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The Voyage of the Starship Victory

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Being commissioned to USS Victory was a dream come true for Yuuri. The ship might not be as famous as the Enterprise, but it had something—or rather, someone—the Enterprise did not: legendary Vulcan hero Skil Nikiforov. Yuuri was tremendously honored to be chosen to serve as a pilot for Victory. Moreover, his best friend Phichit would be serving as navigator beside him! This would be the first time they both served on the same ship together.

The only thing that would make this more perfect was if he did not have to leave Vicchan behind in San Francisco. He resolved not to say a word of this to Phichit; knowing his best friend, he would somehow try to smuggle Vicchan on board.

“Yuuri!” His friend entered the bridge and greeted him with a sunshine smile. “Are you excited to be on board?”

“Hi Phichit,” Yuuri said warmly. “You know that I am.”

“I guess we’re both the first to arrive,” his friend said, looking around the bright, empty room. It was twenty minutes before the appointed meeting time. “Did you know that Leo and Guang Hong are also assigned to the Victory?”

“What? No way, little Guang Hong already graduated?” Yuuri was taken aback. “He can’t be more than seventeen.”

“He’s nineteen now. That party we went to last month was for their graduation, remember? They’ll be in the engineering department under Mila.” Chief Engineer Mila was their senior and one of the very few Orion students enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

“I feel like the ensigns are getting younger and younger every year,” Yuuri said. “Speaking of, we have another classmate on board. I ran into Seung Gil in the transporter room; he was on his way to the med bay.”

Phichit’s eyes widened. “Wow, this is like a class reunion…”

“What is like a reunion?” The melodious voice halted their conversation.

“Commander Nikiforov!” Phichit and Yuuri immediately stood at attention. “Reporting for duty, Sir!”

Yuuri was glad Phichit had the wherewithal to respond. He was too tongue-tied in the presence of his hero, who looked indescribably handsome in his blue science uniform.

“There is no need for that, gentlemen,” Skil Nikiforov said pleasantly. “The meeting is scheduled for oh-eight-hundred hours. I daresay Captain Giacometti would not show up for another thirteen minutes.”

Yuuri nodded along mechanically.

“Lieutenant Katsuki and Lieutenant Chulanont, is it? Please continue. I did not mean to intrude on a conversation between…friends.” The way that Nikiforov enunciated that last word made it seem as if he was insinuating something. That’s impossible, because Vulcans don’t insinuate, right?

“Th-that’s not it!” Yuuri blurted out. “We were just talking about how many of our classmates are also on the Victory crew. You’re not intruding at all, Commander Nikiforov!”

“Is that so?”

Then, something miraculous happened. Nikiforov smiled. Not one of his polite, formal smiles that were almost a parody of a human smile; no, this was the first snowdrop peeking out of a blanket of snow, swaths of purple blooming on the thawed ground, golden rays heralding the coming of spring—

“Call me Skil. Or Skil’ya,” Nikiforov said, still bestowing that smile at Yuuri. “You will find that the captain and I are not strict sticklers to formality.” He clasped Yuuri’s shoulder with a gloved hand.

“Commander S-Skil,” Yuuri stuttered.

If Yuuri didn’t know better, he would think that Nikiforov—Skil—had just sighed wistfully in response.

“Here comes Captain Christophe.”

= NCC9754A = NCC9754A = NCC9754A =

Later, Yuuri would have no recollection of what happened for the rest of that meeting. Captain Christophe gave a welcoming speech, and everyone clapped. They drank a toast—no, that can’t be right, why would there be champagne glasses on the bridge?

Yuuri’s PADD was filled with messages from Phichit:

Ph.Chu: what just happened
Ph.Chu: did Commander Nikiforov just flirt with you?
Ph.Chu: wow Vulcan eye-sex is intense
Ph.Chu: omg Yuuri this is not a drill. This Is Not A Drill!111
Y.Katsu: Phichit
Ph.Chu: yes Yuuri
Y.Katsu: Commander Nikiforov smiled at me.
Y.Katsu: Commander Nikiforov smiled at me.
Ph.Chu: hello Yuuri you’re focusing on the wrong thing here
Ph.Chu: he clasped your shoulder! with his hand!
Ph.Chu: like if fingers touching is Vulcan kissing
Ph.Chu: is shoulder clasping a sexual proposition?
Y.Katsu: Phichit no
Ph.Chu: does he want you to have his babies? or maybe he wants to have YOUR babies?
Y.Katsu: Phichit, did you flunk out of Vulcan studies?
Ph.Chu: …maybe
Ph.Chu: but he totally wants you
Ph.Chu: I know this
Ph.Chu: because I’m not BLIND

= NCC9754A = NCC9754A = NCC9754A =

The next morning, Yuuri decided that yesterday must have been an extraordinarily vivid daydream. Why would legendary hero Skil Nikiforov invite Yuuri, a perfectly average pilot, to call him by his first name? No, it must be a hallucination brought about by too much excitement breathing the same air as his hero. That sorted out, he retrieved his breakfast of eggs, toast and fresh fruit slices from the replicator.

“Yuuri, over here!” Nikiforov’s voice rang across the mess hall.

Yuuri, cheeks heating up, approached the table with his tray of food. “C-commander Nikiforov.”

He could’ve sworn that those brilliant blue eyes dimmed at this. Although the commander had pointed Vulcan ears, he had his coloring from his human father, Admiral Nikiforov. At this moment, his beautiful eyes were being unfairly expressive.

“Lieutenant, I asked you to call me Skil, remember?”

Yuuri ducked his head. “Commander Skil.”

That was most certainly a sigh.

“Perhaps I am envious of your rapport with Lieutenant Chulanont. Even though I am good friends with Captain Christophe, our respective positions mean we often work different shifts.”

“Oh.” Yuuri thought about that. He supposed he would feel lonely if Phichit worked a different shift and he didn’t know anyone else on the crew.

“So you want us to be friends?” He asked, hesitant.

Those blue eyes positively sparkled as Skil leaned forward and placed his gloved hand on top of Yuuri’s. The dark blue leather felt supple and warm on Yuuri’s skin.

“Let’s build a relationship that grows throughout the voyage of Victory,” Skil said, voice low and full of promise.

Yuuri’s face was so hot he thought he would spontaneously combust. “A-alright.”

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