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“Good, you're right on time,” Gabriel jumped as Jack's voice broke him out of his thoughts. His sort of boyfriend, they hadn't sat down and discussed it directly, was apparently waiting for him in his quarters, sitting at the small table he would eat at if he was ever in his own quarters. He sighed, Jack wanted to spend more time together but while they were both busy, Gabriel never got a moments peace and so they never really got to.

“I'm just here to grab something Ana needed, can't stay,” He tried to avoid the gaze of those gorgeous blue eyes, he hated seeing them disappointed or sad. There was no need to though because his boyfriend's face wore a sly grin and Gabriel groaned inwardly, that face always meant he was up to something and it always involved him whether he wanted it to or not.

“Oh yeah, this,” The blonde holds up a file waving it at Gabriel. “It's interesting. You should give it a quick look before you go,” Gabriel sighed loudly, there was no point in trying to fight it when his SiC was like this, he would humor him and get back to being yelled at by idiots as quickly as he could.

He grabbed the file and opened it, surprised to find it empty save for a single sheet of paper. On the paper, in Ana's impossibly neat handwriting is a short note addressed to him.

You need to take a break and relax a little. The world is not going to fall apart if you take a little time for yourself. Have fun and we will see you in the morning.

“What is this?” His voice was somewhere between confused and irritated.

“That is a letter,” The blonde responded simply. Gabriel was about to retort when he heard a strange shuffling and a soft crash outside. “That on the other hand,” Jack continued, smirking from ear to ear. “Was a door being barricaded shut,”

“What?” He turned to rush out the door only to find it refusing to budge. “What's going on Jack?” He was irritated and confused by what was going on as he turned around to face the blonde. Jack however had moved right behind him as he tried to open the door and he found their mouths pressed together before he could think to react.

His immediate response was to pull away, but One of Jack's arms wrapped around his neck and the other hand grasped the back of Gabriel's head. The blonde was not letting go and after a few seconds he just surrendered himself to the feeling. A few more moments and he was kissing back and once he started it was as if a dam had burst. The long hours, late nights had somehow blinded him to just how much he missed this. He kissed back now, hungrily, greedily, the two not parting until their lungs screamed for air.

“Where are you going Gabi?” Jack asked, breathless, a sultry smile on his face.

“I have a job to do Jackie,” He practically pleaded, trying to pull away even though he knew it was useless. He was trying to save the world for god's sake and he couldn't trust most of these assholes to not get themselves killed without him. There were a few competent ones like Ana, Torb and hell even Reinhardt would be okay if the other two kept him in check but everyone else managed to be almost as dangerous to their cause as the damn robots were.

“I have a job to do right here Gabi,” Jacks lips reached for him again, this time aiming for his neck and it took every ounce of willpower he had to not melt into the touch.

“I'm serious Jack,” His voice cracked as he spoke earning a soft chuckle from the blonde. His laugh was always so beautiful, he didn't hear it often enough anymore.

“I'm serious too. You are working yourself to death. So you are taking a break and since you won’t listen to anyone, now you have no choice in the matter,” Jack's mouth resumed its work, trying to wear down Gabriel's r solve like no one but this blue eyed farm boy could do. He didn't know how much longer he could resist.

“So you've abducted your commanding officer? Am I going to have to call this in,” The Latino wasn't going to try to get Jack in trouble but this was going really far. The blonde simply laughed that gorgeous laugh, a bright smile lighting up his face.

“Please help, I’m attracted to the whitest man in America and I don't know how to escape,” Jack tried his best Gabe impression, laughing too much to be mistaken for the real deal, face too bright as he tried for a serious and dour tone. Gabriel face reddened slightly. “It's okay Gabe. Your communicator isn't working right now anyway. Well you can receive messages in an emergency but you can't send any without an authorization code that you don't have.”

“If only you were as competent in the field as you are at abduction we would have won this war by now,” Jack laughed again, that bright wonderful sound and Gabriel gave in and joined him. Jack smiled brightly, that soft loving smile that was reserved only for Gabe and he finally melted into the other man's touch.

“I love it when you laugh Gabi,” Jack kissed him again, a quick chaste kiss. “Come on now, foods getting cold,” Jack dragged him gently to the table he had been lounging around when the other man entered the room. They say on either end staring at each other for a moment before Jack reached for a large mechanical box on the floor and placed it between them.

“So what exactly are we doing here?” Gabriel asked eyeing the box skeptically. “What exactly is that,” he motioned to the box.

“We've still never had a proper date,” Jack began. “And this is a high tech picnic basket,”

“Abduction and dinner, you sure know how to woo people Sunshine,”

“I aim to please,” Jack replied with a smile releasing a latch and opening the box a familiar smell wafting through the air. The aroma of spicy pork stew pulled forth memories of celebrations with his family. Gabriel smiled softly at the thoughts for several moments before coming back to the present.

“Where'd you learn to make pozole?” He asked reaching out to grab one of the bowls Jack had laid out.

“Well,” Jack blushed slightly as he spoke. “I wanted to do something nice for our first time so I may have found the opportunity to make a call to Los Angeles,” Gabriel raised an eyebrow and the blonde face flushed brighter. “I may have gotten ahold of some information and Had a long talk with one Gabriella Reyes about her grandson and how the family would often celebrate special occasions with some red pozole. Then once I told her about my plans to surprise you because you needed a break, then after being made to swear a vow of secrecy to take the information to my grave, she shared her recipe and talked me through the process of making everything for tonight. I hope it's okay.”

“It's delicious mi amor,” Gabriel assured him as he ate slowly, it really was quite good. It reminded him of home, of sharing a meal with the people who mean the most to him. “Okay, so maybe you do actually know how to woo people a bit,” The Latino admits with another smile.

“Oh, she's probably going to ask about me now. Just so you know,” Jack started eating once Gabriel had voiced his approval.

“How did you get everything you needed for this?”

“That was easy. A lot of people jumped at the opportunity to help me do something nice for our commander,”

They ate together chatting happily, Gabriel talked about his family, his childhood, mostly good things, positive memories. Smiling came easy with Jack, ever since they met and the man ignored all of the walls he had carefully built up to keep people away. The blonde had decided, on his own, that they were friends and the man from Los Angeles had no chance against that smile and those beautiful blue eyes. The blonde talked very little throughout the meal, when asked about it, he said it was because the night was about Gabriel.

“You went through a lot of trouble setting this up didn't you,”

“You are working yourself to death saving the world Gabi. This was nothing,” Jack walked around the table to kiss his boyfriend deeply.

“You know what would make this date perfect Jack? You sharing a bed with me,” The blonde's face flushed bright red as he dragged the Latino roughly out of his chair and to the bed. “How did I end up with someone so wonderful? You didn't need to go through all this trouble. All this time and I still haven't taken you on a proper date,” His brow furrowed at the thought, when did he become so neglectful.

“I know that look Gabi,” Jack frowned at him, it always hurt to see those blue eyes sad. “It's no trouble, after you save the world you can take me on the most romantic date of the millennium, but while we're here I want you to let me help you relax, to remember why we are fighting and that I love you,”

Jack punctuates that last statement with another deep kiss that Gabriel can't help but surrender to. He should be out there dealing with assholes and saving the world but right now he could let himself stay right here in Jack's arms for a little while.

“Jack,” Gabriel whispers, breathless as they pull apart. “I'm having a wonderful to time,” they found their way to the bed and Gabe smiled when he remembered that they had all night to themselves.