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Anya/Giles Drabbles

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Once the memory spell is reversed, things move very quickly.

Within the space of a day, Tara is moving out of the house, Buffy is more withdrawn than ever, and Giles is getting ready to leave the country.

Xander's quiet and moody, doesn't touch her... barely looks at her.

That's all right with Anya.

She's having a hard time getting the image of another man out of her head.

It didn't really mean anything. It was a single accidental kiss born of a miscommunication. They thought they were married, and therefore they imagined a sexual attraction between them.

When the spell ended -- so did the attraction.

Or... it should have.

Anya found herself both relieved and disappointed that Giles left before she could figure out why it didn't seem to be going away.

She had so little experience with human emotions, but when she thought back on that brief, tender kiss in the Magic Box, there was no way that she could deny it to herself.

It might not be love, might not even be real -- but there was something there.

It was just too bad that she might never have the chance to figure out what it was.