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Alex was finally calm, he was dancing on his toes with his arms moving gracefully. He was happy because he knew that no one else was here, that no one would ever know his secret.

He froze with his back turned to the front of the stage, where all of the chairs were in the pit. A voice cursed and Alex peeked over his shoulder and and let out a quiet curse when he saw the boy. The boy was John Laurens, curly brown hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and freckles that could outnumber the stars, and the sun couldn't compare to his smile. John’s dad was a senator and John was the most popular and one of the nicest boys at school, maybe one of the nicest he’s ever met. John was walking toward the stage and Alex panicked. He quickly ran off the stage and grabbed his bag, and practically ripped off his shoes. He was holding his shoes and ran down an aisle of the theatre.

He was almost to the door when he felt a hand stop him by grabbing his arm. Alex froze and tensed up. “You’re a beautiful dancer” Alex eyes widened as he slowly put his bag and shoes down. “You saw that” Alex was whispering “Yes, and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my entire life” Alex stuttered out a little “Thank you” John’s hand relaxed “Can you turn around so I can see your face, it was hard to tell from the back of the theatre” Alex shook his head. “Can I at least get your name” Alex opened and closed his mouth a couple times and was about to tell him part of his name when he heard two voices. Alex tensed and grabbed his bag and practically whispered screamed “I have to go!” then he ran out. In his haste, Alex forgot his shoes and didn't notice when a piece a paper fluttered out of his bag and to the floor. John gently picked up both. He gently cradled the shoes to his chest then grabbed the note. He quickly skimmed over it; it was a note to Aaron Burr, he quickly skimmed the bottom for a name it was signed from A.Ham.

John sighed and faced the two coming in, it was two of the Schuyler siblings. “Angellliiiiiicccccaaaaaaa”............there was an awkward silence “and Peggy?” The two looked at each other “Where’s Eliza?”

A couple hallways down Eliza was hurrying down the hallway. She ran into a small body and the both fell down. Eliza immediately sat up and couldn’t help the gasp that came from her mouth, the boy in front of her was gorgeous. He had shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and was tinier then she was. She just wanted to hold him forever and keep him far away from all danger in the world. She immediately took charge and scooped him up by the armpits to help him stand up. She leaned down and grabbed his bag, then started inspecting him to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. The boy was blushing a cherry red. “What’s your name cutie? I’m Eliza.” He blushed more and stuttered “I’m Alexander.” She smiled and grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles, then she straightened up and leaned over, so her mouth was next to his ear. “It was nice to meet you” she cooed into his ear. He let out a shy giggle. He smiled and glanced around nervously “I have to go!” Then he ran away.

The rest of the day had Eliza and John thinking about a certain boy they had talked to that day.