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Fanart: Cat Grant's Pen Is Mightier Than Any Sword

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Happy Birthday Fictorium/Lola

Happy Birthday Fictorium/DameLola

This started as a gag Time cover for a video I was playing with. It  was supposed to be Cat ripping open her shirt front to reveal a Supergirl outfit, then I got invited to contribute to Lola's B'Day bash and...well...things happened, which is not my fault because Lola brought to mind Cat's pen and then...well, after that, what else could I do? It was just too tempting.

Then a thing happened.

Anyway,  I couldn't decide which version I liked best, sooo, text, no text, or magazine version, so I posted all of them, including the very original version with just Cat.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year and best of luck with the book deal.


Happy Birthday, Lola!