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Remember Us to Life

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Alex Fierro was born as Xavier Alexandro Fernandez the Fifth in a Spanish colony in what would someday become Paraguay.

Alex fought a lot with his father and stepmother for despite being raised in their home with them as his parents but his stepmother only saw him as an illegitimate child.

When Alex was sixteen he decided to sneak out for a night on his own for once. Unfortunately he ran into some trouble with some soldiers.

Alex died alone on a hot and dry night and woke up a day later in a grand room. The bed he was laying on was so soft and comfortable. It was like nothing like anything he slept in before.

'Is this heaven?' he asked himself.

"Good morning, lad." A man's voice came from the other side of the room. Alex looked over and saw a white man and woman. The man had mix matched eyes like Alex's and looked at Alex in a way that made Alex feel like a creature he woman looked at Alex with pity.

"Who are you? Are you an angel?" Alex asked.

The man laughed, "I'm Loki, king of the Silver tongued Vampires. This is my wife, she doesn't talk. She quite annoying and stubborn."

"Vampires?" Alex moved towards the headboard.

"Yes, vampires. Don't de scared, you're one now. Sigyn bring the boy his first meal."

The woman, Sigyn, bent down and picked a bowl off the floor.

She walked to the end of the bed and Alex smelled something metallic... and so good.

He crawled towards the bucket. God, he was thristy. Alex didn't even realize for a second that he was already drinking from the bucket.

Drinking the blood.


Alex Fierro looked at the human girl. Her curly red hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing a sun dress that had paint splatters. A perfect target.

"Excuse me! Miss!" Alex called after the human.

The girl turned around, "Yes?"

"My professor assigned me a project to draw a stranger, would you mind being my subject?" Alex asked.

"Uh sure, I'm Rachel. And you are?"



An hour later Alex put the last line of Rachel into her notebook.

"You're quite beautiful, maybe you would like to join me for dinner. It's nearly six." Alex smiled.

"You know for a vampire you're not that good at trickery." Rachel said. Alex dropped her pencil.


"I've seen you before, in a nightclub. I was with a fairy, she pointed at the vampires only section. And there you were. You're not someone people forget." Rachel smirked and stood up from the museum bench.

Alex watched as she walked away. Looks like she was going to have to find an easier target.

She left the museum to look around on the streets for a bite to eat.

Soon she spotted a new target, a middle aged man wearing an army strong t-shirt. This one should be interesting.

She grabbed him by his shirt and before he could even scream she slammed him face first into the wall of a nearby alley. Any mortal would just see a mugging, luckily in New York City no one cared if people got mugged.

Alex pulled him out of eyesight. She couldn't feed in front of mortals, someone would be bound to notice. Or Rachel would see and who knows if that strange girl would keep her pretty little mouth shut.


Alex knocked on the door of her apartment. Her roommate, Drew Tanaka, opened it, "You have blood on your mouth." Drew glared at her.

"Well sorry if I can't use my tits to get blood like you, princess." Alex bared her fangs at Drew.

"Get inside, idiot." Drew rolled her eyes.


Drew Tanaka was born in Brazil to two Japanese immigrates in 1910. Her name had been Misako Tanaka.

She grew up in a happy but poor home. Her parents were kind and loved her dearly.

When she was eighteen, a boat she was on with friends tripped over. She drowned because she never learned to swim.

She woke up a day later in a warm cot. Two women were sitting on a cot next to her. One wore a headscarf and the other was dressed as a flapper.

"Hello darlin'," The flapper said, "I'm Queen Aphrodite of Venus Vampires. I am also the Queen above all vampires."

"I'm Silena. I am Aphrodite's second hand. Welcome to the family." The other woman said.

"Will I ever see my parents again?" Drew asked.

Aphrodite and Silena looked at each. Then Aphrodite spoke, "Yes but for now they cannot see you. When they are elderly and on their death bed then you can actually talk to them. But it is important for your safety that they know you are dead and do not think you are alive."

"...okay as all as I see that they're okay." Drew frowned.

"Hey," Silena reached over and took Drew's hand, "it'll be okay. I didn't get to see my parents. They died along with me but couldn't be turned into vampires. And someday you will be able to tell them everything you ever wanted to."

Drew nodded. "Can my parents be turned?"

Aphrodite shook her head,"No they would have to die before the age of twenty-five when the human brain is fully developed."


Drew wrapped her arm around a human girl's waist,"Reyna darling. How are you?"

"Hello Drew. I'm fine. Get your arm off of me before I break it." Reyna snarled at her. Drew moved her arm off of her friend even if she knew Reyna could never break her arm. No matter how strong of a human she was.

"So mean. And I wanted to know is how you're doing," Drew rolled her eyes.

"No what you wanted was to bug me." Reyna said as she play slapped Drew's arm.

"You know me so well. Anyway are you still single?"

"Yes Drew I am. No Drew I'm not going to sleep with you." Reyna said.

Drew laughed,"Oh daring I would never ask you that...on a Monday."


Drew hugged Reyna goodbye. Her blood smelled delicious. But Drew held back her thirst. She wanted this friendship to last for as long as possible.

"Bye." Drew gave Reyna a quick peck on her cheek before she walked away.

It was feeding time. Drew walked up to an old white woman.

"Hello there, can you help me? I am lost. English is so hard and I can't understand the signs." Drew said.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Maybe try learning English."

"I am trying. It is hard."

"Listen I don't have time- Drew pulled the woman into a nearby alley.

Drew held the woman's mouth shut as she drank the blood out of the woman's arm.


Drew sat on her couch. Alex had left her dirty clothes on the living room floor again. How annoying and gross.

Goodness why did she decide to room with Alex of all vampires. She could have lived with Piper, Mitchell, Lacy, Michael, Clarisse, Frank, Mark, Sherman or Ellis.

Okay maybe now that she thought about it Alex was the best choice. Alex doesn't bitch about parties or about Drew breaking a window when she forgets her keys in the middle of the night. Also Alex made some pots just for smashing and honestly that was pretty helpful.

A knock came at the door. Alex must have grabbed the wrong key when she left this morning. The two of them changed their locks every month because of some slayers ten years ago who tried to kill them. They of course wouldn't leave their home easily.