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New Darkness: Future to The Past

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In Britannia, eighteen years have passed since the defeat of the Demon Clan, and our Sins and their allies have settled, starting a new chapter in their lives with their families. Meliodas and Elizabeth married and had five children. There was Tristan, Relena, Aster, Eleck, and Lena. Tristan, the oldest and strongest of them all, was like his father and mother in many ways. He had his father's hairstyle, face, body structure, ruthlessness, a power that surpassed all the Ten Commandments, including his father with a base power level without his Demon mar, was at 120,000. He adorned Meliodas's smirk, but he did possess his mother's, blue sapphire eyes, silver hair, and height. Just like his father, Tristan was the new leader of the Seven Deadly Sins who were now the strongest group in all Britannia. The members of the Seven Deadly Sins were the Cobra's Sin of Dishonesty and Raven's Sin of Neglect, Hera, and Dinadan, son, and daughter of King and Diane. The Coyote's Sin of Vengence, Jack, Son of Ban and Elaine. The Crow's Sin of Fear, Giles, Son of Gowther. Bull's Sin of Destruction and the Lioness's Sin of Narcissism Esclados and Bella, son and daughter of Merlin and Escanor. Each one of the sins had a power level that surpassed even fifty-thousand. This new generation had become a deadly threat for any of the major clans that wished to declare war on Liones.

On such day full of festivities, which was the celebration of the defeat of Hendrikson nineteen years ago, the newest generation of the seven deadly sins was calmly marching towards the throne room, called upon by King Gilthunder for a highly, important mission.

"What would King Gilthunder want us to do for this mission captain?" asked Dinadan as he placed his hands behind his neck. Dinadan was King and Diane's, firstborn son. He had his father's hairstyle, facial expression, yet possessed his mother's giant size and eyes. He wore an armor that resembled his mother's old armor but was red and yellow. His sacred treasure was a pair of nunchucks called Heliotale.

"Don't know and don't care, because it will only mean that we'll get more fighting and mayhem for us," Tristan stated with a satisfied smirk. The Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins wore an armor which resembled his father's armor, but was turquoise, yellow, and had the Demon and Goddess Clan symbols on the shoulders. His sacred treasure was a medium sized blade called ShareFlame.

"Man, I wanted to drink some Ale, Cap'n," Jack says uninterested. The Coyote Sin of Revenge had no interest in what the king wished to discuss with them. He had inherited his Ban's hairstyle, height, sneaky, fox grin, bored demeanor, and undying love for ale, but he did have his mother's blonde hair and eyes. His armor was like his father's old armor, but had a coyote symbol in the chest and was green. His sacred treasure was a five-sectioned staff called Dabader.

"Maybe, it's to punish us for destroying half the capital of the kingdom of Minra in our last mission, oh, dear comrades, descendants of legends," Bella said teasingly and poetically. She had her mother's eyes, hair, face, body, but she did inherit her father's love for poetry. She wore an armor similar to her mother's but was purple and pink. Her sacred treasure was a purple, diamond transparent flute called Seduka. As the Sin of Narcisissim continued walking behind her comrades, behind her stood the last of the Seven Deadly Sins, Esclados, Hera, and Giles.

Esclados was Bella's younger brother, but he was superior to her in power. He had his mother's hair, eyes, and her classical devilish smirk, yet he inherited his father's love for poetry, structure, and similar, unique power. He wore a slender, blue, lightning yellow armor with long, fox-like ears on the sides of his helmet. His sacred treasure was an orange, green large ax called Omegtha. Hera was Dinadan's younger sister. She had her mother's miniature version height, eyes, boy, loving attitude, and sensitivity for her height, but she did adorn her father's hair color and slight laziness. She wore an armor similar to Bella's armor but was red and fuchsia. Her sacred treasure was a seven-stringed harp called Beartha. Last of the Sins was Giles, son of Gowther and Guila. He possessed his father's features, adorned amber colored eyes and wore a pair of glasses, but the Sin of Fear did inherit his mother's black hair. His sacred treasure was a purple, white, spiral sickle called Adam.

The moment the Seven Deadly Sins arrived at the entrance of the king's throne room, King Gilthunder was seated on the end of the massive room on a white throne speaking with his advisers on some other certain matters. Instantly, the king ordered them to leave in order to finally speak with the Seven Deadly Sins after three hours of endless meetings. When Gilthunder finally began to speak, the each one of the sins, except Bella and Giles, grew already impatient to know what was this so-called important mission.

"Tristan and the Seven Deadly Sins, I have a special mission for you all," he said without hesitation for he was very busy and in a hurry. It was no surprise, of course. The role of being king was not to be taken lightly.

"I've had received reports of small Demon raids in northern Liones,"

"Demons?", "But weren't those miserable jackasses defeated eighteen years ago or four years ago to be exact ", Jack asked darkly. He, like his father, despised the Demon Clan, but he had his own reasons.

"They were but not completely defeated, nor entirely kicked out of Britannia; so if they did return for vengeance, then I want you seven to put a stop to it before a Third Holy War can occur, understood Tristan," the king stated calmly. The Captain and rest of the Sins nodded.

"Understood your majesty," the Seven Deadly Sins stated and left the throne room, desiring to return to their homes for the day.

Later that day in the Boar's Hat...

Hello, I'm home!", Tristan says happily wearing his father's signature smirk as he walked in, opening and the closing the door behind him. Instantly, a still young, silver-haired women adorning six, white wings on her back and wore a bluish waitress dress that became her latest attire for the Boar Hat.

"Tristan you arrived a little late," his mother had said happily as she walked down the stairs after putting Lena to sleep. Tristan smiled as he placed his scared treasure on one of the wooden tables.

"Yeah, the king's latest request was very simple to be exact, but the conversation was simply too long," Tristan emotionlessly explains as his mother grows a bit worried about her son's calm demeanor. She recognized that tone. It was a calm voice that desired to hide any pain from everyone. Just before Elizabeth had the chance to speak once again, the door to the Boar Hat's storage opened, revealing a certain blonde-haired figure that resembled Tristan and wore his familiar Boar's Hat attire with a red, loose tie. It was the former Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas.

"Tristan, seems you received a new mission, right", Meliodas says happily when he arrived from restocking the Boar Hat's supplies.

"Yeah I did, so I guess you heard what King Gilthunder had ordered us to do right", Tristan had said calmly knowing that his father despised the idea of fighting his own clan without any means necessary or desired any of his own children to fight their own brethren, especially the ten commandments.

"Tristan, when you go to complete your, promise me that you will hold back any killing intent and power for the sympathy of our demon brethren", his father asked seriously.

"What the hell you mean by that", Tristan answered darkly, for his demon and goddess mark both showed at the same time expressing his anger for his father's to soft heart he thought. For crying out loud he was a wolf sin of hate, the strongest person in Britannia's history whom could rival him and the 10 at the same time." Just because you were the vilest demon that existed and changed for mother's sake, doesn't mean I will give a damn about your stupid morals and hold back like you", Tristan had said darkly and with anger.

"What are you saying, are you truly that ruthless to act like a bloody damn killing machine!" Meliodas had roared and shown his demon mark that he had back when he was the captain of the ten commandments. Father and son were about to brawl, but Elizabeth stepped in to try to stop the confrontation.

"Please stop this at once!" she said remorsefully with tears in her eyes for his husband and son's fight.

Meliodas decided to try to keep himself sane for Elizabeth's sake and went outside to cool off. Right after Meliodas left, Elizabeth, wiping away her tears, glared at her enraged son.

"Tristan, why did you say such things, if you knew of your father's feeling about the Demon clan?", Elizabeth had said sternly.

"Because I get to choose my own path, and besides fighting feels good," Tristan had said teasingly and angrily with hate and wrath.

"I'm going upstairs to my room, alright," Tristan stated angrily while Elizabeth sighed remorsefully.


"Brother", a young adolescent with blonde hair with silver highlights, blue cerulean eyes, and wore the classical male Boar Hat uniform that their father had worn.

"What is it Aster", Tristan had questioned angrily, yet in a calm demeanor.

"You need to control that hate, wrath, and ruthlessness of yours or it will bite you in the future, remember what you did years ago that caused you to act in this way," the younger sibling stated. Aster was Meliodas and Elizabeth"s third child and third strongest which his base power was at 44,000 without his demon mark. He was the only one of his siblings, besides his older sister, to talk to Tristan while he got like this.

"I know, but I just wish to forget everything that led to my...sin," he said sadly and went into his room. Aster nodded in acceptance and acknowledgment of his oldest brother's choices.

Aster knew that Tristan hated when his father would always tell him to hold back in all his fights in the last four years, but Aster and Meliodas understood why he would act out like this. Being ruthless made him feel good because it helped him forget his past. There were only two reasons why his brother chose to become the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, and that was to protect their family andthat woman, and to take an ease from ruling his creations full time.

Aster sighs and walks away towards the entrance of his room.

In the demon clan's capital city of Britannia…

"You've gotten quite powerful, my dear, Emala", a woman with short orange hair and covered in black markings had said.

"Yeah, yeah mother," Emala had said. She had orange, spiky hair that reached her waist, purple clear eyes, but were black right now, had large breasts, beautiful, lustful, buxom curves; she also had her mother's height, and was the strongest and most beautiful female demon in her clan whose base power level without her demon mark was 100,000. But when she did use her mark, it was at a power level of 116,000. She had her reasons for becoming the strongest, and one of them was surpassing her parents and the King.

"Derriere, you and Monspeit produced a strong daughter I must say", a massive figure stated as he sat on a large, pitch black throne. He wore a dark armor, tattered cape, adorned two black, side horns which half of his left horn was cut off, a helmet with a Demon mark on the center, possessed a scar over his right eye, and possessed a long curly beard. It was the god of Darkness and King of all the Demon Clan, The Demon King.

"She is ready to become one of my commandments, and fight the Seven Deadly Sins, not to mention, those Nine Divine Fruits of the Spirit Clan", he declared hissingly as he placed one of his fingers on his chin.

"With our ranks being filled once again, we will have our revenge against those wretched Spirits, Suns, Goddesses, Humans, Fairies, and Giants", Zeldris stated with a menacing, evil tone but continued to say, "Yet, there is one problem that needs to be care of, father." The Demon king slowly nods in agreement towards his representative and youngest son's latest declaration.

"And that is the son of Meliodas, our nephew, and your grandson, Tristan", Estarossa added emotionlessly crossing his hands while standing next to Zeldris

"It's true your majesty; the Demon Clan can no longer deny it, your grandson, the Sin of Hate, is much stronger than us, the previous Ten Commandments put together," Melascula says calmly while floating next to Derriere and Monspiet.

"That may be true, but I assure you that Emala here is more than capable of fighting the legendary Sin of Hate," The king stated emotionlessly as he looked upon his subjects.

"But enough of this, let us commence the ceremony", he said proudly. Everyone in the demon clan was at the sides of the throne room, waiting for the anointing of the new leader of their strongest order. "Emala", the king began, "Daughter of Derriere and Monspeit, I bestow unto you leadership of the Ten Commandments and the Commandment of "Adultery", if anyone shall commit lust adultery unto you with his hands or anyone else in your presence, thine mind and spirit will they be infinitely tormented by the horrors of your power and darkness mentally, physically, and depressingly", the King declared darkly while completely the ritual. After receiving her Commandment, Emala bowed in gratitude for being gifted by such evil, frightening, and majestic Commandment.

"Thank you, my lord, I will not fail you or the clan". The Demon Clan will bring a new holy war of revenge, terror, and conquest to other clans", Emala said with an evil smirk.

With this, the ten commandments had begun preparing to combat the seven deadly sins; In order to open the way for either sides' victory. The new generation of the ten commandments will battle the new generation of the seven deadly sins.

The Stage has been set. The once mighty Demon Clan moblizies once again. The Age of the Holy War is drawing near.

To Be Continued in Chapter 2: Friend or Foe