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The Bad Boy & The Innocent

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Akihito's little feet swung back and forth as he sat next to his papa in the front seat of their car. Today was his very first day of school. He was so excited! Papa had said that Akihito was a big boy now and could sit up front just like him! Akihito looked up as a large hand came to rest on top of his head. Ruffling his blond hair. Akihito's papa smiled down at him.

"Are you excited my little Aki?"

"Yes Papa!"

The older blond grinned. "Your going to like school Aki. You'll learn so many interesting things and make so many friends."

The car stopped and Akihito looked out of his window. The school was small but pretty with flowers surrounding it. There were swing sets, teeter totters, slides and so many children playing. Akihito's sea green eyes widened in excitement. He was nearly out the door when his papa snaked an arm around his tiny waist and pulled him back in.

"Hey! Where's my hug and kiss goodbye?"

"Oh! Sorry Papa!" Akihito turned and hugged his papa and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then he was out of the car and racing onto the school playground. Heading straight for the swings. His very favorite playground toy. Akihito's papa chuckled at his little boy's excitement.

Teachers lingered around the playground, watching over their charges. It was only ten minutes after Akihito arrived that a bel rang and the teachers herded the children inside the school and into the auditorium. The children wiggled in their seats as excitement filled their little bodies.

A short, slender man with graying hair and thick glasses stepped up onto the stage. He clapped his hands together, drawing the children's attention to him.

"Good morning students. Welcome to the new school year. For those of you just joining our school, I am Tsubuki-sensei. The principal of this school. We will go over the school's rules…"


"Alright Akihito-kun, you can sit right here next to Shuu-kun." Akihito's new teacher, Mohar-san settled him into a chair at a table. The boy, Shuu was taller than Akihito and had dark hair and brown eyes. "You two become good friends now."

Akihito turned to the other boy. "Hi! I'm Takaba Akihito!"

"Sudou Shuu."

Mohar-sensei smiled and walked away.

"It's nice to meet—"

"Shut up ugly." Shuu hissed at Akihito. Akihito flinched and he could feel tears forming in his eyes. The other boy's eyes narrowed at Akihito. "What a little baby you are. How disgusting."


As the first few weeks of school passed, Akihito learned that he didn't like it very much. He enjoyed learning things and Mohar-sensei was kind. The problem was the other students. At first they had been fun to play with and Akihito thought he had made friends. Then they suddenly started shoving him, sometimes so hard he would fall to the ground. Whenever the teacher wasn't looking, they would hit him with their balled up fists and kick him with their feet. His hair had been cut off in multiple places and different things had been stuck into it.

It was the day of Akihito's sixth birthday, that things escalated far too high. They had just been released outside for recess. Akihito was making his way to the swings when a large boy named Sakazaki Yu stepped into his path. He grabbed a hold of Akihito, clamping a hand over Akihito's mouth. He dragged the little blond to the a hidden spot by the school that was out of sight of everyone.

Three other boys appeared and Akihito shivered in fear as he caught sight of Sudou Shuu. Sudou had been the worst to him. Sudou grinned as he saw Akihito.

"Hello Aki-chan. I heard that today was your birthday. So my friends and I want to give you a special gift."

Sakazaki continued to hold Akihito still as the other two boys who had come with Sudou cut off his clothing. Once they had little Akihito completely nude, their hands began to slide over his body.

"He's so soft. Just like a girl!"

"He's so pretty. I didn't really think he was a real boy. But just look!" A hand reached down to fondle Akihito's penis and testicles.

Grinning, Sudou stepped forward. Pieces of ropes in his hands. Sudou slid the first rope around Akihito's testicles, tying it so tight that circulation was cut off. The next slid around Akihito's penis. Sudou then yanked the rope up between Akihito's legs, yanking his penis with it. Sudou tied the rope around Akihito's slender waist.

"Now he really looks like a girl!" The boys laughed.

Sudou pulled a pink pleated skirt up over Akihito's legs. Next, Sudou added a white blouse over a struggling Akihito's head. Sudou added frilly white socks and black Mary Janes; pulled Akihito's hair into pigtails, which he accented with pink bows. To finish off his "gift", Sudou added a delicate layer of make up on Akihito's face.

Mohar-sensei called for the students to come back in. Quickly, Sudou tied Akihito up and duck tapped his mouth shut. Sudou, Sakazaki and the other two boys pressed a kiss to Akihito's cheeks then ran off to rejoin their class.


It wasn't long before Mohar-sensei realized that little Takaba Akihito was missing. "Class, has anyone seen Akihito-kun?"


"He was here earlier "

"I think his dad picked him up during recess."

Worried, Mohar-sensei buzzed the office. "Tsubuki-sensei, one if my students is missing. His name is Takaba Akihito. One of my students said its possible that the boy's father may have picked him up."


Takaba Richard was not a happy man. He had received a call from the school five hours ago, asking if he had picked up his son early. He couldn't believe that they had lost his son while he was in their custody. He was fortunate enough to have a very understanding boss, who had allowed him to leave work early. Asami Ryu-sama was a good man and as a father, he understood the fear Takaba Richard was feeling.

Now five hours later, the police were canvassing the city. Believing that little Akihito was no longer on school property. Teachers and staff had gone home, not bothering to help look for the missing student. Only Mohar-sensei and Tsubuki-sensei had remained behind.

Rage was burning inside the father's heart. He wanted to make the ones responsible for his son's disappearance bleed. To beg him for forgiveness He was rounding the school when he cane upon the swings. Sadness hit him so hard, he staggered. He approached the swings, thinking of his beloved little Akihito. The boy was so fond of swings. He was just about to sit on a swing when something pink caught his eye. Walking toward the unknown object, his heart skipped a few beats when he recognized it. He raced across the grass and gathered his boy in his arms.


School security came running. Seeing what they thought was a young girl, the pulled Akihito from his father's arms and cut the ropes from Akihito's arms and legs. Takaba Richard was placed in hand cuffs and hauled off to the police station while Akihito was taken to the hospital. Akihito cried for his papa. Hospital staff tried to contact Takaba Richard, but where unable to reach him. Unaware that he had just been arrested for harming a little girl, who was in reality his son whom he had just found after being missing for five hours.

Takaba Richard was held for five days before he was questioned. The police kept asking him why he had hurt the little girl. They hadn't bothered to investigate further into the little girl and so never learned her identity and the truth of the relationship between Akihito Richard. When Takaba Richard was finally able to make a call, he called his boss. Asami Ryu-sama. Asami-sama was livid when he learned of his best employee's treatment, but that did not come close to the anger seething inside him when learned if little Takaba Akihito's fate.

Asami-sama sent for Kruoda Daichi, personal friend and best lawyer in all of Japan. Within two hours, Takaba Richard was a free man. All charges dropped and erased. All records of him ever have been arrested was gone without a trace. However, that was of no comfort to the man. Kruoda-sensei drove him to the hospital were Takaba Richard was reunited with his son after five terrifying days if torment for both father and son.

Asami-sama and Kruoda-sensei worked tirelessly around the clock. The school was forced to pay for all of little Akihito's hospital bills, future medical bills and mental therapy bills. There would be a lot of them. The school was also made to pay for all of Akihito's schooling fees from elementary up through university. They even had to pay back the fees paid to them by Takaba Richard for Akihito's schooling by them. The police and the security agency that worked at the school were made to pay millions of yen for false arrest, wrongful imprisonment and emotional and mental distress.

The ropes about Akihito's wrists and ankles had bitten I deep, permanently scarring the boy. The rope around his testicles had damaged the right side so bad, that it had to be surgically removed. The left suffered minor injury with no worry of problems in function in the future. His little penis had also suffered permanent scaring but no permanent damage to its ability to function.

But it wasn't the physical damage that truly bothered Takaba Richard. It was the damage to Akihito's psyche. Akihito had been basically tortured for five hours by unknown person or persons. Then he had watched his father be arrested and though he begged for his father for three whole days straight, he was denied his presence. Akihito stopped speaking after that. Refused to leave the house, panicking when someone tried to take him out. Years of therapy did little to help. Takaba Richard transferred the department he was working in so he could work at home and home school his son. Asami-sama helped in any way he could. Often visiting to check on little Akihito. At times he brought his own son, nephew and the boys' best friend with him. Sometimes Akihito would hide from the boys, other times he would shyly play with them.


Not to far from Akihito's school was another little elementary school. This one to as a little more grandeur and expensive than Akihito's. It was an elite school meant for the rich and famous. Much like Akihito's school, there was a time when the students were released for recess.

"He's so fat!"

"He's so ugly!"

"Look at that hideous blond hair!"

"Is he even really Japanese?"

The big, heavy set boy fell to the ground. Little fists pounded on him. Little feet kicked as hard as they could.

"What is going on here?"

The children startled at the strong, authoritve voice behind them. They turned to see a tall, slender boy with dark hair and golden eyes glaring at them.

"What's it to you?" Sneered one boy. The golden eyed boy just raised one brow. With a growl the sneering boy lunged at the interloper. It took one fist to the jaw to knock the sneering boy down.

The other boys joined the fight. Believing that they could take the golden eyed boy Dow together. Their mistake. Asami Ryuichi was no push over and didn't take prisoners. Nor was he alone. For wherever Asami Ryuichi went, so to did his cousin, Kirishima Kei. Though only five, both boys were well trained in multiple forms of martial arts.

Fight over, the golden eyed boy knelt down by the beaten up boy. "Its alright now. They won't be bothering you again. Names Asami Ryuichi. What's yours?"

"Suoh Kazumi."

"Well Kazumi, welcome to our little group."