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Dear Captain America

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Dear Captain America,

My name is Tony. I am eight. I know you're not really Captain America. You're a writer at Timely Comics who pretends to be Captain America on the letters page of the comic book, but that's all right, because you are the one who thinks like the character in the comics, so it's almost the same thing. Who knows what the real Steve Rogers thought? For all we know, he could have been an asshole. a real jerk.

So I wanted to write to you because I saw a mistake in the last comic book. The schematics for the hovercraft that the Grand Director was piloting just would not work. There wouldn't be enough lift. It might work now, if you used a lightweight aluminum alloy, but in the 1940s, the engine would just have had to be too large and would weigh the whole thing down.

I've drawn you blueprints for a better hovercraft that could have been built using 1940s technology. I hope you like it.


Tony Stark