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Cry Havoc

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"Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war"

~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Act 3, Scene 1, line 273)

Massive thanks to: Rocknvaughn - Incomparable Super-Beta who has been with me since before paperlegends was even a blip on the radar and who stayed with me for every shaky step of the journey (and if you find this fic at all readable it's entirely due to her efforts) AND Altocello - Artist Extraordinaire who believed in me before I even had the tiniest nibble from a plotbunny for this beast and who provided me with inspiration, insight, ideas and of course the most AMAZING FUCKING ART EVER. And last but not least , to Amphigoury - Cheerleader Supreme and Enabler Extreme who provided me with the prompt, goaded me into writing this story bigger, bolder and that-much-more graphic whenever I was feeling timid and who gleefully read along providing wonderful insight and serving as an amazing sounding board whenever I was stuck.

To the entire PL Chat Gang, thank you for the endless support, friendship, laughter, conversation and REFUGE. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

My heartfelt thanks and sincere congratulations to Muppet for FOUR YEARS of the Most Amazing BigBang hosted on LiveJournal!! Thank you so so so much for your unconditional support and unfailing patience with not only me but also everyone else who participated in this challenge. You are the most wonderful person and I feel privileged just to walk the surface of the same planet you do <3