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A truth universally aknowledged

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It is a truth universally aknowledged that Park Jimin has the most wanted ass out of the whole college. It happened by mistake, truly, a mistake that Jimin will regret till his dying days. He will, most likely, remember that evening on his last moments and cringe himself to death.


It all happened a month ago. Taehyung dragged him to a party because “hotties Jimin. Hotties. Also, Jungkook”. And, obviously, Jimin agreed because Taehyung is his best friend who cuts holes in his expensive shirts claiming that it's art. And also because he knows that Jungkook wants to get in Taehyung's pants just as much as his friend does.

So two hours after the party, Taehyung and Jungkook are testing their lungs capacity in a heated make out session that is bordering on dry humping in public and Jimin is bored out of his mind.

He's lived a quiet and peaceful existence in college, he has good friends, the worst crush ever on a certain mint haired music major who, by some miracle, knows his name (thanks to Namjoon who introduced them, Jimin will be forever thankful and his slave if it means he can repay him). It is safe to say that he's no social butterfly, unlike Taehyung, so there he is, standing in the kitchen alone, red solo cup in his hand and the liquid that it contains does not look promising. But he's bored. So bored. That's why Jimin decides to down the liquid in one single gulp.

An hour and an undefined number of drinks later, Jimin is drunkenly lap dancing on a pole. He doesn't know why there's a pole in Jackson's flat, but he doesn't question it, at that time it made complete sense. Another hour has passed and he's straddling a stranger's lap, giving him the show of a lifetime.

And that's how the entire college found out about Jimin's flexibility, of how plump his ass is and of how much he is, apparently, a huge slut when drunk.


Jimin regrets that night.

The students don't. The students now want him.








-Americano. -Jimin says, handing some money to Kim Seokjin, number one visual of college, part time worker at the school's café, mother of six nutjobs -Put in as much cream you can.

-Sure thing, Minnie. -Seokjin takes the money and turns around to prepare his order.

Jimin sighs and Jin raises an eyebrow at him.

-What's wrong?

-It's been a long day. -Jimin whispers brokenly.

-It's 9 a.m.

-Three people already asked me out. Three. Two girls and a guy that I'm pretty sure was like forty years old and does not, in fact, study here. -Jimin takes the styrofoam cup that Jin offers him -So yeah, long day.

Jin clicks his tongue.

-I'm sorry, kid. Does it make you feel better if I tell you that it's movie night at my place this evening?

-No. -Jimin replies, taking a sip of his coffee.

Jin hums.

-What if I say that a certain Yoongi will be there as well?

-I can't wait for tonight, what time do you want me to come? I'll help you set the table, I'll order pizza, I'll clean your apartment.

Jin chuckles, shaking his head.

-Six p.m., don't be late. -he says -Taehyung's shift is almost over, want to wait for him?

-Sure. -Jimin says, settling next to the cash register and leaning on the counter -Tell him to be quick.

-Will do.


Two minutes later and Jimin is ogling the pastries behind the glass in front of him. Two minutes later and someone is standing next to him.


Jimin turns to the source of the voice and has to restrain himself from rolling his eyes.

It is a truth universally aknowledged that Lee Hongbin is tall as hell, hot as hell and, most importantly, a playboy. And a fuckboy too.

-Morning, hyung. -Jimin smiles.

-Fancy meeting you here.

Jimin frowns.

-Fancy meeting me in the only café of college?

Hongbin laughs, standing right in front of the cash register and sending Jimin an appreciative look.

Jimin already knows what's about to happen. He's noticed that lately, during the chem class they share, Hongbin has been staring at him far too long for it to be casual.

-May I pay for what you're drinking?

-I appreciate it, but I already paid. -Jimin replies.

Taehyung better move his ass here right now.

-That's a shame. -Hongbin smirks -Or maybe it's luck.

-Is that so? -Jimin looks at the blueberry muffin displayed behind the glass. Damn, he's hungry.

-That gives me a chance to ask you out.

Oh no, please don't.

-How about I buy you coffee tomorrow?

Jimin takes a long, theatrical sip of his steaming Americano, he licks his lips and then:

-I don't drink coffee.

Hongbin frowns, staring at the cup Jimin is holding, radiating the smell of coffee.

-Then what's that in your cup?

-Orange juice.

-It smells like coffee.

-Oh. -Jimin sighs -It's actually decaffeinated.

-It's still coffee.

-No, I hate coffee.

Hongbin stares at him, confusion (and maybe irritation) spreading on his face.


The both turn around at the hoarse voice and Jimin almost faints right there and then. Yoongi is standing behind Hongbin, staring at the cash register with a hungry look, hair a complete mess, round glasses slipping down his nose.

-Excuse me? -Hongbin asks.

-Move. You're blocking the line.

Hongbin slowly makes space for Yoongi, who puts himself in front of the register and between Jimin and Hongbin.

Silence falls. Seokjin is nowhere to be seen. Jimin wants to kiss the ever present pout off Yoongi's lips.

Hongbin opens his mouth to say something when Yoongi abruptly turns around to him.

-I'm sorry, what are you still doing here? -he asks, words slurred and voice low.

-Err, well...

-I told you to move earlier.

It is quite a show. Min Yoongi, with his glorious 176 centimeters of height versus Lee Hongbin, a giant of 183 centimeters.

-I did move. -Hongbin says.

-You clearly didn't as I am still seeing your face.

Jimin bites his bottom lip to keep himself from snorting.

Hongbin looks at Yoongi then at Jimin then back at Yoongi.

-You want me to actually leave? -he asks in disbelief.

Yoongi sighs.


Hongbin scoffs, taking a step back and glaring at Jimin.

-Whatever, not worth it. -he says, venom in his voice, as he turns around and leaves the café.

-Prick. -Yoongi mutters, before focusing his attention on the cash register again.

They stay quiet for a few seconds, Jimin not quite sure whether he should say something or pretend that never happened. Pretend is the key word, as he will most likely dream about Min Yoongi sticking up for him tonight and for the nights to come.

-Where the fuck is Seokjin when you need him? -Yoongi fixes his glasses on his nose.

-Thank you for earlier, hyung.

Yoongi waves a hand dismissevely at him.

-He was blocking the line.

-I know. -Jimin smiles -Thank you. If there's anything I can do to repay you...

A date, a pizza, my ass, literally anything.

His words seem to awaken Yoongi's interest, as the mint haired boy glances at Jimin with curiosity in his eyes.


Jimin gulps.


Yoongi's eyes travel down Jimin's body and the younger boy downright melts.

-Is that really decaffeinated?

Jimin frowns.

-Err, no, it's a normal Americano.

-Good. -Yoongi snitches the cup from Jimin's hands and takes a sip -I'll see you tonight, Jimin.

And that's how Min Yoongi makes his exit. That's also when Taehyung finally appears and Jimin wants to choke him to death.

-Your timing sucks. -Jimin hisses.

-That's not the only thing I suck. -Taehyung replies -On the subject of sucking, Jungkook is waiting for me so let's hurry.

-Oh, now you want to hurry.

Taehyung looks at him with a frown.

-Damn, what's gotten in your pants to make you so pissy? What happened?

Jimin stares at his now free of coffee cup hand.

-Min Yoongi stole my coffee.

Taehyung coos at him, pinching his cheek.








Jimin doesn't know the name of the girl standing in front of him. What he does know, however, is that Taehyung forced him to watch way too many animes and, therefore, he has a clear idea of what is about to happen.

When he sat at his usual spot in class and found on his chair a cute pink envelope he sighed. Inside the envelope was a letter, in a pretty handwriting it said to “please please please, meet me at the fountain after your class, I will wait. Please, Oppa”.

And Jimin groans because this girl called him oppa, so she's probably younger than him and how can he not show up and break a young girl's heart?

So there he is.

The girl is pretty, that's for sure. She's shorter than him, which is already a start, long brown hair falling in perfect waves behind her back, frame slim and petite, huge dark eyes and fair skin. Jimin would consider actually dating her if only he wasn't so terribly gay.

-What's your name? -Jimin asks, trying to sound as kind as possible.

-Hye Jin. -she replies, voice weak, a flush spreads on her pretty face -Thank you for coming.

-Of course. -Jimin forces a smile.

-I wanted to tell you something. -she takes a deep breath, her eyes shine with will -I've been watching you for a while.

That's creepy as fuck.

-And I think that you're really kind and handsome.


-I think I'm in love with you.

No you aren't, what the hell.

-Please, date me.

Jimin grimaces. Oh God, she's so young and cute and full of expectations, he's going to crush her.

-Listen, you're really pretty and you seem like a nice girl, but I...

-Is it because we don't know each other?

Well damn girl, let me speak.

-No, I-

-Because we can take our time if that's the issue. -she pushes, squeezing her tiny hands in fists -We can even do a period trial!

Period trial? What the hell, am I a car you're thinking of buying?

-I don't think that's-

Jimin's words are cut by someone violently shoving on his chest six different books, that Jimin barely manages to catch before they fall on the ground. Yoongi is looking at him with half-lidded eyes, lips slightly agape.


-Carry them for me? -Yoong blinks -I'm tired. Those are heavy. So can you carry them for me?

Jimin quickly catches on.

-Yes! Yes, I'll carry them, where do you have to go?

-I have a lab session.

-What are we waiting for?, you're probably late, wow time surely flies. Goodbye Hye Jin-ssi, I have to go.

Before she can say anything, Jimin is dragging a really sleepy Min Yoongi as far as possible from the fountain and heading to the school's labs.

Jimin sighs.

-Hyung, thank you so much.

Yoongi frowns.

-For what? I'm the one who should be thanking you. For carrying my shit.

-No, I mean for the girl. -Jimin smiles -I don't think I had the courage of actually rejecting her, I would have had nightmares about it.

Yoongi's frown just hardens.

-There was a girl there?

Jimin stops dead in his tracks. Wait, he didn't see her? So he didn't jump in to save him from the terrible situation but literally because he wanted him to carry his books?

-Well, here we are. -Yoongi takes the text books from Jimin's arms and smiles -Thank you kid.

As Yoongi walks away, Jimin realizes that life is a bitch that he will fight.







-Meghan Trainor made it sound real fucking easy, you know? -Jimin mumbles, angrily eating his fries -Lick your lips and sway your hips, all you gotta say is no. But guess what, men have no fucking clue as to what no means apparently.

Taehyung hums, head resting on Jungkook's shoulder. The younger boy purses his lips.

-Someone asked you out again?

-Yes. -Jimin sighs -Baekhyun.

At that, Taehyung sits up straight, flames in his eyes and death in his heart.

-My evil clone asked you out?!

-For the tenth time in two days, Byun Baekhyun is not your evil clone.

-How dare you take his side?! -Taehyung gasps -Oh God, you agreed?!

-Hell no I didn't! -Jimin grimaces -Do you want me to die by the hands of Chanyeol? I'm not fucking crazy. Also, Baekhyun does kinda look like you and that would be just weird.

Jungkook holds Taehyung's hand.

-Don't worry, you're more beautiful than Baekhyun. -he says.

That seems to silence Taehyung, who just coos and decides to kiss the air out of Jungkook's lungs.

Jimin focuses back on his fries.

Suddenly, Min Yoongi appears out of thin air and sits next to him, a sandwich in his left hand and coffee in his right hand.

-Is this seat taken? -he asks.

-No, of course not. -Jimin quickly says, making more space for Yoongi. He decides to ignore Taehyung's giggles.

Yoongi looks especially good today in a leather jacket. Yes, he does look like a man who hasn't heard of “sleeping” for the past nine years, but still.

Yoongi lifts his head and glances at the boys around him.

-Who are you people?

Jungkook frowns.

-Hyung, it's us.

Yoongi turns to Jimin.

-Who are they?

-Taehyung and Jungkook.

-Ah! -Yoongi snaps his fingers -Gross couple, I remember now. Sorry, I'm tired as fuck.

-That's... okay. -Jungkook mumbles.

-No that's not okay, what the fuck, he forgot about us, I am genuinely hurt. -Taehyung says, staring incredulously at Yoongi.

-Hyung, -Jimin starts -Since you don't remember, I'm-

-I know who you are, Jiminie. -Yoongi takes a bite of his sandwich and Taehyung groans.

-Of course he remembers Jimin but doesn't remember us. -the boy tugs at Jungkook's sleeve -I want ice cream.

-Come on, I'll buy it for you.

As they leave, someone else arrives.

-Fuck no. -Jimin whispers, trying to hide behind a handful of fries.

-Jimin-ah! I've been looking for you.

It is a truth universally aknowledged that Kim Chungho doesn't take no for an answer when he wants something.

Jimin found out during his dance class, two days prior. When he asked him out and Jimin said no, Chungho replied “I don't take no for an answer when I want something. I'll ask you again soon”.

-Hey, how are you? -Jimin asks, trying to keep the conversation as civil as possible.

Yoongi, next to him, seems very interested in his sandwich.

-Could be better. -he says, as he sits down next to Jimin, who curses the benches for being so large.

-Why? Did something happen? -Jimin asks.

-No, that's the point. -Chungho licks his bottom lip -It could be better if you went out on a date with me.

Wow. Smooth like crunchy peanut butter.

Jimin stretches his lips in what he hopes is a sheepish smile.

-I'm sorry but like I said, I don't think that's a good idea.

Chungho smile disappears.


-I'm not... interested? -Jimin sighs -Besides, I like someone already.

Jimin vaguely registers Yoongi shifting his attention from the sandwich to the conversation.

-I'll make you forget about them. -the boy says, confident smile on his handsome face.

-I don't want to. -Jimin replies -Besides, I already told you that I don't want to date you, I don't know why you'd bother asking me again.

-But I told you, didn't I? I don't take no for an aswer when I want something.

Before Jimin can tell him to, kindly, fuck off and let him enjoy his lunch, Yoongi is standing on his feet.

-What the fuck did you just say? -Yoongi glares at Chungho.

-And you are?

-You don't do what?

Jimin stares incredulously at the scene. That was probably the fastest Min Yoongi has ever moved in his entire life.

-I said. -Chungho crosses his arms -That I don't take no for an answer when I want something.

Yoongi arches an eyebrow and sends a quick glance at Jimin before glaring back at Chungho.

-Something. -he repeats, pointing at Jimin, and there's something terrifying in the blankness of his face -You called him a thing.

Chungho snorts.

-And what the fuck does “I don't take no for an answer” mean? -Yoongi continues -You'll take that answer, you'll suck it up and get the fuck away from him.

-I do whatever the hell I want and-

-And you literally shut the fuck up, stood up and left. -Yoongi interrupts him, tilting his head to the side -Or I'll personally shove my fist down your throat.

At that, both Jimin and Chungho stare at Yoongi with wide eyes and, quite frankly, fear. Jimin knows Yoongi. Everytime Yoongi says something it is because he absolutely means it. Everyone knows it. He once said that he would've punched the living shit out of whoever it was that kept leaving their trash in front of his flat and he did. He once said he was going to call the police on the couple that kept having the loudest sex possible on campus at 5 a.m. and he did.

Min Yoongi never, never, says something just for the sake of it.

That's why Chungho promptly stands up and leaves. Yoongi sits back on the bench and looks at Jimin.

-Care to explain why people can't seem to get enough of you?

Jimin, still a little taken aback by the scene he has just witnessed, clears his voice.

-I mean, everyone knows what happened. -he says -After that party people seem to think I'm some sort of sex god and everyone wants to date me.

-Sex god?

-The word slut has been used as well.

-What the fuck?

Jimin shrugs.

-And what party?

-Wait... -Jimin knits his eyebrows -You weren't there? When I got super drunk?

Yoongi shakes his head. Jimin silently thanks every single god and divine force that rule the Universe. Min Yoongi did not see him humping a pole. Life is good.

-How many times stuff like that happens? -Yoongi asks.

-Everyday. It's becoming really tiring.

Yoongi nods, pensive.

-You have my number, right?

-Yeah. -Jimin answers -Why?

-Next time someone asks you out and you're not interested call me or text me. I'll take care of it.

Jimin takes a steading breath.

Be still my beating heart.


Yoongi gives him a small smile.

-Because you're too kind for your own good.

That's the last thing he says before he's devouring his sandwich.






It is a truth universally aknowledged that when Jimin falls in love he falls hard.

-I am fucked. -he mutters -Utterly fucked.

-You don't know that. -Hoseok says from behind his red cup full of cheap beer.

-I am. I fell for him. I am an absolute idiot. Who falls in love with Min Yoongi?

-You do.

-That was a fucking rethorical question. -Jimin sighs -Also, why am I at a party again? I should never go to parties.

Hoseok grins.

-Oh, but you had so much fun last time.

-Fuck you hyung.

-Just because you put hyung at the end doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. -Hoseok lets his eyes roam on the mass of dancing bodies in front of him -Well, I don't know about you but I'm feeling really fucking single and ready to get laid. So if you'll excuse me...

Jimin looks at Hoseok as the dancer makes his way to the core of the party, leaving a miserable Jimin alone.

Drinking is not a good idea, there's no way he'll put himself in another terrible situation. Unlike some people, Jimin learns from his past mistakes. Spending time with Taehyung and Kookie is also out of the picture as those two disappeared somewhere and Jimin does not want to know what they're doing (even though he has a vague idea).

He spots Namjoon and for a second thinks that maybe he can go and chat him up but no, Namjoon saw Seokjin and now they're making out on the couch.

Jimin sighs.

-What are you doing all by yourself?

Jimin turns to the voice and he can't believe this is his life.

It is a truth universally aknowledged that Kim Hyuna is probably one of the most beautiful and wanted girls in the whole college. And now she's talking to him.

-Nothing. -Jimin replies -I'm literally doing nothing.

Hyuna smiles.

-What a coincidence. I'm not doing anything either.

Jimin sighs.

-Tragic. -he says.

Is he about to reject Kim fucking Hyuna?

-I know a lot of things that we could do to kill some time. -she says, eyes dark and intentions clear.

-I think I know what you mean. But I'm not interested.

-Why? -her smile only widens, clearly liking the challenge -I'm not your type?

-Definetely not.

-What's your type then?

Jimin rolls his eyes.

-Short, rude, short tempered, talented, smart, hot as fuck, in costant need of ten hours of sleep, mint hair and a smile that could probably cure cancer.

At that Hyuna arches a perfect eyebrow.

-That's a lot. But maybe I can make you change your mind.

-Not gonna happen. -Jimin smiles sweetly -My type has also a cock.

Jimin enjoys the shift in her confident expression. She takes a step back, opens her mouth to say something and then of course, of fucking course, Min Yoongi is there.

-Hey, noona. -he says as he gets next to Jimin.

-Oh, Yoongi-yah.

-What's going on here? -Yoongi smirks.

-I... -Hyuna looks at Yoongi for a few moments before a knowing smile appears on her face -I was about to leave, actually. -she turns to Jimin and winks -Good luck with your type, Jimin.

Hyuna walks away with a confident stride and an amused smile on her perfect face.

-Damn, Jimin. -Yoongi chuckles -Even noona?

-I'm as speechless as you are. -Jimin smiles -How is it possible that you always appear when I need someone to take me out of awakward situations?

-It's clearly fate.

-Obviously. How do you even know Hyuna?

-We share a lecture. -he replies -Do you want to get out of here?

Jimin frowns.

-You look like you just got here.

-That's true.

-And you want to leave already?

-Yeah. -Yoongi grins -Too much competition here. I want ice cream. I'll buy you ice cream.


Half an hour later sees Yoongi and Jimin sitting on the campus' benches, eating the biggest cones they managed to buy, laughing at literally the stupidest things.

Jimin decides that falling for Yoongi is, in the end, not so bad.







It is a truth universally aknowledged that Park Jimin is a weak fucking idiot.

He should've never agreed when Taehyung said “you're miserable and you need to let loose, so you'll come to this fucking party whether you like it or not”.

But Taehyung isn't wrong. He is miserable. And that's because Min Yoongi doesn't seem to realize that he needs to make a move. They ended up having this weird relationship where Yoongi will come to his flat at the most ungodly hours, whining because he's stuck with his composition piece and therefore he needs junk food and company. Jimin thinks that what he needs is sleep, but he's not going to waste any chance.

And everytime they will eat junk food, talk about anything that comes to their minds, and then go to sleep in their respictive houses. It's unnerving.

So there he is, yet again attending another party, and yet again drunk out of his mind.

He's not sure of how that terribly sweet tasting drink ended up in his stomach, but it did. Jimin did not, in fact, learn from his past mistakes.

He's vaguely aware that he danced, ended up on someone's lap, danced again and then drank something that tasted so bad he almost spit it out.

And now he's very aware of the guy cornering him.

Said guy is way too tall, way too broad, way too smelly and way too handsy. And Jimin is way too drunk to really do anything about it.

-I know about you. -the guy says. What was his name? Sangwoo? He'll go with Sangwoo.

-'s that so? -Jimin slurs, looking at the forearm next to his face. When did he end up with his back to the wall?

-You're Park Jimin. Everyone knows about you.

Jimin hums. He's not exactly wrong.

-They say you're a slut.

-I'm not. -Jimin makes a weak attempt at removing the arm that keeps him from leaving and he fails miserably.

-That's not what it looks like.

Jimin sighs and closes his eyes. His head hurts. He feels like his drink wasn't normal. Probably spiked.

Well, that's not good.

-I wanna go home. -he whines.

-Good. -Jimin registers, somehow, the way Sangwoo nuzzles his nose on his neck -My place or yours?

-I don't want to go with you. -Jimin tries to shove him off but his arms feel really sore -I should call Yoongi.

-Who's that? Your boyfriend? -are those Sangwoo's lips on his collarbone? That's really disgusting -You can prentend I'm him.

At that Jimin snorts.

-No, I can't, no one's like him. Can you let me go?

Sangwoo smirks at him.

-Now why would I do that? -the man leans down on Jimin's neck again, his lips sucking hard on the skin and Jimin grimaces.

This isn't really good, is it?

He should call Yoongi.

-Get off him.

When Jimin opens his eyes, Yoongi is shoving Sangwoo away from him, immediately standing in front of him and keeping a raised arm between them.

-What the fuck? -Sangwoo hisses, taking a step forward -Who the fuck are you?

-Hyung? -Jimin squints his eyes -But I didn't call you yet.

Yoongi doesn't answer him, he just looks at Jimin with clear concern in his eyes.

-Hey, are you listening to me?! I was here first!

-He wants me to go home with him. -Jimin slurs -I don't want to.

-He's drunk. -Yoongi says, voice dangrously low.

-So? -Sangwoo snorts -That little slut clearly wanted-

-You put your fucking hands on him again and I swear I'll cut your dick off.

Jimin can't see Yoongi's face but he must've looked convincing enough as Sangwoo (is that even his name) takes a step back, looks at Jimin one last time and decides that he's clearly not worth the risk, so he leaves with a trail of curses and insults.

Yoongi sighs before turning to Jimin.

-Hey, Jiminie? You still with me?

Jimin isn't exactly sure. His head is spinning a lot.

-Woah, this is amazing hyung! -Jimin giggles -You arrived just as I thought of calling you!

Jimin concedes him a small smile before circling his back with his arm and guiding him past the sea of bodies.

-Let's get you home, okay?

Jimin nods.

They exit Jackson's house (he remembers it's Jackson's house because that damn pole is still there), and they start making their way to Jimin's flat, right outside campus.

-I think they put something in my drink.

-Yeah, I think so too. -Yoongi grits out.

-Are you mad? -Jimin's heart sinks -You look mad.

Yoongi shakes his head.

-I'm not mad at you.


-I promise.

-Pinky promise? -Jimin almost shoves his raise pinky in Yoongi's eye, but the elder still lets out a laugh.

-Pinky promise, Minnie.




The journey to the flat goes, strangely enough, without accidents. The moment he's inside his house, Jimin almost power walks to the couch and decides that beds are overrated, so he lets himself fall on the old sofa.

-You sure you don't wanna go to bed? -Yoongi asks him.

-'m too tired.

-Okay. Stay here, I'll get you a glass of water.

Jimin raises up a thumb, giggling, and Yoongi chuckles.

After he drinks his glass of water, Jimin lets Yoongi cover him with a blanket and lets him put a pillow under his head.

-Are you going away?

-No. -Yoongi sits on the couch, lifting Jimin's legs and letting them rest on his lap -I'm staying until Taehyung gets back.

Jimin hums.

-Are you feeling better?

-No. -Jimin pouts -Everything hurts.

-Of course it does.

-You should kiss it better.

Oh, he's going to regret this night for the rest of his life.

-Should I? -Yoongi laughs.


-But you said you hurt everywhere.

-And you should kiss me everywhere. -Jimin sighs -You have really pretty lips. You'd do an amazing job.

Yoongi hums and closes his eyes, crossing his arms and leaning with his back on the armrest.

-Go to sleep, Jimin.

-Why are they always asking me out? They don't even know me.

-You're beautiful, that's why.

-I think it's because I'm a slut.

-You're not a slut. -Yoongi holds his knee and squeezes it gently.

-Why do they ask me out but the person I love doesn't?

There's silence after that, Jimin decides that maybe he should really sleep. As he dozes off, he can faintly hear Yoongi's voice.

-Wait for me just a little longer.



-Jimothy... what are you doing?

Jimin looks up from his open luggage and stares at Taehyung.

-I'm packing.

-Yeah, I can see that. Why?

-I'm leaving.

-What? Where are you going?

-To Antarctica. Burundi. South Pole. Canada. Anywhere, I don't care as long as I get as far away as possible from South Korea.

Taehyung stares at Jimin's clothes, laid out on his bed, before he slowly moves to close the luggage.

-Chim, my dude, what the fuck?

Jimin sighs.

-Yesterday's party got a bit out of hand.

-I know, your name is on everybody's mouth again.

-I was drunk and they drugged me and I can't remember anything except that at some point I told Yoongi-hyung that I was hurting everywhere and... -Jimin shivers at the memory -I asked him to kiss it better.

Taehyung stares at him with his huge eyes and a blank expression before he nods.

-I'll help you pack, okay?








It is a truth universally aknowledged that Min Yoongi does not like cute people. Cute people are a pain in the ass, they can get away with everything, they know it and use it against common people like poor Yoongi.

It is also a truth universally aknowledged that Min Yoongi is head over heels for a certain orange haired dancer who's the definition of “cute”.

Everything about Jimin is cute. The way his lips form perfect pouts, how light and cheerful his voice is, the sound of his giggles and the brightest smile the world has ever been blessed with.

That's why when Namjoon introduced Jimin to Yoongi, the latter almost had five heart attacks.


Yoongi is annoyed and miserable. Jimin has been avoiding him since the party where fucking Sangwoo tried to get his hands on him. Now, Yoongi isn't worried about Sangwoo, that guy won't get near Jimin again, especially not after Yoongi paid him a visit the day after the party and punched some sense in him.

But it's been two weeks, Jimin still doesn't talk to him and Yoongi swears that yesterday, when he saw Jimin walking down the corridor, the boy spinned around so quickly he almost tripped.


-Hyung, please stop pouting. -Namjoon says, taking a huge bite of his burger -It doesn't suit you.

-He's avoiding me.

-He sure is. -Hoseok nods -What did you do?

Yoongi arches an eyebrow.

-Nothing, you little shit. Except saving his ass.

A few tables away, Yoongi can see Taehyung and Jungkook being gross as ever. He wants to be gross with Jimin too. All those clichés about perfect relationships? Yoongi loves them. Yoongi wants to hold Park Jimin's small hands, he wants to take him on coffee dates, buy him all the pastries they sell, pamper him and spoil him and cover him with love and rainbows. But Jimin is avoiding him.

-There must be a reason if your cutie pie is avoiding you. -Namjoon adds and Yoongi grimaces.

-He's probably embarassed. He said stuff.

-What stuff?

Yoongi shrugs and no, he's not blushing, he's Min Yoongi. Fun and feelings are for losers.

-Just stuff. -Yoongi looks back at the table where Tae and Kook are sitting and he sees Jimin approaching the two boys, smile bright as ever, looking like a fucking vision in his soft blue sweater.

Yoongi sighs.

-Do you need a glass of water? -Hoseok smirks -You look thirsty as hell.

-I'll haul your ass in the fucking Sahara, then we'll see who's thirsty. -Yoongi mutters, miserably drinking his coke.

-Listen hyung, pining is stupid. Just go there and ask him out. -Namjoon grins -Trust me, he'll say yes.

Yoongi is about to say that yes, thank you very much, he knows this but he's a coward and he's scared shitless, but his attention is caught by the handsome (and very tall), boy that sits next to Jimin and starts chatting him up.

Yoongi looks closely at the way Jimin's smile falls and the obvious annoyance spreads on his features.

-Are you shitting me? -Yoongi hisses -He's being asked out again? Fuck this.

Yoongi stands up and starts making his way to Jimin's table, ignoring Hoseok screeching “yeah, show him who's boss!”, but before he can reach him someone stands in his way.

-Uh... hi? -Yoongi frowns.

The girl in front of him is cute, possibly twenty years old, and she looks nervous as hell.

-You probably don't know me. -she starts.

-That's true, I don't. -Yoongi says, trying to look past her to see if Jimin is still being annoyed by the guy.

-My name is So Yon. -she says -We both take the creative writing course.

Oh, now he remembers her. She always sits next to him, although they never spoke before.

-Good for you. -Yoongi says and tries to start walking again, but she stops him again.

-Yoongi-ssi, I think you're very handsome.

Yoongi stares blankly at the girl. Wait, what?

-Would you consider going on a date with me? Just for coffee... sometime. -So Yon blushes -I'd like to get to know you better.

The Universe must be feeling particularly fucking funny today if what is happening to him is truly real.

Alright God, you got me here, real funny, comedy gold.

-I... -Yoongi clears his voice -I mean, I'm flattered. Really flattered. I guess.

So Yon shoots him the most hopeful smile Yoongi has ever seen and God, he feels like an ass. Now he understands why Jimin always has a hard time rejecting people, it fucking sucks.

-I don't think you'd enjoy dating me. -Yoongi finally says -I'm terrible. Really. Awful boyfriend material.

-Can't I decide myself if that's true? -she asks, voice a little more secure -I think I really like you.

Honey, you never even spoke to me.


Yoongi almost jumps when he hears Jimin's voice and So Yon turns to her side and frowns at the orange haired boy.

-Yes? -she asks, confused.

-Piss off.

Yoongi chokes on his own spit at the harsh words that really, really, don't sound like they belong to someone as peaceful as Jimin. And shit, Jimin looks downright pissed, jaw clenched and eyes narrowed and if that's not the hottest thing ever then Min Yoongi is an idiot.

So Yon takes a step back, cheeks flushed red, and leaves without saying another word.

Jimin looks at Yoongi.

-Really? Seriously, hyung?


-I take my eyes off of you one second, one fucking second, and a random girl shows up. Unbelievable. -Jimin passes a hand through his hair.

-Listen, Minnie-

-Date me.

Yoongi starts processing the words slowly, very slowly. There's no way this is happening.

God, what the fuck.

-Are you shitting me? -Yoongi blurts out -What the actual hell, Jimin? You're asking me to date you? You made the first move? Oh, for fuck's sake, Namjoon is going to tease me till the end of time, I can't believe this! Yah! -Yoongi crosses his arms -I'm the one who was supposed to ask you out!

Jimin snorts, rolling his eyes.

-Well, you were taking your time, so I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

-How do you even take such a huge thing in those tiny hands of yours?! -Yoongi shakes his head -No, Jimin. I'm asking you out!

-That's not fair! -Jimin pouts and Yoongi almost dies -I asked you first!

-Well, I'm asking you second! -Yoongi shouts, all student's eyes are on them -Date me, you little shit!

-Fine! -Jimin screams back -I will!



-Do you want ice cream?!

-Yes, I do!

-Then hyung will buy you ice cream!

-And maybe we could watch a movie together later!

-That sounds perfect! -people are laughing now, Yoongi is pretty sure Taehyung is taking a video of the scene.

-Good! I really like you!

-I really like you too!

-Now hold my hand!

-No, you hold my hand!



Jimin roughly grabs Yoongi's hand and starts dragging him to the ice cream shop just outside campus.

-Your have really smooth skin Jimin!

-Thank you! Why are we still screaming?!

-I don't know! And why are you the one leading the way, I should!

-Then do it!



Yoongi would like very much to keep screaming at Jimin whatever comes to his mind... but it is a truth universally aknowledged that when Jimin leans down and plants a soft kiss on his cheek, Min Yoongi tripped on his own feet and didn't say anything for the rest of the trip, too busy smiling like an idiot.