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Somewhere Perfection Lies

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Somewhere perfection lies,
She reasons,
But not in this terrible place
The lights are dim
The walls seem too close
Days pass alone
Just her,
Her books,
And her thoughts
She can't sleep, sometimes,
When she thinks too much
Of all the hurt she's faced
And all the hurt she's yet to know
Racing through her mind,
Speeding up her hearts
And then she hears it:
The only real reason she bothers anymore
The sweet reverb
The high-pitched screech that is somehow music
She tucks away the thoughts for another day
Pulls out her lipstick
Time to go

Somewhere perfection lies,
And sometimes he swears he can see it in her smile
She's stunning,
As always,
Her hair in a constant defiance of gravity
She walks in like she owns the place
As she always does
Off to find a new outfit
Where should they go?
Windoffim, perhaps?
Maybe Thistle 6?
He quickly flips through her diary,
Careful not to read,
And a sharp pain stabs at his hearts
Almost out of time
Almost out of nights
But he tries not to think about that
He just grins at her dress,
Pulls the lever and they're off.

Somewhere perfection lies,
But not for you and I.