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It was designed with you in mind

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"What kind of porno game are you playing this time?" Ivy asks, watching a scantily clad lady roll around in the on-screen rain.

"It's a tactical action-adventure, I'll have you know," Harley corrects, trying hard but failing to suppress the giggles.

"And what is that?"

"That, my dear friend and lover extraordinaire, is Quiet. She's my tactical buddy. Helps me out on missions."

"Dressed like that?"

"Why, yes. She detests clothing. She breathes through her skin."

"Oh, really."

"Yep. Does photosynthesis, too."

"Photo—? Now, that's just ridiculous."

"Why is that ridiculous? You can do it."

"Well, yes. But you can see the chlorophyll through my skin, whereas this girl's pigmentation is pink as a pig's."

"It's just a video game. Roll with it."

"I would, if this camera didn't pan onto her pale breasts so much."

"Do you have anything against those shapely boobs?"

"I have something against the male gaze at play here."

"Um, what if I told you it's kinda-sorta mine too? I'm totally distracted by that boobage shoved into my face. I really want to touch them. They just look so soft and cushion-y."


"Yeah. Hey, can I touch your boobs? You're practically wearing a tactical swimsuit already. It's hot."

"Is that supposed to win me over?"

"Maybe? I've been thinking about ditching my own costume as well and scampering around in booty shorts and crop tops from now on. What do you think?"

"That it would be very bullet-proof."

"I'm fast, I'll just dodge them."