun he was having testing all the systems, setting off alarms when he tried out something he didn't have clearance for, giggling, apologizing, and watching Supergirl with longing any time she was striding around headquarters with that cape and those boots...

And maybe that was how he started to get under her skin. Because Winn is almost as dedicated to protecting Supergirl as Alex Danvers is, and Vasquez is nothing but dedicated to making sure that the Alex's little sister is protected. Because even with years of training, Vasquez will never be as strong or as fast or as perfect as Supergirl. But her sister? Just maybe.

Like Danvers, Vasquez is a professional badass chick, who wears her black tactical gear with pride and knows how to get the job done. Like Danvers, she shoulders her rifle with aplomb and puts up with no shit from the newbie agents who just want to shoot everything. And where Alex Danvers automatically stands in front of Supergirl to protect her when the kryptonite comes out, Vasquez has taken to standing in front of little Plaid Shirt (not red shirt) Schott, because she knows that he is one of the most important people in Supergirl's life, and if anything happened to him, Supergirl would be devastated, and when Supergirl is devastated, Alex is devastated.

And Vasquez has seen Alex devastated a time or two and she never, ever wants to see that again.

J'onn knows, of course. He's telepathic. Of course, he knows. Just like he somehow found out about the time Vasquez refused point-blank to let Kara hear what was happening when General Lane was interrogating J'onn after they all found out he was a Martian, how she had instead left the command center, "accidentally" leaving her earpiece behind so that Supergirl could listen in.

And how, after he resumed command of the DEO, Vasquez had found tucked in her locker a very expensive bottle of scotch and a small box of dark chocolate truffles. The note, unsigned, but recognizably in his handwriting, had simply said, "Better together."

So yes, the Sanvers girls' Space Dad knew that pretty much everybody who worked at the DEO had a huge crush on his girls, and he kept his mouth shut because he knew it made them all, ha!, super-dedicated to protecting them. Winn, on the other hand, didn't have a clue. Vasquez couldn't tell if Winn was gay or not. Sometimes, when he wasn't sighing over the sexy swish of Supergirl's cape, he would get a lost expression on his face and then mention James Olsen. To Vasquez, he didn't even read as bisexual, just confused and out of touch with his own feelings. Vasquez had read his folder, knew about his psychotic father, the Toyman. Hell, everybody at the DEO had some trauma in their background; it was practically a prerequisite for the job. The things she had seen as a Marine in Iraq--the human things, even before the aliens got involved--left her waking in a sweat in the middle of the night. And that was just war. She couldn't imagine knowing that your own flesh and blood was capable of doing such things for fun.

So when Agent Danvers strode into the DEO command center that evening wearing a different kind of black, a slinky dress with a plunging neckline and killer heels, Vasquez took pity on Winn and covered for his jaw hitting the floor so hard it practically echoed. She stood quickly and greeted the Assistant Director.

"Ma'am!" She always said it with reverence. She loved working for this badass woman.

"Oh, God, Vasquez, I am going to kill Maxwell Lord in fifty-nine very painful ways. I have absolutely got to get these shoes off, but can you find J'onn for me? We've got trouble."

"Of course we do, ma'am. It's Monday." Vasquez grinned as she trotted off to J'onn's office.

Behind her, she heard Alex snap, "Winn, don't be an ass. Haven't you got work to do?"

By the time Vasquez and J'onn reached the command center, Alex was looking much more comfortable in her usual tactical gear. She handed J'onn a small silver box. "Is Supergirl around? Because we don't want this stuff getting near her."

"No, she's trying to get a lead on that Guardian vigilante. We still haven't figured out if it's a human or an alien, or maybe one of Cadmus's...hybrid experiments."

"I have her on my earpiece, ma'am, if we need to call her back or if she needs reinforcements," said Vasquez.

Alex shot her a grateful look. To J'onn, she said, "Our woman at Lord Technologies was only able to slip me a small piece, so doing a micro-analysis of it may destroy the whole specimen, but at least we'll know if he's actually messing with kryptonite again. And if he is, I swear I am going to feed him his own test--"

Winn shot up out of his chair. "Please, for the love of God, do not finish that sentence, Alex."

Vasquez grinned to herself as J'onn and Alex moved off toward the lab. "Take it easy, little Plaid Shirt. Supergirl would never let her do anything like that to you."