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Six degrees of separation.

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Life surprised Link in many ways. He thought he had gotten used to it. How everything could change in a single instant. How one seemingly small decision could have irreversible effects on the far off future. How people think they know the people around them, until they don't. He didn't expect to get along with Ganon so well during their date. He didn't expect its gleeful ending. And he certainly didn't expect to see Zelda waiting for him in front of his student residence. 

Their eyes met, and he wanted to be mad. He really did. He wanted to scream all the thoughts which had plagued his mind since their last meeting. All the hurt he had felt as he realised their friendship was a hoax. Make her feel his pain. But all he could do was burst into a run and hug her. Because she was his friend, and he was so glad she was better. 

Zelda stayed still for a moment, processing the events, but she quickly hugged back.

"I'm sorry." She said, burying her head in Link's neck. "I'm so sorry." She repeated, squeezing, tears filling her voice.

Link squeezed back, revelling in his friend's warmth. Then he pulled away with a smile. 

"How are you feeling?" He signed.

"All healed up!" She said, awkwardly. "I really- I won't do it again I promise."

"Is that your way of saying you want to be friends again?"

There was a flash of something in Zelda's eyes. Determination. "I want to be friends. For real this time. I can't promise I'll manage right away, but I want to. I want to try being selfish with you, and maybe annoying. I want us to fight as equals and make up because we care about each other. Not because we feel obligated to. that okay?"

Link smiled, and Zelda couldn't hold back her tears anymore. The man laughed. 

"Come on up, I'll make you something warm." He sighed, finishing by holding her hand before scanning his student card to open his door. Zelda squeezed it back, using her free hand to wipe her tears and snot. 

"I might need tissues as well." She half laughed. 

They settled in the common kitchen, warm tea mist caressing they faces as they caught up on each other's life. Zelda allowed herself to monopolise some of the discussion by counting her hospital adventures, feeling glee as she saw how invested Link was in them. They ordered take out and she let Link pay for the first time. Letting her enjoy a getting well gift. They ordered enough to qualify for free garlic bread. No. They had ordered much too much food in order to qualify for the free garlic bread. Which they shared gleefully. Link having to manage between licking the garlicky goodness off of his fingers and signing at the same time. Zelda kept telling him to just choose one or the other but the man refused because Priorities Zelda. Priorities. 

They were interrupted by a loud opening of the hall door followed by very determined footsteps. A large figure passed by the window connecting the kitchen and the corridor, stopping as it identified the blonde man sitting at the table. Ganon entered not a second later, doing a double take as he saw Zelda.

"Hi!" She said.

"Hi." He answered. He looked at the fallen remains of take out containers and sauce still sitting on their lips. "I'm...assuming you two made up?"

Link turned towards him and signed with the biggest smile he had ever seen on the small man. And this was doing something to Ganon. Because he had been stuck in a dark fitting room for three hours with nothing but his mind to keep him occupied while Impa did the alterations of her cosplays and that mind had gone places. Now, the cause of his many journeys was sitting with his greasy shiny lips turned into a bright smile and-

"Fuck. You're cute." He let out. Too preoccupied to feel even an ounce of shame.

Link choked on air as the taller man came close and pulled him up.

"While I am very happy you two made up," He started, lifting Link off the ground in an instant with no discernible difficulty, which was not good for the small man's mind. "we have very important prior arrangements that...are very important."

Zelda hid her massive grin behind her hand. "No problem, I was about to go home anyway." She said, looking at Link who was adamantly looking anywhere but towards her.

"I believe you know how to leave the residence?" Ganon asked, Link now settled in his arms, still a stupefied mess.

"Yep. Have fun!" She waved, enjoying the show. She watched as the two men headed towards Ganon's door, Link hanging on for dear life as the fluffy haired man carried him in one arm in order to unlock his door, listening to the harsh sound of that same door being slammed shut with a foot. 

She let the quiet settle around her. The gentle sent of food and tea washed over her and she couldn't help but cry again. She had almost lost all of this. But she was never going to let it go again. She could finally allow herself to take control of her life. To do what she wanted to do. For no one else's sake but hers. Before she knew it, her phone was in her hand, dialing a very familiar number.

"Hey." Impa's voice filled her ear. Warm and gentle. Bringing a smile on her face.

"Hey, all done with your fittings today?"

"Yep. Only one more session and we will be set for Comic Con. We are going to destroy everybody."

Zelda chuckled. "With how much effort you put in this year, I'm sure we will."


There was a small silence. "Did you meet up with Link?"

"Waited for him outside his residence."

"Were you able to say what you needed to say?"

Zelda smiled, looking at Ganon's closed door. "Yeah, it went really well. We got rudely interrupted by Ganon sweeping him away to have sex though."

There was a loud splutter heard on the other line, and she burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry what?"

"Turns out they didn't need any outside help after all."

"You're going to have to walk me through it princess, I think I may have skipped an episode of the story."

"Aww, you called me princess."

There was another splutter as Impa racked her brain to find a coherent excuse. Which, given how open she had been about her feelings, was cuter than Zelda could have ever imagined.

"Hey, Impa. Would you like to go out sometime this week?"

"If those two are entering their honeymoon phase I don't think they'll have time for us for a while."

"No- as in..." Boy, this was harder than she had thought. "Just us two. As in...a date. Like. Situation. Maybe. If- if that's cool."

There was silence at the other end, making Zelda check her screen to see if the call had been disconnected.


"I'm here." She heard faintly. "It's just...are you sure?"

Zelda smiled, letting herself enjoy the glimpse of happiness she was finally allowing herself to seek. "Yeah. I couldn't be more sure."


*  *  *


Link woke up with the devastating shrill of his alarm, because it was daily, and he had class today. Damn it all. A loud groan came from the person under him. He could feel it resonate down to the warm chest he was sleeping on. The warm naked chest he was sleeping on. Because last night had been a real actual thing which had happened. It was everything he had fantasised about. Including the inevitable call to reality which came to bring him out of it.

He opened his eyes and looked up to see Ganon still half asleep, grimacing as if the world was ending around him. He shuffled up, planting a chaste kiss on his lips. The taller man opened his eyes, meeting his gaze with a small smile.


Link kissed him again as a greeting, bearing a wide grin. Ganon grimaced again.

"Fuck." His arms tightened around Link and they rolled to their side. "Don't do that. I need to find the will to wake up. You are not helping."

Link managed to wiggle himself free of the deadly grasp and out of the bed, doing a quick recon to find where his clothes could have possibly flown to. Once he was presentable, he looked down to see Ganon still sprawled out on the bed, and the memories of what they had done in that bed came flashing back in full force. Memories and one burning question.

He tapped the half sleeping man on the shoulder to get him to look at him. "Don't freak out." He started, knowing that it was the worst way to calm someone down. "I just- last night was nice. Really nice. And I need to know. Is this like- a boyfriend-boyfriend situation? Or should I go find a one-night stand tonight to drown my sorrows?"

Ganon's expression turned grave, looking as if he had sobered up in an instant. He sat up.

"You do realise that if you do that I will have to murder whoever put their hands on you."

Link chuckled.

"Why are you laughing? Murder is a serious topic Link. I could go to jail. You wouldn't be able to see me anymore."

The blonde man kept a gigantic grin on his face as he approached the bed, placing his face close to Ganon's.

"That would be a shame."

The taller man had only been able to catch half of Link's signs as his gaze had been focused on his lips. Also on the trace of a hickey peeking out of his green t-shirt. Which only made him want to place more on the parts of the man's skin which were much too empty for his liking. 

"Does being your boyfriend mean that I can have you back in here tonight?" He said, still focused on Link's lips.

"And all of tomorrow. Yay for the weekend." He signed.

Ganon grinned, finally placing a kiss on the object of his gaze. "I get the feeling I'm going to appreciate weekends a lot more from now on."



The fluffy haired man spent his entire day waiting for that glorious weekend to come. He was giddy throughout his morning lecture, which was a sight so unusual his team mates genuinely proposed to accompany him to the medical center. The mystery was solved when Ghirahim came to sit behind him with a sigh.

"Did you get some last night?" He asked.

Ganon grinned. "And will tonight. And the whole upcoming weekend if I have any say in it." He didn't mention how they would probably spend their down time watching nerdy videos as well. Honestly. Perfect weekend.

He was high-fived by every single team member. 


"I have to say, I didn't expect it to go so well between you two." Ghirahim said as they were cooling down after practice.

"Me neither. But, he's like-" He made various hand gestures at the air, as if he was speaking some unknown ancient sign language. "You know?"

"...No. Is this your way of saying you have a sign language kink?"

Ganon spit out his water. "No!" He blurted out. Then he remembered Link the night before, how he struggled to communicate as he could barely get his hands to stop clenching the pillows. "Wait- do I?" He asked, looking at his friend for answers.

"How am I supposed to know?!"

*  *  *


"Why am I here again?" Ganon grumbled, back in the worn out sofa of Impa's workshop. "I thought I was done helping you with fittings."

He was sat next to Link, who had been given a large box with strict orders to keep it closed until told otherwise. Zelda and Impa were standing facing them, the former twisting her hands in nervousness. It was early evening, just as the cafés closed and people started to flood to restaurants. Link and Ganon had been official for barely over a week, and Ganon was not happy with their intimate time being taken away like this, especially with the upcoming event.

"So, about tomorrow's Comic con." Zelda started, adamently looking at the ground. "You know how we were supposed to go together?" She looked at Link, who frowned in confusion and dread.

"Supposed to?" He signed.

"There has been a turn of events." Impa took over. "And we have decided to go as a couple, including doing a couple cosplay as well."

Link's face lit up at the news, and Zelda sent him a shy grin. He sat up and hugged her, signing a small finally in the corner of her vision, which earned him a gentle tap.

"Still," Impa continued. "I felt bad, and as I know that Ganon has a completed Illidan cosplay, I arranged a Kael'thas one for you. With one of my cosplays, I think you'll maybe have a chance to score in the higher echelons of the contest, though you should abandon all hopes of winning."

Link grinned at the teasing, but Ganon didn't seem to enjoy the competitive tone.

"Are you implying you're a better couple than us?" He said, standing up to use his height as an intimidation tactic.

"I'm not implying it. I'm outright saying we are."

Zelda and Link shared a look of defeat. And away they go.

"You've been together, what, ten minutes? After years of being unable to get your heads out of your asses? And you dare to even think you're better than us?" The man's tone started to rise as he pulled his boyfriend close to him.

"Even if we had only been together for as long as you say, I'm sure we would have passed you on all aspects of a relationship." She emphasized the "all" in a way that made clear to everyone in the room what she was implying.

"Impa-" Zelda tried to calm them down, but there was no stopping these two when they got to arguing.

Ganon grinned, looking down with a condescending expression. "Now, now, Impa. Sweet, naive Impa. Look at me. Look at him. And think for two seconds. What do you think we're doing when we're not with you guys or in class?" 

Impa scoffed. "Please, I've been in love with her for ten years. Do you honestly think I would lose to you in the desire department?" They continued to bicker, ignoring their very embarrassed partners.

"You cannot honestly believe that." Ganon said, looking offended.

"Don't underestimate women." She said, her grin overbearing and full of pride. Zelda was a blushing mess under her arm, which only helped to corroborate her story. This was unacceptable.

"This is unacceptable." He repeated out loud. He latched on to Link's arm. "Come, we don't have much time if we want to wake up early enough to put my horns on tomorrow."

The two women watched as Link tried to communicate his greetings as best as he could while incapacitated and barely able to hide an ecstatic grin. Zelda chuckled.

"Are you happy?" Impa asked, looking down at her with so much love in her eyes it send her over the moon. She nestled against her.

"Yeah, I really am."

"We're going to destroy them at the contest tomorrow."

"Hell yeah we are."