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Aeternus Lamnia Voltron

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Aeterna. Eternal. The word used to instill people with hope and power. Now, it caused nothing but fear and hate. Eleven creatures bearing unthinkable power control this world, but have turned on the mortal beings they used to protect. They are elementals, able to summon crushing waves and deadly storms with a flick of their wrist. Something has disturbed them from their long slumber, and they are not happy.

"The drought has gotten worse!" A woman screamed, clutching her daughter close to her bosom. "We have no food, no water!"

"My son... my poor son..." A man cried, grasping at the charred remains of his beloved child. Brimstone rained down upon him, pyroclastic flow devouring the small village.

The oceans boiled, the skies struck down their electric fury. No one was safe from the wrath of Aeterna. Men aged from child to elder, then to dust in the blink of an eye. Survival was dictated on being as far away from the Aeterna as possible. But even that meant certain death.


"We have... no other choice." The king said, wiping his brow. Beautiful daylight streamed in through the decorative stained glass windows behind him, hiding the horrors that had transpired just last night. "Shiro, you and your Paladins must do something. Not just for our kingdom, but for the entire world." He sighed a heavy sigh, collapsing slightly in his throne. "I've lost all of them... all of my sons. The Aeterna are insatiable."

Shiro stood ramrod stiff, sweating as well. He edged a look at Keith next to him, who was also at attention. To his left, Lance and Pidge were considerably less formal, but rapt on the king's words nontheless. Hunk stood by Keith, attempting to copy his posture with considerable success.

"My king, what do we do? We are only five Paladins-" Shiro was interrupted by the king himself.

"Find the Aeterna. Kill them." The king said simply. "It can be done."

Shiro gulped and Pidge gaped. "Kill the Aeterna?" He gasped in shock. "My king, that's not feasible-"

"Please. You are honor sworn as Paladins to do as I say. You have your orders." The king waved them away, the guards escorting them out immediately.

Pidge folded her arms as the large oak doors closed behind her. "Are you serious? This is a suicide mission!"

"A long suicide mission, too." Hunk said nonchalantly. "The eleven Aeterna are located very far from each other."

"Great." Lance added, throwing his hands up in frustration. "I like my death to be drawn out. I prefer it, actually."

"Stop being dramatic, Lance." Keith said, pulling his iron helmet off his head, letting his black hair flow down his neck. "We have to do it. We took an oath."

"What does Shiro think?" Lance countered. Shiro only sighed, pulling his helmet off as well.

"Let's get started. Pidge, Hunk. Get the horses. Lance, Keith. The supplies."

Lance flushed bright red before tossing his helmet onto the hard marble floor.