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Never Forget Who You Are

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Never Forget Who You Are

Chapter 1: So Alone

A/N: Hey readers, this was done in my spare time and WILL be a multi-chapter story, please enjoy.

AU: The rise of Trigon was never really the rise of his power... it was the true apocalypse of the century. Alone and afraid, Robin is twelve while Raven is four and Slade is thirty four.

~Never Forget Who You Are~

Hi, my names Richard Johnathan Grayson. You know, I never saw this coming, well, I did, but I choose to believe that we could do something about it. Right now... I think I'm dead right now to be honest. All I see is darkness right now, you know what really sucks though, I never even saw my damned life flash before my eyes. Not that there's much to look at other then me fighting with batman, my mama and papa dying and... oh yeah, forgot to mention the Batman crap. My real name is Richard, but my friends only knew me by Robin as did most of the world when I wore that domino shaped mask. I regret that, I always wanted to say who I was to the president or the press maybe, but no, I'd never get that luxury. They might have understood me then, but really, who could possible understand a twelve year old with daddy issues and dead parents. Right... my dead parents.

I addressed them as mother and father if asked, but, they'll always be mama and papa in my mind. After all, they were murdered when I was only six. Wow, its already been six years, huh? Oh well, not like I've gone numb of the pain yet. That's what Batman said, that one day the pain would go numb, but never fully disappear. I believe him, but, its hard to focus when I'm on fire. Yeah, at least, I felt like I was on fire for a few seconds... then...

I grew cold.


Robin the Boy Wonder stood surrounding Raven with Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire, a look of worry and regret covered his face as he watched Raven turn around and follow Slade. He was why things were going wrong... it was all his fault. As leader, Robin felt he was in-charge of protecting this city and his teammates, but now, it was the end. They had known from the beginning that Trigon's upbringing would lead to the total apocalypse to come for its reckoning. The boy stood tall though, even if he was only 4'5, and glared at Slade with a new found fury.

"Let her go!" Robin screamed at Slade. "It will end the world if you do this, we'll all die!"

Slade turned to Robin, that grey blue eye glinting with a certain... sympathy, he couldn't tell much less care for all he was worth. "I know this Robin, but, look at it this way... all of those wars, murders and genocides will finally end, right? I'm guessing you have heard of the 9/11, correct? It was North America's hardest terrorist attack of all history. You were spared Robin for not being born yet, but really, would want to see something so terrifying and traumatic as another terrorist attack?"

Robin shook his raven colored haired head as he softened only slightly in his stance. "No, but, this is no way to end that. We'll all be dead and gone, there will only be animals left, no humans or even aliens, demons or angels. It will be abandoned."

"Yes, you might think that, but some will survive. And from those survivors, a new power will rise from the ashes and create the most powerful force in the galaxy soon enough. It will be brutal and bloody, but there will be life left, the question is... would you tear down your morals to help create peace on earth?" Slade asked the young hero.

Robin still glared at Slade, ignoring his worried friends who kept quiet through the whole conversation. "Never, that's no peace... that's a genocide all on its own. Millions will die for such a world... is that really worth it?"

Slade sighed as he grabbed Raven's hand and began to walk away. "I have no time for this Robin, another time maybe?"

As Robin ran forward, a great fire burst from the surface of the earth, Raven turned to Robin with wide eyes and chanted her spell. As Robin felt a powerful blast of fire consume him and his friends, a sudden coldness overtook him and surrounded the young boy, protecting him from the evil rising. As the fire died own, several hours later, Robin awoke to feel at first... nothing. Then, great pain overtook his stomach and body, making him scream in agony as he writhed on the cold ground that had ceased to emit much heat after the strange blast of fiery destruction. The Boy Wonder stood and stared as his masked eyes widen underneath the black and white silk.

The world, and all of Jump City, lay in ruins. He could easily make out animals like pigeons and squirrels running around here and there, but not a single sign of human life remained. Sure, there were mostly destroyed buildings and collapsed skyscrapers, but not much else that he could see. The boy contemplated it for about five seconds, before removing his mask and letting baby blue eyes stare at the destroyed city. He had tried so hard to protect them, this city, these dead people, but it was all for nothing in the end. They were dead, and he was...