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Rock The Boat

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He couldn't stand the man Daniel'd brought to the Independence Day trip from the moment the two of them arrived. Dark hair, tall, face inscrutable behind a pair of expensive sunglasses as he grabbed Daniel's ass while they rounded the corner of Jack's cabin. Jack watched, eyes narrowing, as Sam rushed over and introduced herself, pointing over to the grill where Jack and Teal'c were watching the steaks.

Jack nodded curtly as the man raised a hand to them and began walking over. Sam rounded on Daniel, a giddy, breathless look on her face while she hissed, "That's Robin? Holy hannah, Daniel..." The man grinned then hugged the shorter woman, still sheepish about being so open with his sexuality even though the team had been through hell and back together... literally.

It had been something out of left field for everyone when he got all stuttery over beers, asking if he could bring a companion to the cabin. Sam had grabbed his hand under the table, squeezing it and giving him an encouraging nod while Teal'c raised an eyebrow, "I was not aware you were courting, DanielJackson." Jack grinned out of reflex to cover his twinge of disappointment, "So, is she a stripper or something that this is the first we've heard of her?"

Daniel's face flushed a deeper red as irritation crackled in his voice, "No, he happens to be a policeman and I think you can puzzle out on your own why I haven't said anything."

Jack felt a lot of strange things at once: a gush of hope, a stab of doubled jealousy... He gave a grunt at the wash of regret he felt that he'd somehow given Daniel the impression he was a bigot. The colonel shrugged, voice warming, "Hell, Danny, not everyone in the military is a homophobe -- of course you can bring Officer Hotpants to the cabin."

Jack was acutely regretting his hospitality now as Teal'c handed the man a cold beer. Robin pulled his sunglasses off and tucked them into his shirt, neon blue eyes crinkled in a grin, "So, you're the research team Daniel won't tell me a single thing about. Nice to finally meet you."

Jack wrestled with himself, knowing it was ridiculous that he was so goddamn jealous -- he'd been seething for days, kicking himself for not acting on his feelings sooner even while coming to terms with the fact that maybe there were feelings under his blinding lust toward the archeologist. The night around the fire dragged for him, listening to Sam damn near interrogate Robin -- she was just curious but every flattering fact that surfaced just made Jack want to reach over and stuff the black bandana on Sam's head into her mouth.

Of course he'd been injured in the line of duty. So have we, Jack thought bitterly through his buzz: What's so special about that? Oh, but of course he organized a youth basketball program at the YMCA and was an avid motorcycle hobbyist and liked to paint and.... Fuck. Jack was feeling totally outclassed and not relishing the idea of spending a whole four days around this usurper. Usuper? Really? I must be drunker than I think...

The colonel stood up slow out of the camp chair, managing not to slurr, "Welp, I'm getting up early so I can go fishing in the morning. You hooligans don't burn anything down, mmkay?" He wandered up to the back door of the cabin and slipped inside, letting out the breath he was holding in a low hiss. He definitely needed to get out on the lake, by himself -- no Officer Hotpants offending his reptile mind by daring to exist, no Teal'c observing the colonel too closely for comfort, no Daniel prancing around in cargo shorts and tanktops and looking so fucking consumable.

Jack groaned, thinking, Prancing isn't the right word... Christ, if I had known he swung both ways... He trudged up the stairs, a familiar twitch in his khakis not dulled in the bit by the beer he'd been distracting himself with all night. When he got to his bed, he clumsily laid back against the headboard, undoing his belt and faded cabin khakis as his breath came a bit faster.

He pressed a palm down firmly on his prick, thorough inebriation doing away with whatever defenses he'd managed to throw up as his brain wasted no time at all imagining Daniel sitting on his lap; Jack flushed further, bit the inside of his cheek and stroked himself through his boxers with the heel of his hand, Daniel's barely-defined abdominals flexing behind his closed eyelids. Jack pushed his boxers down enough to grip himself, hips twitching as he smeared precome across the bared head of his erection, seeing Daniel's mouth twist in that challenging scowl he always gave when he protested Jack's orders.

He pulled in a long, slow stroke before pushing again, setting up a slow rhythm and his fantasy at the same time: Daniel arching his back as he groaned, letting Jack's cock slip out of his mouth, shining lips parted as the colonel swallowed the weeping organ in front of his own face, slowly circling Daniel's entrance with a callused thumb before sinking in, past the first knuckle -- then all the way in as the brunet jerked, caught between wanting to thrust into Jack's throat and craving to press back into his hand, "Shit, Jack, yes--"

Jack groaned quietly, Daniel's laughter sneaking in through the window from the fire pit. For the first time since Jack realized his attraction, the sound of Daniel's laughter didn't remind him that he was a colonel in the Airforce and the much younger man was his subordinate -- all it brought was a spreading warmth in Jack's chest, thinking about how the other man's smile lit him up... His breath was coming in sharper gasps as he gripped himself harder, the dry friction sending a deliciously sharp twinge through him. He fumbled, crossing his other arm across his chest to dig in the bedside table for a tiny bottle of KY. As he squeezed some of it directly on his aching prick, he groaned at the temperature difference, imagining Daniel panting into his lap as Jack found his prostate and thumbed it mercilessly, making the brunet growl, "OhgodIwantyou -- please --"

Jack's subconscious was a bastard and chose that moment to insert an image of Robin's hands on Daniel's hips, impaling him slowly as the archeologist gripped at the sheets, moaning throatily. The colonel snarled silently in the dark, shaking his head to replace the image with one of Daniel straddling him, slowly lowering himself onto Jack, stuttering to speak as the older man's hand palmed his prick, "Hold still Jack, shit -- it's --ah!" Jack imagined himself thrusting in, all at once, knocking Daniel's breath away and knowing in his fantasy that he'd prepared the object of his affections enough with teasing and lube that it wouldn't hurt him.

Jack panted in the dark, tugging on his testicles, not wanting to finish any time soon, savoring the building rhythm now possible with lubrication. In his mind's eye, he gripped Daniel's hips and held him still as he began pounding him, driving into him over and over as he glanced between his cock disappearing into the younger man and Daniel's flushed face scrunching with effort as his body squirmed under the onslaught, "Yes, yesyes, Jack -- Fuck, fuckIloveyou!"

Jack came suddenly, surprised, clenching his jaw and jerking his head to the side after burning liquid nearly caught him in the eye. He rode out the rest of his orgasm, feeling the come on his cheek begin to melt down his stubble as the rest of pale evidence showing just how deep his affections ran right next to his lust pulsed out onto the hem of his t-shirt, over his hand. When he finally stopped twitching, he reached up, wiping his jaw then tugging his shirt off to clean himself up, slowly catching his breath. He'd never imagined Daniel saying that before and despite the fact that it made him come harder than he had in a long, long time, it also made his heart fold up in a knot.

He threw the balled up t-shirt toward his luggage, defensive anger trying to rise but being muffled by the feel-good hormones still thrumming through his body. He slumped back onto the bed, still drunker than a skunk, staring into the pitch black as his mood darkened to match -- until he heard foot steps coming up the stairs. "Shhhh -- Jack's sleeping. He'll be pissed if we wake him u--ah! Robin, you're..."

Daniel's hissing voice dissolved into a small gasp, then quiet laughter and then disappeared altogether behind a closed door at end of the hall. Jack rolled out of bed like he'd been laying on a pit of coals, grabbing a sweatshirt and growling as he tugged it over his head. He silently slipped out of his room, down the stairs, out the back door, down the trail, out onto the lake, down into a sleeping bag in the bottom of his boat.

He'd slept on the lake before -- out of laziness he'd joked with other people -- but actually relishing the sight of the starfield stretching above him, the chorus of familiar insect noise filling him with positive, blessedly simple memories as the water lapped at the aluminum, rocking him to sleep. Tonight though, complications abounded as he stared up at the clouded black for a long time, mouthing the names of hidden constellations, feeling both electrified and heavy as lead. Waning booze and rising breeze joined forces against him though, sinking him into a deep -- and despite all odds -- peaceful sleep.