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Behind Closed Doors

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Jon was tossing and turning in bed, he couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He was partially awake still, and slightly jealous when he looked over and saw Ponch sleeping just fine. ‘Maybe that’s my problem…’ he thought. ‘I need Ponch…”  without warning Jon just grabbed Ponch and pulled him close. This sudden movement woke up Jon’s very sleepy husband.

“J-Jon?” Ponch asked tiredly wondering what that was all about.

“Sorry…I can’t sleep…” Jon started.

“So you slammed my body into yours? Like that’s gonna help…” Ponch started to pull away, but then Jon just pulled him closer squeezing him tighter. “Okay, okay I’ll stay,” Ponch said with a laugh.

“I’m already feeling a little more comfortable,” Jon started.

“Maybe you need some warm milk…or hot coca…that puts me to sleep right away…”

“So that’s why you always drink that before bed!” Jon said pushing Ponch off of him. He didn’t realize how hard he had pushed until he saw Ponch getting up off the floor.

“Yeah…that’s why I do it…” he said rubbing his now sore back that had hit the bedside table. “I’ll go get you something since I’m up you just lay back down.”

“No, you lay down I’ll get you an ice pack while I’m up,” Jon said feeling slightly bad about pushing Ponch out of bed.

Ponch looked at him. “You don’t have to…” he started.

“Well I want to,” Jon replied heading for the door.

“Okay, well be quiet don’t wake up the kids…or the dog,” Ponch ordered.

Jon nodded and rolled his eyes, as if he didn’t know that already. He walked out of the room and walked quietly to the kitchen.

A few seconds later Ponch’s phone vibrated ‘does the milk have to be warm?’ it was from Jon.

Ponch rolled his eyes and got out of bed, for some reason he just didn’t trust Jon out there. He walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a cup and put it on the counter. “Sit down, Jon,” he said pointing to a chair.

Jon did as he was told. Soon he was handed a glass of milk.

“The temperature really doesn’t matter…warm milk is honestly nasty,” Ponch told him sitting down.


Ponch nodded. Soon Sadie walked into the room. “Well you got the dog up,” Ponch told Jon with a slightly smile as he pet Sadie then hugged her.

“Sorry…uh how’s your back?”

“It’s fine, Jon…just a little sore.”


“It’s fine, I forgive you it was an accident…I mean you didn’t try to hurt me…you just were in a hurry to find something to help you sleep.”

“Yeah…it still shouldn’t have happened. I could’ve been more careful,” Jon said putting his cup down on the table.

“Well just be happy it was me that you pushed off the bed, okay?”

“Why should I be happy for that? I love you I don’t want to push you off the bed…” Jon started.

“Because if you pushed one of the kids off the bed and hurt them you’d be dead,” Ponch replied.

Jon couldn’t help but laugh slightly. “Come on, Ponch you would’ve forgiven me at some point, wouldn’t you?”

“Well…maybe…but I wouldn’t have forgiven as fast.”  

“Thanks…” Jon muttered.

Ponch looked at him. “Hey, you feeling any better? I think you’re ready to go back to bed,” Ponch said after letting go of Sadie, who he’d been hugging for a while now. He got up and grabbed Jon’s hand. “Come on,” he said leading him to the bedroom. “Get comfy I’ll join you in a few minutes.” With that Ponch left the room to go check on the kids.


When Ponch returned he got in bed beside Jon and cuddled up to him, falling asleep almost instantly.

Jon had fallen asleep, but in the middle of the night his dream went bad, he was having a nightmare and once again Ponch was pushed off the bed, and Jon was screaming and crying in his sleep as well as pushing and shoving.

Ponch was woke up instantly by the sudden feeling of his body hitting the floor, at first he was pretty pissed off at Jon, he thought it would never happen again, but when he looked up at Jon on the bed and saw what a mess he was his heart broke. He rushed over to the other side of the bed and grabbed Jon, shaking him. “Jon! Jon wake up!” it took a few attempts before Jon actually did wake up, and when he was awake Ponch was very worried and shook up from what happened.

“A-A-Are you…okay?” he asked trying his best to keep his voice steady but it kept wavering.

“P-Ponch?” Jon asked confused he didn’t know what just happened.

“Jon, is…is…everything okay?”  Ponch asked.

Jon just pulled Ponch close into his arms tight in a hug and began crying. “Ponch…I’m sorry…”

Ponch didn’t know what else to do, he just hugged Jon too.


The next morning Ponch was asleep on the couch, and Jon was in bed. Jon didn’t remember the events that led up to this…but when he got up in the morning and found Ponch asleep on the couch he thought Ponch was mad at him.

When Ponch woke up an hour later he was really sore. He went to go see Todd before anyone else though…naturally just because Todd was the youngest. Ponch came out of Todd’s room a few minutes later holding Todd in his arms, and soon felt Jon’s hand on his shoulder. He turned.

“Oh…hey, are you feeling better?”

“Huh?” Jon asked confused.

“Last night you had a few nightmares…and you had a terrible time falling asleep.”

“Why’d you sleep on the couch…?”

“You pushed me off the bed a few times…and scared me to death…you ended up forcing me to sleep on the couch cuz you didn’t want me to get hurt.”


“Jon, are you okay?” Ponch asked concerned.

“I don’t know…”

Ponch stared at him for a while. “Well if you feel up to it, we’ve got work today.”

“Alright I’ll get ready,” Jon said walking off.

Ponch watched him walk away, but was wondering what was going on, something wasn’t right with Jon…he hoped it wasn’t anything too serious he wanted Jon to just be okay.