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Sousuke set down the two boxes in his hands on the counter. The duffel bag on his shoulder threatening to slide off at any moment with the burden of half his closet weighing on it. Today was moving day at Tokyo U, and Sousuke wasn’t the only wide-eyed first year scurrying around with bags and boxes hanging off them. Though Sou himself wasn’t wide-eyed, he was pissed, something that didn’t seem to escape the dark haired upperclassmen seated behind the desk.

And why was he pissed? He’d gotten lost, that’s why. It’s not like it was his fault, though, the campus was huge, and all the info he’d gotten about his dorm was that it was ‘across the street from the dining hall’. Although other students he’d swallowed his pride in front of and asked directions of failed to mention that there were four dining halls. Not that Sousuke could get all that mad, his dorm was just a two-minute walk from the dining hall, and that was a blessing. Apparently, most of the athletic scholarship students got roomed together in this dorm and the ones around it and they were close to both the gym and dining hall #3.

So here he was, and all he wanted was to go to his room and pass out on his hopefully clean bed.

“Name?” the dark haired boy questioned.

“Yamazaki.” Sousuke huffed, resting his arm on a box labeled ‘electronics + lamp’.

The other man typed for a minute, “Ah.” he said with a small smile. “Yamazaki Sousuke, floor four, room ‘1-D’. Welcome to the dorm. You’ll get your key from your R.A.” Sousuke only grunted, grabbing his boxes and started for the elevator, before seeing its long line and opting for the stairs.

“Be careful on the stairs!” Sousuke turned back to the boy at the desk, “They’re always up to something!” he finished, snickering to himself. Sousuke raised an eyebrow, before deciding he didn’t care as he walked back to the stairs, not noticing someone shout ‘Go die Izuki!’ behind him.

Sousuke somehow managed to solve the whole ‘pull’ instead of ‘push’ situation with the door to the stairwell, before walking up four flights of stairs. It wasn’t all that bad, considering the building had six floors. The stairs were pretty wide, and it wasn’t like Sousuke couldn’t handle the exercise. The only thing that annoyed him was that damn duffel bag that kept sliding down his shoulder the entire way.

Reaching a door with a convenient number ‘4’ painted on its glass, Sousuke had the pleasure of being able to push the door, then had the following pleasure of seeing his room ‘1-D’ right there, only three steps away. Sousuke sighed in relief, happy he didn’t need to venture down the bustling hall and almost certainly getting lost. The hallway was pretty busy, other first years rushing around, doors opening and closing, boxes getting shoved, and someone yelling ‘Shin-chan’ in the distance.

He walked over to his door, almost dropping the boxes in his haste to get that duffel-from-hell off his arm. Sousuke rolled his shoulder, the brace he wore crinkling the shirt over top it a bit.

Sousuke glanced at his arm for a moment, having used almost his entire break as a time of rest before restarting his therapy only a few weeks ago, his shoulder was improving. Sure, it was going to be a slow process, one that would prove difficult to stick with, especially with Rin breathing down his neck, but Sousuke reminded himself that he had four years in college. Four years to heal, and even if he never fully recovered, Sousuke was here to be an assistant coach for the swim team, not really be on it.

Sousuke shook his head, deciding that he needed to find his R.A. so he could actually get inside his dorm room. He turned around and once again was met with a small miracle. Right across the hall was room ‘2-D’, with a small sign saying ‘Floor 4 R.A.: Kasamatsu Yukio’.

This is a pretty nice setup, Sousuke thought to himself, leaving his first load of luggage leaning on his door. With a quick rap on the wood, Sousuke waited before the opening door revealed a not-all-that-short, dark haired guy with resting bitch face that not only rivaled but surpassed his own.

“Uh…” was Sousuke’s only response to steely-blue eyes that seemed to be stabbing imaginary nails into his skull. “I need my key? Room ‘1-D’?” Sousuke jerked a thumb over his shoulder, back at his room, as if that would explain everything. The R.A. nodded, stepping back behind the door before popping back with a clipboard.

“Yamazaki?” he questioned, or more barked, really.

“Yes.” Sousuke replied, before adding a hesitant, “Kasamatsu-senpai.”. Coincidentally, that had been a good decision because the upperclassman visibly brightened, his thick eyebrows separating from each other just a fraction.

“Here’s your key,” Kasamatsu said, handing over said key card, “Don’t lose it. Oh, and your roommate’s already moved in.” Kasamatsu’s perpetually angry expression changed, to something of sympathy? Maybe? It was hard to tell because the door was quickly shut in his face. Flipping the key in his fingers, Sousuke took the pleasantly short walk back to his room.

He was just about to use his key card on the slot under the doorknob when he remembered, My roommate’s already inside, so he turned the knob to find it already unlocked. Sousuke pulled the door open while leaning down to grab the strap of his duffel, and stepping into his new dorm room, his home for the next few semesters, one thing instantly crossed his mind.

What the legitimate fuck is this mess?

The place was a disaster. A pure shit storm. Something out of undiagnosed O.C.D. clean freak like himself’s nightmares. One cheap, probably not real wood, desk had been clearly claimed, being covered in cardboard boxes, a few books and porno mags? The floor’s dull blue carpet was covered in left behind boxes of clothing, the wardrobe was hanging open and seemed to have at least a dozen shoe boxes inside, and Sousuke had already spotted three basketballs tossed around the room. The only silver lining seemed to be one thing and one thing alone.

His roommate, whom Sousuke had already deemed an asshole, was asleep on his half-made bed, it was a bunk bed, and without knowing it, the guy had saved himself from Sousuke’s full wrath--because he was most certainly getting a good portion-- by choosing the top bunk.

Half hidden under a big gray comforter, Sousuke saw a dark skinned, blue haired form. Blue? he questioned. But that wasn’t all too important right now. What was important was giving this asswhipe a piece of his mind, and laying some ground rules so that this semester wouldn’t end in Sousuke strangling his roommate. Sousuke didn’t want that, it would most certainly get him kicked out of the university after all.

“Oi!” Sousuke didn’t quite shout, but it should have been enough to get the guy’s attention. “Hey asshole!” Setting down his bag and pulling the door shut, he walked over to the bunk bed. “Hello?” Sousuke reached up an arm, flicking the dark skinned guy in the forehead.

He received a grunt in response. Sousuke continued to glare as his roommate continued to groan before cracking open one--blue--eye. “The fuck’s your problem?” he groused in a deep voice, turning his face into the pillow.

“Don’t give me that shit. What the hell did you do to this room?” Sousuke stepped back, gesturing around him.

The tan moron--yes, Sousuke was already sure this guy was mentally deficient-- only turned his head to the side again.

“Uh. Unpacking?” he responded. Squinting, tired eyes still managed to convey an ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ expression.

“Unpacking? It looks like you just kicked the boxes over, no fucks given!”

“Bingo.” the guy rolled over on his back, sitting up on his elbows. “Who the hell are you anyway?” the words were still a little rough from tiredness.

“Your roommate asshole. Now get down here and clean this up.” Sousuke pointed at the boxes on the floor before turning back to the door.

“Who you callin’ asshole, dickwad?” the guy’s response only further irked Sousuke, but at least the guy scrambled down the ladder on the bunk. Sousuke saw that he was wearing green cargo pants and a black hoodie with the word ‘Touou’ across the chest in a dark red. He was also pretty damn tall, he had a good two inches on Sousuke, who was six foot one himself. And not surprisingly, he was fit, this was the athlete dorm after all. He was lean, and probably toned underneath the baggy hoodie. He could have had the build of a swimmer, but it didn’t seem likely, plus there were all those basketballs he’d noted earlier.

“Huh, I dunno, the guy who managed to destroy this entire room in less than a day.” Sousuke turned around, glaring as the guy lifted his arms behind himself and stretched. “I’m Yamazaki Sousuke by the way.”

Finished with stretching, the guy scratched his ear with his pinkie. “Aomine Daiki.”

“A pleasure.” Sousuke ground out, swinging the door open and grabbing the first of many boxes, making sure to neatly stack them beside the one clear desk. “I’m getting the rest of my stuff, clean this up before we divvy up where we put our shit. If it’s not clean when I get back, I get the entire closet.”

“And why the hell’s that?” Aomine asked, glaring at him.

“Because I’ll install a damn lock on it, asshole.”

“Is that right?”

“Yep.” Sousuke said, popping the ‘p’ before slamming the door, not too hard, he’d already waged silent war with his roommate, he didn’t want the rest of the hall hating him.

Sousuke jogged down the four flights of stairs. It really wasn’t that bad, his long legs took him down two steps at a time and soon he was in the lobby, passing that guy behind the counter as he told another new student that ‘Elevators are very uplifting’ as he made his way to the stack of boxes that was his, out of the dozens of stacks of cardboard in the lobby. Everyone seemed to be playing on the honor system, leaving their stuff and hoping no-one would take it. Sousuke was alongside them, feeling very relieved that the pile looked the same as when he left it.

Hefting one big box labeled ’shelves’ and two more that probably had clothing, maybe some books, Sousuke returned to the stairs. He was a touch blind, only having a sliver of a window between the two smaller boxes, but he could manage.

Successfully maneuvering his way through the crowded lobby, Sousuke managed to balance the boxes with one hand and swing open the door to the stairwell with the other. Sousuke decided against skipping steps with boxes in hand, so he casually walked upwards.

Sousuke had reached the landing of the third floor without problem and should have probably seen this coming, walking in a stairwell, limited vision, his awkward, first-year self. He misjudged the height on that first step, the toe of his sneakers catching concrete. Then everything went to shit.

He lost balance, letting out a--very manly-- yelp before his top-heavy body kiltered backwards.

“W-whoaaa….!” he yelled, balanced on the heel of his shoe for a prolonged second.

“Yamazaki-kun!” the shout confused him, as did the hand suddenly on the small of his, and the arm skirting around his middle.

No longer about to fall down the stairs, break his neck, and put an end to his all too short life, Sousuke turned his head, teal eyes met brilliant green, and because Sousuke was an idiot all that came out of his mouth was.


“Hello Yamazaki-kun.” the boy said, smiling so wide his eyes closed slightly. The arms on his back and waste quickly retracted as Tachibana stepped back, still smiling brightly.

It took wayyy too long for Sousuke’s brain to start puttering along again as he unconsciously ran his eyes over the backstroke swimmer he hadn’t seen in months. Tachibana was in a gray and yellow striped t-shirt, pale blue skinny jeans that curved with his long, lean legs, and clunky green converse on his feet. His light brown, almost blonde at the edges, hair was tousled lightly, the light from the stairwell window casting it in an amber-ish light. Said light only did good things to his warm, tanned skin. All in all, he was adorable.

Sousuke snapped back to reality, “Uh. Hi.” Oh yeah, great response. His brain patronized. “Thanks, a lot. For not letting me crack my skull open.”

Tachibana laughed, “It’s more than alright. I’m just happy I decided to take the stairs after saying goodbye to my family.” This was the moment where Sousuke would have awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, but his hands were full, so he awkwardly hefted the boxes in his arms instead.

At the mention of family, Sousuke’s mind flashed back to standing outside the campus main entrance with his dad. His father had helped him stack his luggage on the collapsible little card they’d bought, before driving away saying to call him in anything went wrong. ‘Anything’ equaled issues with his dorm payments or any fatal injury of course. I wonder if I should call him now. Sousuke mused, I did just almost break my neck after all.

“Do you want help?” Tachibana asked, pulling Sousuke out of his thoughts.

“Sure…” Sousuke inwardly slapped himself while Tachibana grabbed the box labeled books.

“What floor are you on?”

“Four.” Tachibana brightened, if it were possible Sousuke would have said he became more bubbly.

“So am I.” the brunette cheered, making his way up the stairs.

“Ah, cool.” Sousuke said, following after him. “So… I didn’t know you coming to school here.”

“Rin didn’t tell you?” Tachibana seemed to gain a small pout.

“Um. He might have, though there’s only a half a chance I was listening, to be honest.” Sousuke shrugged. “Did Rin tell you I’d be here?”

“Mhm. Haru, Nagisa, and Rei are here too, if you didn’t know.” Tachibana held the door open for him.

“Thanks. And I did know about Nanase, Rin wouldn’t shut up about that.” Sousuke didn’t mean to sound bitter, but he probably failed.

“Haha, that sounds like Rin, unfortunately. So what room are you in?” the green-eyed boy asked right as he walked past his door, into the abyss of other students trying to shove all their belongings into tiny dorm rooms.

“‘1-D’ actually.” Sousuke proceeded to walk over and open his door, balancing the two boxes on his forearm. He almost dropped everything when one guy walked past him, calling out ‘Sorry!’ when their shoulders scraped.

“Let’s hope my roommate at least tried to clean up his shit,” Sousuke grumbled under his breath. Tachibana giggled in response.

The now open door revealed that Aomine had indeed tried to clean up his shit. Or, cleaning equalling the clothing piled on top of boxes and those boxes shoved into the corner beside the wardrobe. But it was cleaner if more than a bit half-assed.

“Yo.” Aomine greeted them from the other end of the room. He was taping a poster on the wall and when the blue haired guy stepped back, it was revealed to be a busty woman in a bikini that didn’t hide a thing.

Of-fucking-course. Sousuke’s mind groaned. Why wouldn’t my roommate be a straight as flagpole asshole? It wasn’t that Sousuke had any problem with that, Aomine, in his short time knowing him, seemed like the type to be a little shit when it came to non-heterosexuality.

“Hi!” Tachibana suddenly greeted, “You must be Yamazaki-kun’s roommate. I’m Tachibana Makoto, I live on this floor too.” Tachibana set his box carefully beside the other by Sousuke’s new desk as Sousuke dropped his own.

“Aomine Daiki.” the tan man replied, crawling back up to his bunk.

“It’s nice to meet you Aomine-kun.” Tachibana gave that smile of his with a head tilt (And no, Sousuke did not gawk--and even if he did that was simply how any human would react around such an angle.).

“Mmm,” Aomine grunted in reply, pulling a magazine out of the folds in his unmade comforter as he slumped back into the dark corner.

“Do you want help with your other boxes?” Tachibana turned back to Sousuke.

“Um. Yeah, that’d be great.” this time Sousuke did awkwardly scratch the back of his neck.

Tachibana walked out into the hall saying, “I’m happy to help.”.

Sousuke started to follow after him when Aomine spoke up.

“That your boyfriend?” Sousuke looked back into surprisingly curious dark blue eyes.

Against his inner screaming, Sousuke was pretty sure he blushed, just a little while saying, “Tachibana? No. Just a friend from high school.” Sousuke turned back to the door. He shrugged, usual stern face in place, as it should be.

It was just Tachibana after all.

Suure.” Aomine’s lazy drawl followed after him as he walked into the hallway.


As soon as Yamazaki closed the door Aomine dropped his magazine on his face with a groan.

So. Aomine thought, My roommate is fucking terrifying. It was true, when the guy had first walked in the only thing that kept Aomine from jumping out of his skin was his inner asshole. There he’d been, sleeping peacefully before being met head on with a six foot tall wall of muscle and eyebrows. The guy was built a lot like Kagami, maybe that older guy Kiyoshi even. Only with bigger shoulders. His new roommate had big ass shoulders. Plus his almost constant scowl didn’t help with the hole ‘trust-me-I’m-not-homicidal’ vibe.

Aomine had fucking believed Yamazaki when the guy had threatened adding a lock to the closet. In fact, Yamazaki seemed like the type of guy to demagnetize his key card just to get back at him, that or just punch Aomine in the face.

Tossing his reading material aside and clambering his way down the ladder Aomine looked around the currently bare dorm room. The place wasn’t too small, and the school provided a cheap microwave a mini fridge in the corner. But he had to share a bathroom with four other guys, and that fucking sucked. Though he supposed it was better full-on public showers.

Aomine stared at his door for a moment before finally giving in, he grabbed his phone off his desk and slipped into the basketball shoes by his door. Aomine swung open his door, thought about locking it, then remembered that Yamazaki and Angel-Face-Tachi-Whoever would be back up in like half a minute, so he left it open. He didn’t want Yamazaki pissed at him if he could avoid it. The guy looked like he could crush Aomine’s head between his hands with those arms. Not that he couldn’t totally take the guy or anything, if he really wanted to.

After closing his door Aomine was in the hallway for what? Nine seconds? As he tried to decide between getting food and finding a basketball court when...

“Aominecchi!!” Aomine groaned, lolling his head to the side as a sparkling blonde in fitted khakis, a powder blue sweater, and a bunch of odds and ends that made his entire look complete raced down the hall towards him.

Kise latched himself onto Aomine, arms swung around his shoulder as the blonde started talking and talking.

“Aominecchi! Aominecchi! How long have you been here? Where’s your room? Have you seen Kurokocchi yet? I’ve been looking for him, but, y’know how looking for Kurokocchi goes. Did you know Takao is right down the hall? He said Midorimacchi is just upst--!"

“Shuddup Kise.” Aomine shrugged his old teammate off.

“Soooo meeean Aominecchiiiii!” Kise whined, hands on his hips. He recovered quickly though. “I want you to meet my roommate Aominecchi! C’mon, he’s right in our room!” Kise proceeded to grab his arm and drag Aomine to room ‘3-D’, and Aomine came to the sickening realization that he would be sharing a bathroom with Kise. Kise, who probably took a fucking year to get ready every morning. How else do you explain that hair? Let alone his eyelashes?

Getting shoved into Kise’s dorm room, Aomine was met with a room very similar to his own. The bed was in the same place, but the wardrobe was on the other side of the room, it seemed these two had already laid out their own rugs, and Aomine noticed a vanity table--complete with a large mirror and neatly scattered stuff all over its table-top-- in the corner of the room. It was no doubt Kise’s and it looked as if the table with the microwave and the mini fridge had been moved to accommodate it. There were also posters on the walls, some were obviously professional models, others involved some basketball, but there were also some swimming ones? And there was a big Olympic wallsticker beside the bottom bunk, on which sat a redhead with medium length hair, particularly cut arms, and really fucking weird teeth. Or at least from what Aomine could see.

The guy had an ‘I’ll be an ass if you are’ vibe wafting off him with those bright eyes, and menacing-but-not-in-an-intentional-way smile. The redhead’s beanie, tank top, open flannel and random bracelets made him suddenly look back at Kise, seeing a small similarity.

Aomine and Kise’s apparent roommate only had a few seconds to awkwardly stare at eachother before Kise exploded with words.

“Aominecchi! This is Matsuokacchi--!” Now that made Aomine pause, what the hell had this guy, who Kise had only know for at least a few hours, done to get a little ‘cchi’ added to his name? The guy better be impressive. Aomine thought, before listening to Kise again.

“--he’s a swimmer, butterfly. And Matsuokacchi, this is one of my old teammates I mentioned earlier. The Generation of Miracles? Anyway, Matsuokacchi is here on a scholarship too, and so are most of his friends. I met one earlier, he was sooooooo sweet--!

“Shut up Kise. I’m sure I can get Kasamatsu over here to kick your ass.” Aomine cut in.

“Ugh! Meanie. If you called Kasamatsu-sempai over here, he’d kick my ass, but then he’d go and kick yours too for bothering him! Stupid Aominecchi. Or like Kagamicchi says, Ahominecchi.”

“Oi!” Aomine growled.

“Uh, Kise?” the redhead, Matsuoka--is he subtracted the ‘cchi’ correctly-- called.

“Yes?” Kise beamed over at his roommate.

“Uh.” The apparent butterfly swimmer stood up and walked over to Aomine. “Rin Matsuoka,” he introduced himself with a sharp toothed grin, holding out this hand.

“Aomine Daiki,” Aomine said, grabbing his hand with a quick shake.

“So have you met your roommate yet Aominecchi?” Kise questioned, flopping down into one of the two desk chairs and giving the other a small kick to make it roll in Aomine’s direction.

Aomine sat down and Matsuoka made his way back to the bottom bunk.

“Yeah,” Aomine said. “Gotta say, the guy’s a little scary.”

“Why’s that?” Kise questioned, tilting his head.

“Eh, a little bit to do with him being a giant--still shorter than me, though-- he’s got these big ass shoulders, bad resting bitch face, and got fucking pissed the moment he walked into the room.” Aomine leaned back into the surprisingly comfortable desk chair.

“Sousuke??” Kise’s roommate suddenly blurts out.

“Yamazaki? Ya, you know him?” Aomine asked.

“Know him? That jerk’s my best friend. He didn’t tell me he was already moving in! ….that asshole…. Is he still in your room?”

“Maybe. Him and some brunette were still bringing up his stuff. And best friend huh? How’d you manage?”

“Eh, Sou’s not that bad. Like some big dog I guess?” Matsuoka shrugged. “He gets all pissed off but he’s harmless. Still a fucking idiot though. Why doesn’t he ever tell me these things? Just shows up outta the fucking blue all the time!” Matsuoka stood up, making his way to the door, mumbling about ‘grade school’ and ‘Jerkface’s before walking out into the hall with a “Bye Kise!”.

“See ya Matsuokacchi!” Kise called after. “Don’t you think he’s great?” Kise asked.

“Sure. A little moody, but yeah.” Glanced back at Kise. “So what’s with all the ‘cchi’ shit? I thought you only called people you respected that. What the hell’d he do?”

“Hmm.” Kise propped his elbow on the desk beside him. “Well, we got talking a little bit, after he helped move the mini fridge around, and I found out a few things.”

“Like what?”

“Welllll, Matsuokacchi is a very good swimmer, national level even, and he got a full scholarship here. He’s only planning on going to school here a little while before going off to Australia.” Kise explained.

“Australia?” Alright, so Aomine had to admit he was a little interested.

“Mhm. He’s going to be training for the Olympics there. You see that’s what gained him my respect. How couldn’t it? Working so hard for something like that, I already know he’s quite a guy. We also share a few favorite brands. Did you see those jeans?”

“Huh.” was Aomine’s only response.

“Awe commonnnn! Admit he’s cool Aominecchiii!”

“Yeah fine.” Aomine groused. “You mentioned Tetsu earlier?”

Oh yes!” Just mentioning the little phantom had Kise vibrating with excitement. “I haven’t been able to find him yet…. I think he must be on a different floor. I texted him soooo many times but he never responded. Meanie Kurokocchi.” Kise crossed his arms, pouting at someone who wasn’t even there.

“Let’s go find ‘im.” Aomine said, standing back up.

“Really Aominecchi!?!”

“Yeah, sure. Now come on.”

Outside in the hallway, Aomine saw Matsuoka, Yamazaki, and Tachibana standing outside his room door. Matsuoka seemed to be losing his shit while Tachibana smiled nervously and Yamazaki just had a smug little smirk on his face. Aomine didn’t exactly feel comfortable seeing such a face on his new roommate, it was too much like some of the looks he himself used when Satsuki or Tetsu got mad at him.

Walking past Kise called out, “Hi Masuokacchi! Tachibana! And you must be Yamazaki!” Kise gave the three of them a wave, while Aomine merely grunted in acknowledgment.

Once in the stairwell, he turned to Kise. “Up or down?” he asked. Kise tapped his finger on his chin, the guy really was melodramatic.

“Up.” he decided, heading up the stairs as Aomine followed after.

Floor five looked like some cartoonish asylum from hell.

As soon as they’d opened the door, they were met with running and commotion. Aomine quickly noticed Murasakibara’s towering, purple form as he slouched to enter his dorm room, there was some guy with red glasses running a tape measure through his doorway, Akashi walked by, which was petrifying enough in and of itself, and to top it off, some black haired kid walked past the gawking pair in nothing but a swimsuit. All the while someone shouted ‘Rei-chan!’ in the distance.

Then, of course, there were normal, seemingly sane humans, simply trying to move in.

“Good afternoon, Aomine-kun, Kise-kun.” a voice called.

“GAH!” Aomine shouted, looking at a doorway on his right where Tetsu stood, an unplugged desk lamp in hand.

“Kurokocchi!!!” Kise shouting, masking his surprise as he rushed over to tackle the light blue haired boy, quickly wrapping his arms around him.

“Hello Kise-kun, please let go now,” Tetsu said calmly.

“Where have you beeeen?” Kise questioned, stepping back but still holding the smaller boy’s shoulders. “Texted you but you never responded!”

“I was moving in Kise-kun, and getting to know my roommate. He’s rather pleasant.” Tetsu explained.

“Hey Tetsu,” Aomine said, nodding at his old shadow.

“Good afternoon Aomine-kun,” Tetsu said, a small smile on his lips before it vanished as soon as it came. “Would you like to come in?”

“Yes, Kurokocchi! You’re so niiiice!!”

“Not you Kise-kun,” Tetsu said, without missing a beat.

"Whaaaaaaa? So mean Kurokocchi. Hmph.” Kise’s pouting didn’t seem to stop him from walking past the barely noticeable basketball player into the dorm room. Aomine followed after, Turning to the side to get around Tetsu.

“So, you all moved in?” Aomine asked, waltzing over to the meticulously made bed on the far wall of the room and flopping down. It was Tetsu’s room, after all, his former shadow wouldn’t mind if he made himself at home.

“I just made that bed Aomine-kun.” Kuroko’s blank blue eyes took on a steely edge.

“Mhm. It’s comfy.” Aomine said, stretching his arms behind his head.

Looking around the room Aomine noticed something almost instantly. There was a shit load of blue. Like. Sooo much blue, the bean bag in the corner was dark blue, the comforter he was laying on was a more powdered color, the artistic dolphin posters were mostly blue--purple here and there-- and so were the rugs on the ground.

Some of the stuff he recognized, such as Tetsu’s the basketball, the bookshelf, the speakers he and Satsuki had given him for his last birthday, and Aomine was fairly sure the lumpy thing behind his head was Satsuki’s attempt at knitting a pillow for Tetsu two Christmas’s ago. All the other shit had to belong to this roommate. There was a tabletop griddle set up beside the microwave, seemingly identical swimsuits scattered here and there in the room, the decent sized dolphin plushie in one of the office chairs, a creepy wooden office toy, and one poster Aomine noticed as Tetsu closed the door.

Although, the last thing didn’t seem to be a poster, but sketch paper. The drawing was tear-jerkingly detailed, but also weird as fuck. Some dead eyes bird with a big head, that looked similar to the creepy office toy.

“Sooo? Kurokocchi?” Kise sat down on the beanbag in the corner and stared at Tetsu with glowing amber eyes. “How’s your roommate?”

“Like I said, he’s pleasant. Not very talkative, but it’s very refreshing if I’m honest.” Tetsu walked to his desk, bending around to plug the lamp in as Kise questioned on.

“Oh? Cool Kurokocchi. So has he met you yet?”

“If you’re asking if he’s noticed me, yes, he has. If he was surprised he didn’t show it. He just moved all his stuff in with help from one of his friends, then as soon as he left, stripped down to a pair of swimming jammers and walked to the bathroom,” Tetsu explained, flipping his desk light on and off to test it out.

Aomine and Kise looked at their shorter friend before blurting out,


“The fuck?”

Aomine and Kise shared a glance before Aomine continued.

“Wait. Your roommate was the naked guy we saw in the hallway?”

“Nanase-kun was in swim jammers the last time I saw him,” Tetsu replied, opening a smaller box and pulling books out. “Hopefully he is still in the same state.”

“You and me both,” Aomine grumbled. “You sure you’ll be okay with that weirdo?”

Tetsu turned to stare at Aomine, before leaning back on the desk behind him. “I fail to see what’s strange about Nanase-kun, and for me personally, I feel I am more than prepared to handle any ‘weirdos’ Aomine-kun.”

“The hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that I have experience in dealing with strange characters, and you, Aomine-kun, have no place to talk.”

“I feel fucking insulted,” Aomine said, shooting a glare at the other bluenette.

Tetsu did not look amused. “Aomine-kun,” he started off slowly. “Look at yourself, and other members of the Generation of Miracles. Midorima-kun carries around random objects because he believes his entire existence may shatter for the day if he doesn’t have it. Murasakibara-kun is so obsessed with sweets that he’s almost blind to any human function other than breathing and basketball. Kise-kun once set off a car alarm after screeching about getting a hangnail--”


“--Momoi-kun is able to create a mutant form of life through her cooking. You rant about a magical basketball zone where anything is possible, Akashi-kun has attempted to stab someone. And Kagami-kun smells people. Nanase-kun simply likes water, I fail to see what the problem.”

“It’s not a ‘magical basketball zone’ Tetsu. Geeze.” Aomine crossed his arms over his chest. “And it’s not like you’re normal either. You little, invisible shit.”

“I’m glad we’re in agreement Aomine-kun.”

Aomine couldn’t help but chuckle before the room was silent. It only lasted half a second as a still pouting Kise--who’d been staring at his nails-- spoke up.

“Have you seen any other familiar faces Kurokocchi?” Kise asked.

“Midorima-kun is across the hall, and he seemed to be avoiding Takao-kun who was threatening to go through his luggage. Murasakibara-kun is in the room beside ours, and we share the bathroom with him and his roommate, Hazuki-kun I believe.” Tetsu quickly walked into the bathroom, bringing out a hand towel before proceeding to wipe down his desk, as he talked on.

“Akashi-kun was speaking to this floor’s R.A., Mikoshiba-senpai, last I saw, and Kagami-kun went to unpack downstairs after helping me carry luggage. I’ve also seen many of my former teammates from Seirin.”

Aomine frowned. Bakagami’s downstairs? Aomine couldn’t help but hope that the redhead’s room was near his, it would sure make tracking him down for food and one-on-ones easier. Among other things.

“Yeah. I saw Izuki at the front desk this morning.” Aomine said. “You guys know where the dining hall is?” Aomine asked, swinging his legs over and hoisting himself off of Tetsu’s bottom bunk.

“Stupid Aominecchi. The dining hall is across the street. You didn’t notice?” Kise rolled his eyes.

“Oi! I’ve been busy. But it’s right across the street? Fuck yes!” Aomine gave a small pump of his fist. “I’ll see if the food here is shit or not. Anyone interested?” Aomine looked back at Kise and Tetsu as he walked towards the door.

“Sorry,” Tetsu said as he moved to a box labeled ‘toiletries’. “I have to finish unpacking.”

“I’ll stay here and help Kurokocchi!” Kise said, jumping off the bean bag and grabbing a box from the floor and swinging it onto the other’s desk.

“Thank you Kise-kun,” Tetsu said, that ghost of a smile washing across his face once again.

“Suit yourselves,” Aomine said, walking back out into the hectic hallway. There were still dozens of students, a few of which he recognized, such as that little chihuahua from Seirin who walked by him dragging a rolled up rug. Walking past one open door Aomine couldn’t stop from bursting into loud, obnoxious laughter.

There on the left side of the room was Midorima, his already poindexter-esque appearance only screamed ‘nerd’ even more with the purple suspenders the guy was wearing along with his casual white button up tee. Midorima really didn’t need help in that department, what with his thick-rimmed black glasses, primly combed green hair, and snood, judgy frow. The spectacle was only completed by the other bespectacled first years beside him, the elaborately filled whiteboard before them, and the boxes and boxes of shit that Aomine could only assume were Midorima’s lucky items throughout the ages.

“Aomine.” Midorima practically sneered as he turned to his former teammate.

“What the hell are you two doing? Calculating the benefit of pocket protectors?” Aomine continued to snicker.

“Che. Imbecile. We were calculating what furniture arrangement would allow the most floor space.” Midorima pushed up his glasses in aggravation.

“Midorima-kun, I believe that placing the mini fridge underneath the side table, we’ll have enough space to move both desks against wall ‘B’.” Midorima’s roommate, a tall-ish guy with blue hair, red glasses, and toned body that clashed with the rest of his bookworm vibe, with a pale green button-up much like Midorima’s own, all neatly tucked into his fitted slacks.

“Hmm. That would be our best option Ryugazaki. Now Aomine,” Midorima glared back at him. “If you don’t have anything to say, get out.”

“Heh. See ya.” Aomine called, leaving the pair with a smug little grin.

Aomine made it to the surprisingly empty stairwell, lazily making his way down as he dragged his hand along the side rail. Aomine shoved his hip against the door at the bottom of the stairwell as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Aomine had his eyes set on the building through the glass entrance doors of the dorm.

Foooood. Aomine mused to himself, a smile still teasing his lips. Going back through his morning, Aomine came to the happy little realization that college wasn’t half bad. Sure, classes hadn’t started yet and his roommate had more than enough potential to be a grade-A dickhead, but the dorm at least seemed like a safe heaven. It had the perfect balance of familiar faces and fresh blood, and Aomine could deal with that without probl--.

“AHOMINE!” a loud, brash, excited, gravely, happy voice called out from behind him. Aomine froze. Fucking froze. His eye’s wide and his fists clutching at nothing inside his hoodie pouch.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. his mind raced.