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I swear on my life, I promise you I don't wanna ever leave you

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Elena was sleeping in his arms, she was naked and beautiful, with a serene smile on the face.
Stefan stroked her with kind gestures, sliding his fingers slowly over her, between her long hair, her cheeks and eyes linger on her pretty, soft lips that he wanted to kiss again, now and forever, until the very end of his eternal life.
"I love you so much, my sweet Elena," he said in a lost whisper, almost imperceptibly, as the words full of love ever heard were shattered in the air, disappearing into thin air.
"You don't know how lovely you are," he whispered again, this time he made it kissing her warm and fleshy lips so gently, like if it could be the last time he could touch her mouth.
"I swear on my life, Elena, I don't wanna ever leave you," he said in a broken, feeble voice.
It was a promise of a lifetime.