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She Is My Alpha and I Am Her Omega

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Lexa was excited. It was the last day of a very long finals week and she had just finished her last final in Modern American History. It was a long one hundred question final that also included a hand written three-page essay regarding her opinion on the influence of the contemporary media on political elections. A timely topic she thought to herself with a chuckle. She had a great deal to say on the subject and the cramp in her right hand from her frantic handwriting was proof enough of that. Professor Blake didn’t fool around with his finals and Lexa was glad that class and her fall semester were finally over.

Lexa quickly walked through the campus and turned up the tree lined street that lead back home. She was eager to get back to her cozy little apartment and her beautiful girlfriend. Clarke had finished up her finals the day before and promised Lexa a home cooked meal, eggplant parmesan to be exact, and it was Lexa’s absolute favorite. It was all she could think about on her walk back from the lecture halls and she was so ready to sit with a glass of red wine and dive into the cheesy goodness of her dinner.

Lexa climbed the steps to her third floor apartment and was outside the door when she caught a delicious scent, it wasn’t the dinner she was expecting. Instead her nose was assaulted with a smell similar to smoky burning wood. Lexa scrambled to pull her keys out of her messenger bag and quickly shoved them in the deadbolt before pushing open the heavy wooden door.

As soon as the door was opened, Lexa was blasted with the heavy pheromones that hung in the room. Instead of Clarke’s normal mix of bergamot, oak and vanilla, it smelled both like a raging campfire and damp mossy earth and something close to what Lexa thought was whiskey. The new deep earthy smell was calling to her, it was an invitation that the omega in her could not seem to resist, but Lexa could also smell the tinge of distress that hung around the edges of this new scent. “Clarke?” she shouted into their living room. “Clarke where are you?” Lexa began to panic. “Clarke?” Something was wrong with her girlfriend; her inner wolf was distraught at the smell of the alpha’s anguish.

“Lex?” she heard the quiet voice call to her from their bedroom and sprinted towards the source. Her eyes scanned the room frantically, finally settling on the collapsed and very naked form on the floor of their en suite bathroom. She rushed over to her girlfriend. Clarke was both sweating heavily and shivering violently while balled up in the fetal position on the cold white tile floor. Lexa moved to her side immediately “Clarke, baby what’s wrong?” Lexa asked as she gently lifted Clarke’s head and cradled it soothingly in her lap.

“My rut…it started early.” Clarke sniffled softly as she spoke.

“Baby, it’s ok.” Lexa grabbed a washcloth from a nearby shelf and ran it under the cold water in the sink before gently wiping Clarke’s very sweaty forehead.

“Feels good.” Clarke whispered quietly.

Lexa’s heat was due within the next week but Clarke’s rut wasn’t supposed to arrive for another month and it clearly took them both by surprise. They had been dating for six months and living together for nearly three months and this was the first heat and rut they would experience together since they started dating. Normally Lexa would just isolate herself though her heats in the omega dorms on campus and Clarke would trek to the Griffin’s secluded lake house to get herself through her ruts. They had planned on preparing for Lexa’s heat after finals were over. They weren’t ready.

Lexa pumped out calming pheromones for her alpha and Clarke gradually stopped shivering. Lexa ran the washcloth through the cold water again and began to wipe down Clarke’s neck and shoulders.

“I’m so hot Lex.” Clarke whispered.

“I know babe, you don’t have to tell me how hot you are.” Lexa spoke with a haughty smile on her lips and Clarke chuckled for a moment before rolling over in pain. That was when Lexa noticed Clarke’s very red, very angry looking and very erect cock.

“Oh Clarke, how long have you been like this?” Lexa asked as she gestured to Clark’s groin area.

“I dunno…a few hours…I was… trying to get in…the shower to… cool off. It’s…never been this bad Lex.” Clarke whimpered into Lexa’s lap.

“Why didn’t you text me?” Lexa asked.

“I knew you were in your final…I…didn’t want to…bother you.” Clarke shuddered in pain again. “It hurts so much.”

Lexa stood up, pulling Clarke up with her. “Shhh baby, I’ve got you. Let’s get you in the shower ok?” Clarke could only offer a slight nod in agreement as Lexa propped her up against the shower wall while quickly stripping off her own clothes and turning on the water. As soon as the water was at an acceptable temperature, Lexa stepped in and pulled Clarke up against her, letting the cool liquid stream over both of them.

Lexa grabbed the shampoo and swiftly washed Clarke’s hair, then gave it a good conditioning before gently scrubbing the rest of Clarke’s body down with her coconut body wash. With every touch she could feel Clarke gradually relaxing. She knew the alpha appreciated the attention her omega was lavishing on her. Lexa was careful to avoid Clarke’s penis until she was sure Clarke was more comfortable. “Clarke, can I touch you?” Clarke gave Lexa a slight nod again and Lexa very gingerly wrapped her fingers around Clarke’s cock. It was hot to the touch and Lexa could tell it had to be extremely painful. Clarke groaned as soon as Lexa fingers came in contact with her skin.

Lexa gave Clarke a minute to adjust to the new sensation of skin on skin contact before attempting anything further. Only once she felt that Clarke could handle more, did Lexa feel comfortable continuing. “Babe, is it ok if I move my hand?” Lexa asked quietly and Clarke nodded again. Lexa began to very softly glide her hand up and down Clarke’s shaft being particularly gentle around the head as her fingers floated over the tip. Lexa began to slowly kiss Clarke’s neck as her hand continued to gently stroke Clarke’s cock. “Does this feel good?”

“Mmm…yeah” Clarke softly mumbled.

Lexa kissed up Clarke’s neck and softly nosed the very swollen gland beneath Clarke’s left ear, deeply inhaling the heavy smell of her Alpha’s new earthy fragrance. Clarke’s new smell was intoxicating, almost addicting even. It a shiver down Lexa’s spine and encouraged a deep throbbing between her legs, but she couldn’t focus on her own needs, not yet. Not while her girlfriend was in her current condition. “I’m sorry you were hurting babe, I’m going to make you feel all better, ok?”

Clarke’s whole body shuddered again, this time from pleasure instead of pain. “Ok.”

Lexa began stroking Clarke harder, giving her wrist a slight twist every time she rubbed over her swollen knob. Lexa skimmed her thumb over the tip and Clarke’s head dropped back against the shower wall as she screwed her eyes shut. “Fuck” was all Clarke could manage to mutter as Lexa quickened her pace.

Lexa noticed Clarke’s breathing getting faster and more erratic and she knew she was close. Lexa moved from kisses to gentle bites and licks up and down Clarke’s neck before focusing on her swollen gland. Lexa nipped at the gland and felt Clarke tremble as she let out another breathy “fuuuuck.” Clarke tipped her head forward onto Lexa’s shoulder and rested it there as Lexa upped her pace again, squeezing the engorged head of Clarke’s cock with every pass.

“Lexa…I can’t hold it…I can’t” Clarke grunted.

“It’s ok baby, you can let go. I want you to.” Lexa whispered in her ear. All it took was two more strokes before Clarke gave another loud grunt and erupted all over Lexa’s hand and stomach. Clarke opened her eyes and looked down at her cum slowly sliding down Lexa’s lower half before disappearing into the shower drain. “Shit Lexa, I’m sorry.”

“Shhh, Clarke it’s ok,” Lexa whispered as she kissed Clarke’s forehead “we’re in the shower, easy cleanup right?” Her tone was light and Clarke chuckled, “yeah I guess so.” Lexa quickly rewashed both of their bodies before slipping out of the shower. Clarke followed contently and both wrapped themselves into two large fluffy white towels that Lexa had grabbed from their closet.

Lexa took Clarke’s hand and led her to their bed, urging her to sit down on the edge and Clarke eagerly complied. Lexa snatched another plush towel from their closet and carefully dried Clarke’s hair before grabbing her brush. Lexa took her time working through the blonde locks, happy that Clarke recently shortened her lengthy golden mane to a more manageable shoulder length bob. Clarke sighed in contentment at Lexa’s tender care, her alpha soothed for the moment by the omega’s gentleness.

Lexa finished with Clarke’s hair and moved to pull the towel off of Clarke’s now dry body and was unsurprised to find the alpha standing at attention for her again. Her eyes drifted back to Clarke’s face and she could see Clarke’s cheeks redden with clear embarrassment. She suddenly understood why her usually confident and dominant alpha was acting as if she were a teenaged pup who just presented.

“Clarke…have you ever…is this your first time?” Clarke and Lexa have had sex before, plenty of sex, ridiculously abundant amounts of sex. But this was the first time they had been together through a rut or heat. The first time with Clarke’s very prominent, but now much less angry looking, member.

Clarke hung her head in shame, clearly flustered by Lexa’s question. “I…uh…yes. I’ve just been working out and masturbating a lot to get through them before, this…” Clarke gestured to her very hard dick “I’ve never been with anyone like this before.”

Lexa smiled and slid her long slender fingers under Clarke’s dimpled chin, gently lifting Clarke’s face up to catch her gaze. “Babe, it’s ok that you haven’t been with anyone else, I’m glad you saved this part of yourself.” She leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on Clarke’s lips, hoping to soothe Clarke’s very obvious anxiety.

“Are you…are you ok with this?” Clarke gestured to her groin again. “I know we agreed we would help each other through our heats and ruts but this is-”

Lexa cuts Clarke off with a wave of her hand before she can say any more. “Clarke, I knew you were an alpha the second I met you, I know that includes you sometimes having a penis. I’m an omega, we both know how this works.” Lexa smiled again and reached for Clarke’s hands, taking them in her own before locking her eyes on Clarke’s “I want this, and not just because of my biology, I want you Clarke, all of you.”

“Really?” The earnest look in Clarke’s eyes burned through Lexa. The blue eyes gazing at her with such reverence and adoration were almost too much to take. She felt a shift in the air between them, a new and pervasive warmth cutting directly into her rib cage and settling contently around her thumping heart.

“Yes.” She whispered as she gently pushed Clarke down on their bed. “Really.”

Lexa straddled Clarke and eased down on her body, settling her now flooded center against Clarke’s very hard cock, trapping it on Clarke’s stomach. She looked up at Clarke who was watching her every movement, like a nervous animal about to be ensnared in a trap. Lexa knew her alpha was still too anxious to take the initiative. She leaned down, resting her hands on either side of Clarke’s head before brushing her lips softly against Clarke’s own. “Tell me what you need baby, tell me what you want me to do.” she whispered against Clarke’s lips.

“Can you…will you ride me?” Clarke asked nervously before biting her lower lip, a nervous tick she had that Lexa found absolutely adorable.

Lexa smirked as she sat back up. She raised her hips before taking her left hand to gently grasp Clarke’s dick before positioning it at her entrance. She ran the head through her wet folds a few times, making sure that Clarke was well lubricated before slowly lowering herself onto her alpha’s very thick cock. “Fuck babe.” Lexa muttered as she bottomed out on Clarke’s seven inches. She knew she needed to take a minute to adjust to Clarke’s size before she could even think about doing anything else. Clarke’s hands moved from their position on the bed and gripped Lexa’s hips tightly. She looked back up at her alpha’s face and noticed Clarke’s eyes were closed tightly as she was seemingly lost in her own bliss. “Lexa, please don’t move. I’m gonna cum if you move…I can’t...fuck.”

Lexa smiled at her alpha. “Babe, if you need to cum then cum, we have all night.”

Clarke opened her eyes at Lexa’s response. “I’m so sorry baby. I just really want this to be good for you.”

Lexa moved her hands to gently cup Clarke’s face. “Hey, I’m here with you, its already good for me.” She smiled at Clarke.

Clarke smiled back. “You’re a sap, you know that right?”

Lexa chuckled. “I know, but I’m being serious.” She leaned down and gently kissed her alpha. “Take what you need baby.”

Clarke nodded her head and squeezed Lexa’s hips, encouraging her to move. Lexa rolled her hips a few times earning a few loud moans in response from Clarke. She placed her hands on Clarke’s ribs for support and began a slow and torturous rhythm. She could feel her own release building in the pit of her stomach at every thrust. Clarke’s cock filled her perfectly and she could feel it repeatedly hitting her front wall at just the right spot. The way they fit together, it was almost as if Clarke was made just for her.

“Fuck Lex, you feel so good.” Clarke grunted as Clarke’s hands gently squeezed her hips again, encouraging a faster speed. Lexa obliged and began a ruthless pace on Clarke’s dick, making sure to swivel her hips between each hard thrust. The loud slapping sound of skin on skin and breathy moans filled their bedroom. She slid her hands up to Clarke’s breasts and rolled the tight pink buds in between her fingertips. “Ugh, fuck babe” Clarke moaned obscenely. Lexa smirked to herself again; she absolutely loved Clarke’s breasts and knew that her nipples were particularly sensitive to Lexa's touch.

The swollen head of Clarke’s dick inside of her hitting that sweet spot that only Clarke could ever find had her seconds from going over the edge. She could also feel Clarke’s knot beginning to form at the base of her cock. Lexa knew that outside of her heat it would be incredibly painful to take Clarke’s knot. Lexa could also tell by Clarke’s breathing and low guttural moans that she wasn’t going to last much longer either. Clarke must have sensed that Lexa was close and moved her left hand from Lexa’s hip and began to slowly stroke her swollen clit. That was all it took.

Lexa’s head fell back as a tidal wave of pleasure took control of her body. “Uhhh, Clarke…fuck babe. Fuck” Lexa felt her frame twitching and writhing as if she no longer had any control over her own muscles. Clarke took over and continued slow, deep thrusts as her insides forcefully clenched and pulsed around Clarke’s member while she rode out one of the best orgasms of her life. When it was over, Lexa crumpled boneless onto Clarke’s chest.

“Lex, I’m gonna…I need to pull out.” Clarke’s tone was desperate.

“I can’t…my legs don’t work” was all Lexa could mumble into Clarke’s neck as she took in deep ragged breaths of her alpha’s heady scent.

Before she could even realize what was happening, Lexa was rolled quickly onto her back as Clarke withdrew from her soaked pussy. Clarke’s hand gripped her shaft and she only had to pump her knot once before she grunted and jerked as she exploded all over Lexa’s stomach. Lexa’s wolf felt only frustration at the scene playing out in front of her, her inner omega needing to take her alpha’s seed. But she also knew now was not the time.

Lexa looked down at the hot white liquid now covering her abdomen. “Again?” she laughed.

Clarke scrunched her nose and shrugged her shoulders “uh…sorry?” They both looked at each other and laughed as Clarke collapsed on top of her and began lavishing her face and neck with gentle kisses. Her alpha sated for the moment.

Clarke trapped Lexa’s plump bottom lip between her teeth and gave it a gentle nibble before allowing her tongue to sneak into Lexa’s mouth for a deep kiss. Lexa closed her eyes and took her alpha in. The sweet kiss expressing to her exactly how Clarke felt. She wanted to savor this moment. She knew she was in love with Clarke. She knew it every morning that she woke up with Clarke’s strong arms wrapped around her, every night when Clarke came home from her late classes and promptly sought her out and peppered her face with kisses relentlessly until Lexa giggled. She knew in every moan and sigh that escaped from Clarke’s lips during the hours tucked away in this bedroom. She knew. And in this kiss she thought that maybe Clarke did too.

They hadn’t said it to each other. Not yet.

Lexa snaked her hands around Clarke’s back, pulling her impossibly closer, enjoying the feeling of their skin melted against each other’s. She wanted to hold her there, keeping her as close as she can for as long as she could. She wanted to bask in their afterglow and the warm feeling of home and safety that her alpha provided for her. She never wanted this moment to end. Her stomach, however, had other ideas.

Clarke picked her head up as her eyes scanned Lexa’s face curiously. “Was that your stomach?” Of course Clarke’s finely tuned lupine ears heard the ravenous growl that had escaped from her midsection.

“Someone did promise me eggplant parm.” Lexa spoke with a wide smirk on her face.

“Someone did.” Clarke smiled.

Clarke stopped smiling and looked down at Lexa. Her blue eyes soft and gentle, full of nothing but care and adoration. Sweet blue eyes that felt like they were reaching right into Lexa’s soul. “Thank you for being patient with me, for being understanding about my first time, for taking care of me. You’re amazing, you know that? That’s why I… thanks for being you.”

Clarke’s voice was deep and rough and full of emotion. Lexa didn’t know what to say. She moved her hands to cup Clarke’s cheeks and pulled her in for a gentle kiss. “Clarke, of course. You’re my girl, I…I will always take care of you.” She whispered softly and Clarke offered her a shy smile.

“Well you’re also my girl and I promised you a home cooked dinner, and as the good alpha that I am, I will now go and provide eggplant parm for my very hungry omega.” Clarke spoke with a small chuckle, the mood now considerably lighter.

Clarke moved to try and roll off of Lexa, but the sticky substance she had left all over Lexa’s front made the action difficult, as it had now become an almost slimy glue between their bodies.

Clarke looked down between them and laughed. “Maybe we should shower again?”

“Yeah,” Lexa laughed with Clarke, “that’s probably a good idea.”