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                                          twinkle-stars surround it
happy as the lit, clean curve of its condition
rests eclipsed by this world’s darker face

this moon, it’s got the memory of who I used to be
its echo, new and silent,
black and plain against the cold and empty
depths of heaven


no matter how much time I stare for, I
can’t shake the images of my black veins

where they were branded by a stronger light
I find myself again

                                          and yet I stare
and long too long to find myself in darkness
hoping maybe yours will do

it’s when you’ve only seen the shadow – then
it’s easy to forget the sun – and you,
I know you’ve long forgotten how it burns and how
              the glare can carve across you, searing bright red wounds


dead leaves around us and the glow of grazing bark
you asked me in the cemetery what I see
right when my eyes fall open and I pause to look at you

                                          but when I look at you
I don’t see anything
I don’t see anything