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A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty, and Honor

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Author’s Notes:

First of all, this is the rewritten version of this story.  When I originally outlined this story two years ago, the central relationship was a love triangle between Damon, Bella, and Kol with Kol being the final winner of Bella’s heart and Damon ending up with Rebekah.  However, when I began writing it I didn’t like how it was reading in Bella’s PoV, so I switched it to Jeremy’s PoV.  Suddenly the story got a mind of its own, and next thing I knew Damon was paired with Jeremy.  For reasons that are no longer true, I turned Jeremy into a girl so Jeremy is now Juliet, Elena’s little sister.

I believe that I lost the original version in a hard drive crash but if I ever find it hidden on some random hard drive I'll post it.

I also googled a list of words not allowed on American Television and went in and removed the majority of those words.  There are a few exceptions (four or five instances of the ‘F’ word mostly) but I’ve made a note of their presence in the Author’s Notes before the chapters they’re in begin. 

Anyway, truth is I actually like how the story overall reads now better than I did before.  I made some changes and added a few new things, so if you’ve already read what was previously posted, you’ll probably want to read this version from the start anyways because I did change some stuff.  As I said added some little bits to already existing scenes making them longer and in my humble opinion more fleshed out. 

As for story/back story information:  Juliet was best friends with Vicki despite their large age difference and Juliet later became best friends with Anna and then Bonnie.  She did not date any of them.

Also, if you’re a big fan of Edward, Alice, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, or Niklaus as the good guys then this probably still isn’t the story for you.  While not all of the characters mentioned above are portrayed as actually evil, they still aren’t portrayed in a positive light.  You have been warned.

The story starts in Episode 10 of Season 03, ‘The New Deal,' of the Vampire Diaries.  I don’t know what the date is in that episode other than it’s a Sunday after school has started for the Fall but before Caroline’s birthday on October 10, so for our purposes that episode happens on Monday, September 13, 2010 (Bella’s Birthday).  The story starts at around 10 p.m. EDT Monday night. 

For our purposes, Bella was born in 1992 not 1987 making September 13, 2010, her 18th birthday. 

I’m also going with Damon being born on June 18, 1841, not 1839 because when the show started it was ‘41 and now in Season 07 (which I haven’t watched) it’s apparently been changed to ‘39 so I’m sticking with ‘41 because it fits my story better.  Therefore, I am also going with him having told people he was 23 in 2009 when the show started so when our story starts in 2010 everyone would believe him to now be 24. 

As for Jasper, he is in the same grade as Bella, not a year ahead of her, and he was turned in March 1865 not 1863

Also, for my story, Elena and Ric aren’t in the room when Damon goes to compel Juliet to leave town, but they and Bonnie are downstairs while he supposedly does it. 

Jake was born January 14, 1993, in this story and has already come into his Wolf form by Bella’s birthday too and she knows about the Wolves by then too.  He started school when he was four and a half years old, so he’s a Senior too.

And yes I know Klaus didn’t get the coffins back, and the Mikaelson Ball didn’t happen until after October 10th in the show, but in my story, they happen within a week of the start of the story.

Also, any Human whom the Human legal homeowner considers a legitimate resident of the home can invite Vampires into a home.  So for instance, Bella can invite Vampires into her and Charlie’s house because although Charlie owns the house she and Charlie both consider it her home.

Furthermore, I know the show has called some male Witches ‘Warlocks, ’ but the word is, I believe, derived from an Old English word that has at various times meant ‘traitor,' ‘scoundrel,' ‘monster,' or ‘the Devil.'  Therefore, it is my belief that Warlocks are actually by definition evil so I will be calling all Witches, including the men, ‘Witches,’ and entirely avoiding the word ‘Warlock’ in reference to good Witches.

Author’s Note for Chapter 001:  Two of Damon’s lines about ‘Terrible Company’ in this chapter are a quote from the show.



A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty, and Honor

A Twilight/Vampire Diaries (TV) Crossover

By Lilly Gray


Chapter 001

Free Will Is Sacred


Mystic Falls, Virginia

Monday, September 13, 2010, 10 p.m. EDT


Juliet’s POV


Sneaking back into my room from returning Elena’s Diary to its hiding place I sit on my bed, place my laptop in my lap, and begin typing out everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours as quickly as I can.  I pause and replay the day’s events in my mind then type, ‘I chopped off someone’s head today.  I freaking literally chopped a man’s head clean off his shoulders with a freaking meat cleaver from our kitchen.  How messed up is that?  I’m so sick and tired of all this Supernatural crap, but if I hadn’t done what I did Ric would probably be dead despite his wearing his Immortality Ring, and who the hell knows what would have happened to Elena.  This is my life, and I will do anything necessary to protect those I care about from being harmed, even chopping freaking heads off.’

I pause and run my hand through my longer than I would like wavy brown hair that I think desperately needs to be cut then continue writing, ‘I can hear Elena and Bonnie downstairs loudly whining to Damon and Ric about me being in danger.  Elena’s been getting progressively more high-handed and frankly, her attitude that she’s better than me because she’s a freaking Supernatural and I’m not is getting on my last nerve.  She acts as if she’s the only one who’s lost love ones to the Supe World, and therefore she’s the only one allowed to make her own choices.’

I grin while I type, ‘I’ve seen Damon and Ric rolling their eyes at her behind her back, so I know they’re getting fed up with her too.’ 

Then I frown whileI write, ‘Still, she has them both wrapped around her little finger.  I know any minute now Damon’s going to come up here and do what Elena and Bonnie have been loudly begging him to do for the last 45 minutes: compel me to forget everything Supernatural and leave town permanently.  They don’t even have the decency to be stealthy about it either because I can clearly hear them both arguing with Ric about it right now.’ 

I close my eyes for a second then open them and write, ‘I’m surprised that Bonnie seems to agree with Elena.  That new piece of knowledge hurts and causes a sharp pain in my chest because I trusted her, and now she’s betraying that trust in an epic manner especially if you take into account all of our incredibly long talks about Damon and Elena compelling me to forget about the details of Vicki’s death.  I told her how much I hate that my memories were messed with and that I know that there is a hole there where the memories should be.  Yet she’s still betraying my trust by siding with Elena and trying to convince Ric and Damon to compel me yet again.  Then again I trust Damon and Ric too, and I’m still 70% confident they’re going to cave and do what Princess Elena tells them to do just like freaking everybody else in this messed up town.’ 

My frown deepens while I type, ‘So I know it’s only a matter of time until Damon walks up those stairs and compels me.  Because Tyler got me off of Vervain so Klaus could make an example out of me, there’s nothing I can really do about it, which of course pisses me off even more.’

I do have a semi-plan in place though because I’ve been using my scanner to scan Elena’s diary in its entirety into a PDF on my computer and have continued to do so every time I’m at the house and she’s not.  I even managed to get her entry about today while she’s downstairs arguing with the others to get Damon to compel me to leave town. 

I also started keeping a journal of my own that I’m just finishing writing all of today’s events in.  So they may take my memories away, but I’ll at least get the knowledge they’re stealing back. 

After I speculate about Damon coming and compelling me I type a few more words in telling my journal, ‘Elena and Bonnie are pushing hard for Damon to compel me.  I can’t hear Ric, but it seems like he’s arguing against it, and Damon is apparently fighting them because they’ve been arguing with him about it for almost 45 minutes.  It's a shame that his caving in is inevitable, but at least he’s fighting for me and my rights.’  

I’ve been very careful not to leave any of my entries on the screen anytime anyone else might see them.  I also named my journal ‘Varney the Vampire’, and Elena’s diary is ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ because she hates those sorts of books, especially now that she knows that Vampires are real.  That way if she comes across either file she won’t bother opening them.

I’m done with my entry, so I put a digital sticky note telling me, ‘Read ‘Varney’ and ‘Dracula’ if you no longer live in Mystic Falls,’ on the desktop.  When I finish that I then close my laptop and put it in my backpack, so no one will see it or ask what I was doing on it, or that’s my hope anyway.

I’ve just sat back down on my bed with my sketchbook in hand when Damon knocks on the door and then comes in without waiting for me to invite him in.  I scowl at him, and then I narrow my eyes while I ask, “Is it time to compel the ‘child’ and take away her ability to make her own choices?”

He shakes his head in the negative before he sits beside me on the bed and stares at a spot by my desk for a minute before he shakes his head again and then softly says, “Jules, I need you to stay silent and listen to what I’m going to tell you.  If your sister or Bonnie find out that I’m disobeying them and actually giving you a choice they’ll figure out a way to force me to compel you, and it will probably involve Bonnie’s mind frying trick, okay?”

Wait he’s going to disobey them?  Hope blooms in my chest before I nod in response with wide eyes, so he nods back and moves closer to me, which causes my pulse to race for reasons I don’t care to think about right now.  With a lowered voice, he tells me, “Princess Elena and Sabrina the Teenage Bitch have decided it’s too damn dangerous for you to stay here, so they want me to compel you to move to Forks, Washington to stay with some guy, named Charlie.  Elena said he was your mom’s best friend growing up.”

I nod and ask perhaps a little louder than I should, “Seriously Damon, she wants me to go stay with Charlie Swan?”

Damon frowns and motions with his one hand as if he’s pushing something down and brings his other hand to his mouth to shh me with his finger against his lips.  Frowning he tells me, “Why don’t you say it a little louder, Jules, so she knows I’m not compelling you like I told her I would?  Neither of us will get a say in what happens if she comes up here to supervise your compulsion.”

My shoulders slump before I lower my voice and tell him, “Sorry, so I guess you have a plan?”

Damon’s frown lessens significantly, and he nods while he says, “I do, I want you to go…”  He holds up his hand when my mouth opens to argue, “Hear me out.”  When I nod he continues, “I want you to go to Washington, but you won’t be going alone because I’m certain once you disappear from here Klaus will track you down.  Then you’ll be up against him or his Hybrids all by yourself.  I’ll admit you’re smart so you might figure out a way to keep yourself safe, but you’d be fighting against Klaus all by yourself so… anyway, fact of the matter is I need to get the hell out of this town, and you’re not terrible company.”

He smiles when he says I’m not terrible company, which sends a thrill down my spine, and a suspicious warmth spreads through my chest as butterflies begin dancing in my stomach.  His frown returns a moment later before he says, “Anyway, I’ve known some other Witches besides the Bennett’s, and I have a bunch of their Grimoires stored away.  So this is what I propose, I will offer to drive you to Washington so that there won’t be any record of you flying anywhere.  Your sister and Sabrina, I hope, will say yes when they realize that leaving a paper trail for Klaus to follow is a dangerous idea.  When we get there, you and I can tell Elena over the phone that I’ll leave in a few days once I know for sure you’re safe from anything Supernatural, and you can tell her a few days later that I left.  However, I won’t be leaving you to fend for yourself.  Instead, I’ll stick around, and we can spend all the time you’re not in school reading the Grimoires, and we’ll figure out a way to kill Klaus before he kills anyone else we care about.  So what do you say?”

I sit for a minute.  The raven haired vampire thinks I’m smart?  Smart enough to get myself out of a Supernatural jam even?  He wants to come with me?  I frown and ask, “Not that I’m complaining because seriously I’m really not, but why are you telling me all of this instead of just compelling me and doing what my sister wants like everyone else always does?”

Damon frowns and then leans in closer before he says, “Multiple reasons, three of which I still owe you for, one, I killed your best friend and turned her into a monster who had to be staked to protect you and Elena.  I owe you for that.  Two, I took away your memories of what happened to Vicki without consulting you about it first because it’s what your sister wanted.  I owe you for that.  Three, I killed you when I tried to turn my switch back off after your sister rebuffed my proclamations of love.  Despite the fact that I got very lucky, and you were wearing Jonathan Gilbert’s ring, and even though I apologized after it happened, as far as I’m concerned I still owe you for that too, and honestly I probably will for a very long time to come.  Four, and if you ever tell anyone I said this I’ll kill you for real, but I actually like you.  You’re funny, smart, loyal, and honorable.  You fight for what you believe in, and you do your best to protect those you care about.  You and Ric are pretty much the first real friends I’ve had since I was turned.  And with that fact in mind, five, friends don’t force their friends to do things they don’t want to do.  I heard you loud and clear, Jules.  You don’t want your memories messed with or others making your decisions for you.  You might not be 18 yet, but you sure as hell should have the right to make your own choices in this situation, and yeah physically you’re weaker than most of the rest of us, but you’re smart, and you’ve helped us just as much as the others have.  It’s wrong to take away your right to choose.”

More butterflies erupt in my stomach at his words.  Before I can say anything in response though his frown deepens.  He sighs then tells me, “Feeding Elena my blood and taking away her choice, well when I realized what exactly I had done and that she would hate me for the rest of eternity if she woke up a Vampire I finally figured out that freewill is sacred.  I almost pulled the same crap Stefan did to me, and she would have been right to hate me for eternity just like I hate him.  He took my freewill, Elena’s was almost taken by me, and now she’s trying to take yours, again.  And yeah I’m a jackass most of the time, but I really did hear you when you told us that you don’t want anyone messing with your head or taking your choices away again.” 

He smiles slightly as he continues, “So now, I’m going against everyone else’s wishes and giving you a choice.  I realize it’s a sucky choice because you’ll have to act as though we’re both behaving and doing what they want us to do, but in the long run, it’ll be your choice, Jules, not theirs.  I’ll do it whichever way you want.  I can compel you to forget and leave this town for good like Elena wants me to, or I can help you get away from this God forsaken town and your sister’s crap, and we can team up and try to find a way to save your sister and kill Klaus on our own.”

I smile and tell him, “I like you too Damon, and don’t worry I’ll never tell anyone you admitted that I’m your friend or that you like me.”

We both laugh under our breaths then I ask, “You really think the answer is in one of the books you have?”

Damon shrugs and staring at the spot by my desk again with his brows furrowed he says, “Honestly, I have no idea, but it’s worth a shot.  I think we both know Sabrina will try to commandeer the books if she finds out I have them even if I tell her that I swore to hold them until I meet someone named Isabella.  Isabella will, when we meet, be about to come into her powers and will need the books.  No one but you and Ric would believe me, and everyone else would think it’s too dangerous for me to have them.  Plus, I’m relatively sure I’m not going to meet Isabella here, so if we leave here we might actually be able to find her, and then we’ll have one more person trying to help us stop the psycho from building a Hybrid army and taking over the world.”

He sighs again and then looks me in the eyes before he tells me, “Honestly, I need to get away and clear my head and get rid of whatever this is that I have with your sister.  My relationships with her and Stefan are just not healthy, and besides like I said you’re not terrible company.” 

I smile at that and wonder if the Isabella he’s supposed to meet might be Charlie’s daughter Bella.  I haven’t seen or talked to her in three years, but last I heard she still lived in Arizona with her mom, so I dismiss the thought for the time being.  Instead, I tell him, “Tell me what you’re supposed to compel me to know, and then we’ll see if I’m a better liar than my sister.”

Damon smiles with a small chuckle and tells me, “Oh, my money says that when you’re properly motivated, you’re definitely the better liar.”

I laugh at that too then when we’ve both calmed some he tells me, “Anyhow, I’m supposed to compel you to want to stay with Charlie Swan to get away from the bad memories of all those you’ve lost here.  I’m expected to make you forget about the Supernatural and tell you to live a normal, happy, and carefree life.  Your sister wants me to make you never look back or want to return to Mystic Falls.”

He frowns and then asks me, “Despite my money saying you’re the better liar, do you want me to compel you to be an even better liar?  I can do it so that you’ll know the compulsion is there, and I’ll leave an escape clause so I can remove it when we leave.”

I frown back.  Do I trust the vampire not to do as Elena told him to?  The truth is, yes, I trust Damon with my life, therefore I decide to trust him on this too, so I say, “Maybe you should just to be safe.  You promise you won’t do what Elena wanted you to do?”

He smiles reassuringly at me and puts his hand on my shoulder squeezing slightly before he tells me, “I give you my word, Jules; I’m not going to take away your memories or force you to do anything without your permission.  I’ll just take away your ability to tell anyone what we’ve decided and make you seem to agree with everything they want.  Then as soon as we cross the town line, we’ll pull over, and I’ll take the compulsion off of you.”

It sounds like a good plan, so I nod and tell him, “Okay, do it.”

Damon drops his hand and turns his whole body so that his left knee is resting on the bed with his foot hanging off and he’s facing me completely.  Mimicking him before he looks deep into my eyes, I smile when I notice that his very ocean blue eyes have specks of lighter and darker cerulean in them that almost make them seem to sparkle.  When his pupils dilate, he tells me, “You won’t tell Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, or Stefan about our plans.  You will act as if you want to go to Washington and get away from the memories here.  You will act as though you agree with Elena and the others when they say you’ll be better off and happier there.  You will pretend you have no memory that the Supernatural is real or that Stefan, Caroline, and I are Vampires or that Bonnie is a Witch and your sister is the current Petrova Doppelgänger and constantly in danger.  You also will act like you don’t know that Katherine exists.  You will pretend you have no memory of Klaus or any of the other Originals being Vampires or any of their plans.  You will do all of that until I tell you otherwise.  You will not forget our conversation just now, and you will be able to tell when this compulsion is working.”

He pauses, and I repeat everything he just said back to him, and then he smiles, and his pupils return to normal before he winks at me and says, “You’ll be happier there.”

Just then, Elena comes to the doorway, so I mimic what I just did and what I’ve seen other people do when they were being compelled, and say in a sort of flat voice, “Yes, I’ll be happier there.”

Damon pats me on the shoulder, and then he gets up and walks to Elena before he whispers, “Can I talk to you, Ric, and Bonnie for a minute?  Something occurred to me that we need to deal with.”

She frowns but nods and leads him out to the stairwell but not before he looks back at me and winks again, which causes the butterflies in my stomach to start break dancing.  Maybe going on a road trip with Damon isn’t the best idea, but I made my choice, and there’s no going back at this point.

I sneak out to the stairs and listen in while Damon says, “It occurs to me that sending Jules on a plane will leave a really obvious paper trail that anyone can follow to find her.  Because we’ll all be here and she’ll be alone without any memory that the Supernatural exists that’s a horrible idea, so I think I should drive her there myself, scope out the locals, make sure no Supes are living nearby, and then come back.”

Elena frowns but says, “Damon, I’m not so sure.”

Ric jumps in, “He’s right Elena.  We need Jules just to disappear, and driving across the country is the best way to do that.  Plus, making sure no Supes are living nearby that might pose a threat is an excellent idea.”

The frown in her voice is evident when Bonnie says, “I think we can trust Damon to get her there safely, especially because he knows how angry you’ll be if he lets anything happen to your sister.  Plus, I’ll fry his brain if one hair on Jules’ body gets displaced without her permission.”

My fists clench and my nostrils flare while she speaks.  As if she actually cares whether I give my permission for anything to happen.  Jeez Damon really is the only one who seems to care what I want.  And can we say bitch?  I don’t care what Damon’s done, and yeah most of his history is pretty bad I can admit, but does she have to be so condescending and patronizing?  She should show a little freakin’ respect.  I mean the man is just under 170 years old and has managed to survive the Supe world for more than 145 of those years.  We’ve only been in the Supe world for about a year, and the only reason we survived on several occasions is that Damon was on our side.  That alone makes him deserving of a little respect especially because he didn’t have to save any of us if he didn’t want to.

I chuckle softly while I imagine Damon rolling his eyes at her words like he usually does when someone treats him that way, which sadly is pretty often.

A second later Elena says, “Okay, but maybe Ric could go with them, just to be safe.”

Ric sighs, but it’s Bonnie who says, “He has to work, Elena.”

The vampire hunter clears his throat and tells them, “I actually recently got offered a job in Forks.  An old college buddy of mine is the principal at the High School there, and one of his history teachers had a heart attack and is being forced into early retirement.  I was going to decline the offer, but I’m still within the window of opportunity to accept the position.  I could go with them, and once Damon confirms there are no other Supes in the area that pose a threat to Jules I could stay up there and keep an eye on things just to make sure no one finds out where she is.  Technically, Elena is now an adult, so I’m no longer her guardian, but I’m still Jules’ legal guardian until she turns 18 so I could get a house there that no Vamps have been invited into and keep her safe.”

He pauses then says, “I can still help you guys research, just long distance.  I already gave you all detailed directions on how to make the weapons I usually supply us with, but in reality, it might be best not to leave Jules completely unprotected, especially because you had Damon remove her knowledge of the Supernatural.  She’ll be at a severe disadvantage should any of Klaus’ Hybrids manage to find her.  With me there, it at least gives her a shot at surviving.”

The tone of Bonnie’s voice is hesitant, so I know she’s frowning when she says, “So you and Damon will both be gone, and Stefan is still off the rails even if he is now free of Klaus’ compulsion.  Is this a good idea?”  Ah, so apparently she is aware of the fact that Damon and Ric are usually the only reason we all come out of the situations we get ourselves into in one piece.

Damon speaks up, and I can hear his smirk from my spot at the top of the stairs when he says, “Oh I’m sure you, Vampire Barbie, Wonder Boy, and Xena Princess Warrior, here, can handle whatever comes up.  None of you do what Ric and I tell you should be done anyway.  This way you can just do whatever the hell you want and not have to worry about arguing with us about it first.  You can also save yourselves the hassle of the arguments and our saying ‘I told you so’ afterward too.”

I chuckle as quietly as I can at his words, but it’s sadly true.  Damon and Ric are almost always the ones with the plan that ends up working best.  Still, we almost always do it Elena and Bonnie’s way first, and then Damon and Ric’s backup plan that they form and put in place without Elena knowing allows them to come in and save Elena and company from themselves and whatever baddie they were fighting.

I’m brought out of my thoughts a moment later, and I frown when Elena says, “Okay I want you all to leave tomorrow morning.  The sooner you’re all gone, the better.”  Jeez, thanks for caring, Sis.  She backs up to the foot of the stairs before she turns towards Ric and tells him, “I’m going to head to bed now because it’s been a long day, okay?”

I know he’s nodding even before he says, “Sure, we’ll see you in the morning before we leave.”

I hurry back to my room and start taking my clothes out of my drawers and placing them in piles on my bed. The sounds of my sister’s footsteps as she comes up the stairs echo in my ears, and then Elena sticks her head in the doorway and says, “Good night, Jules.  I really do think you’ll be happier there.”

I force a smile onto my face, and I feel the compulsion working, before I say, “I know.  I do too.  Goodnight, Elena.”

She smiles obviously pleased with herself then she goes into her room and shuts her door.  A minute later, she comes to the bathroom door and closes that door too.  I walk over to the bathroom door on my side and softly shut the door before locking it and returning to my packing. 

Five minutes later, more footsteps on the stairs reach my ears in my room, and then Bonnie is standing in my doorway.  Her face is puffy, and her runny makeup tells me she's been crying even though she smiles a watery smile at me and says, “I’ll be in school when you leave tomorrow, so I just wanted to come up and say goodbye.”

Despite the compulsion, the urge to roll my eyes at her is incredibly high.  I only just barely succeed in resisting the urge before I tell her, “I’ll miss you, Bon, but I’ll be happier there.”

Another tear travels down her cheek, and that urge to roll my eyes is back.  Instead, I frown and walk to her wiping the tear from her cheek before I say, “I really do think this is for the best Bonnie.  Besides, I’ll only be a phone call away, and there’s this neat new invention you might have heard of.  It’s called email.”

She laughs and nods.  Then she throws her arms around me before telling me, “Stay safe, Jules.”

I hug her back and nod before I say, “I will, you too.”

She nods as she pulls away.  She looks at me for a minute then turns and walks to the door.  She stops in the doorway and without turning back to face me, she says, “I’ll miss you.”  Then she walks through the door, and a second later her footsteps from walking down the stairs echo in my ears even louder than before. 

I frown and shake my head before I return to my packing.  Sure she’ll miss me, but it’s not enough to cause her to fight for my right to stay here or choose the course of my own life. 

About ten minutes later, the thumps of more footsteps on the stairs reach my ears, and I figure Ric is going to come say goodnight to me.  A moment later Ric and Damon are standing in my doorway.  They knock, then enter my room, and shut the door before Ric quietly says, “I’m sorry, Jules.  I know how much you wanted your sister to respect your wishes.”

My eyes widen, and I say, maybe a little louder than I should, “You know what Damon and I are doing?”

He smiles and nods but puts his finger to his lips indicating I should keep my voice down.  He tilts his head to try and hear if Elena heard me before he says in a soft, quiet voice, “Damon and I figured it was only a matter of time before Elena would order him to compel you to leave.  We came up with the basics of this plan just in case.  The fact that she’s sending you to Forks and I just got offered a position there is pure luck, but I was always planning to go with you guys.”

This is yet another instance of one of their backup plans saving the day, so I smile while he continues his thought, “I’m pretty sure Bonnie and Caroline will be able to keep them all from getting themselves killed while we’re off trying to find the info we need.  Damon was right too when he said they ignore our advice and do what they want anyway so us being away won’t really have an effect on things, not really anyway.  Besides I’m a good researcher, and I can read, write, and speak, many languages including several Damon thinks will help with his books.”

He pauses then adds, “Anyway, after everything that happened earlier today I figured that today was the day Elena was going to order him to compel you, so when I got home from the hospital I packed what little I had unpacked.  Do you need help packing because she wants us all gone tomorrow morning?”

I nod so they help me get boxes and my luggage out of the attic, and then we pack up my stuff.  I turn eight shades of red while I pile my underwear drawer into my suitcase.  Damon picks up a pair of purple panties and spins it on his finger before he says, “Jules, I have to say I expected boring and plain cotton, but all you’ve got here is satin and lace in all sorts of eye-catching colors.  What other lovely things are you hiding underneath your tomboy persona?”

I blush deeply and grab the pair of panties off of his finger before shoving it deep into my suitcase and telling him with far more attitude than I actually feel, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He nods deeply and says, “I’m a man, Jules, of course, I want to know what kind of pretties a hot girl wears under her plain, yet surprisingly sexy, tomboy clothes.  In fact, the idea of you with satin and lace under your clothes is far more intriguing than a girlie girl like Elena wearing satin and lace.  That’s practically expected, but this pile of pretty things you’re trying so hard to hide under your t-shirts is incredibly unexpected.  I have to admit the idea of you in any of those lacy things is well, like I said I’m a guy, so I’m sure you can guess what my opinion and train of thought are on that subject.”  He sneaks his hand Vampire fast under my t-shirts and comes out of the pile with a bra that is lime green satin with a black lace overlay that he holds up towards me as though he’s trying to picture me in it and nothing else.

I’m turning eight shades of red as I grab the bra out of his hands and shove it back under my shirts.  I look up and see that Ric is blushing too, but he saves the day by telling Damon, “Okay this whole conversation is entirely inappropriate given our ages versus hers so knock it off, Damon.”

I can’t keep my giggle to myself when the vampire pouts and opens his mouth, no doubt to say something lecherous.  Ric holds up his hand though and tells him, “Whatever you’re about to say, keep it to yourself.  I am her legal guardian, and if you insist on continuing this conversation, you need to do it some other time when I’m not in the room.  Even then as her guardian I have a sneaking suspicion I’m supposed to object to a 24-year-old grown man flirting with the 15-year-old that’s been left in my care.  Plus, that’s not even taking into consideration that you’re actually less than a year shy of 170 years old not 24 like your driver’s license says.”

Damon chuckles at the pained face Ric is wearing and says, “Steal all my fun why don’t you,” then he turns back to me and winks before he moves to the shelves with my video games on them and begins putting them into a box.  Those butterflies are slam dancing because of not only that whole conversation Ric just thankfully put an end to but also because of that wink.  God, I need to get a grip.  Damon’s just kidding around and doesn’t actually see me that way no matter how badly I might wish he did.

I go back to packing my clothes, jeans this time, and before I know it the room is practically empty of all of my belongings.  At about two thirty in the morning Damon smiles and says, “Wow, we did that pretty fast and we didn’t even use Vamp speed.”

I laugh at that then he looks at us and says, “You guys get some sleep.  I’ve been discreetly packing since we came up with this plan, but I still have the stuff I’ve been using every day to pack, so I’ll go finish packing my stuff, and I’ll meet you guys here at 10 a.m. okay?”

We nod and Damon walks to the door followed by Ric.  The raven haired man stops in the doorway effectively blocking Ric’s escape route and turns and tells me, “Have sweet dreams, Jules, or if you’re as deliciously wicked as your panties suggest naughty dreams.”

I’m turning red again before Ric slaps Damon’s chest and tells him, “Damon, do you even know how to behave?”

Damon shakes his head no to indicate that he, in fact, has absolutely no clue how to behave and then he smirks and I work hard to keep the shiver that slides down my spine as a result of that pantie dropping smile from being obvious just before Damon says, “What?  If I said what I really wanted to say I would have told her to have naughty dreams of me.”

I giggle hysterically while Ric groans and then obviously deciding against arguing with Damon over the issue he just pushes the older man through the door, and they both leave my room.  I’m smiling like a ninny while I change into my light blue t-shirt and light and dark blue flannel shorts that serve as my pajamas and then lay down after setting my alarm for 8 a.m.  While I lay there, a slow pleased smile settles firmly across my face.  I’m getting the hell out of here, and my two best friends are coming with me.  My smile widens.  Damon made a choice.  He chose me and my happiness over Elena and her happiness.  That has to mean something right?  It must mean something; Damon must care more about me than he does her.  I close my eyes and drift towards sleep with a huge smile on my face, and don’t you know, I have naughty dreams of Damon all night long and well into the morning.