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Sometimes I wish I could fly, Like a bird up in the sky

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Wonder Woman wore a rust red chiton and twirled Penthilsea's actual axe. She'd borrowed it from her mom. Batman came as the Grey Ghost. Lois suspected it might actually be the costume from the second movie. Bats was like that. Rich kid with issues. Lots of poor baby me issues. Flash wore a lab coat and looked like someone out of a porn movie. It was the awful fake mustache, brown wig, and mirrored sunglasses.

The theme had been her idea. After all if Lois was semi-throwing a costume party because everyone was going to show up in costume anyway, tonight they could come as someone else. Because tonight it was a semi-different world than this morning.

Lois had dressed as Wonder Woman and the boots were killling her. Red high heeled boots. They gave her a new respect for Diana. Lois put her hands on her hips and flipped her hair over her shoulders. Practically gave herself whiplash and hair in her eyes. Hair stuck to her lipstick. So she stood there. Surrounded by super heroes dressed as other heroes. Picked at the hair stuck to her lips.

She heard him laugh before she spotted him in the crowd. He was dressed as a priest. A Kryptonian warrior priest in bright reds. Someone who'd fought at the battle of Rainbow Canyon and something else in the Jewel Mountains and several other battles in several other incredibly scenic places on Krypton, which was probably why it was Kal-el's favorite Kryptonian drama. Lois had grown up on foreign films. He'd even subtitled it for her when he'd first shown it to her. This shy little smile when he asked her if she wanted to watch it with him. Glancing away from her, because, oh, who knew. Alien men were still men.

He held out his hand and swept her into the first dance.

This was not a wedding.

Lois had spent weeks - years even - in stuffy rooms with white men on the right and white men on the left and white men talking in front of her and well, the universe got the idea. She'd reported every last syllable out of Loving vs. Virginia. Today she'd gotten to to type "Basic civil rights of man" and cheer, but on the inside. Then on the outside because it bore repeating with a loud whistle and a hand wave in the air.

This was a party. She'd thrown it together at the last minute. Well, told Kal-el to throw it together at the last minute, which meant really fast. He'd lasered an anatomically correct ice sculpture heart and gotten barbecue. That didn't explain the tiki torches stuck in the ice. That might have been Flash's idea. GL provided the heaters, bless him. Tonight this was not a fortress of solitude.

Loving vs. the world. World some really high number. Lois some other number. Today one number more. She grinned up and Kal-el spun her out and back. On her return, she ducked under his arm and then she spun him.

Tonight she was Wonder Woman and she had her hands on an alien warrior priest. One battle down. Some really high number to go. Fine. These incredibly uncomfortable red boots were made for crushing comfortable injustice. And dancing a foot off the ground.