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One and Only

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A/N: Hey guys! So, here's my new story! It's just the prologue to it and it does start out very sad. But, I promise that it gets better and the a lot will be explain with flashbacks!

Please let me know if I should keep going with this idea or if I should scrap it.

Enjoy & Thanks for reading!

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One And Only- Prologue

Elena's P.O.V.

"I love you. Just make sure that you come back safe, this time." I tell him, leaning into him as Stefan smiles at me, watching as I lay back into the bed, pulling the covers over my shivering body. It's 2am and Stefan's just gotten the call to be at the fire house, It's early. Too early to even think about going anywhere or waking up the babies yet.

"I always do. Elena, I'm a firefighter...What's the worst that could happen?" He says with a chuckle, throwing a shirt over his head as he crawls over the bed, hovering over me once again and leaving a sweet kiss against my lips.

"Stefan, you never know. Anything could happen. I just want you to be careful. Okay, I don't have a good feeling about today." I tell him in a warning tone, worry in my voice as he nods and runs his warm hands against my skin.

"You worry too much. That's why I carry your picture where ever I go. It's like my lucky charm, a reminder of what I'm coming home too. You and our beautiful kids, Olivia and Sam. Elena, you have nothing to worry about! Nothing will happen to me because I've got my team by my side too.. I promise you, that I'll be fine. Plus, we have a wedding to plan in a few months..and then, you'll be my wife. Okay?" He says, smiling as he brushes his lips against my cheeks and I wrap my arms around him, nodding.

I know that he's safe when he goes to work. They all have to be and what seems to ease my fears just a little bit is the fact that he's never alone. Stefan has his older brother Damon, the one who trained him when he was a young man looking for a job. Damon was already getting up in the ranks and he eventually became Captain of the firehouse that they work at in the heart of New York City. Then there are his best friends Tyler Lockwood and Matt Donovan who work with him, every single day.

Yet, even though I know that my future husband isn't alone in this dangerous job. I still can't shake the feeling that something's going to go wrong and I'll be left with two infant twin babies and being a single mother. I can't picture my life without Stefan, without him being in our children's lives as I watch him leave, getting into the dark red truck that he owns, waving at me through the window as he puts the car in reverse and goes on his way.

I close the door quickly, not wanting to let the cold breeze of the New York city morning into our small two bedroom house. Instead five minutes after he's out the door, I find myself walking into our bedroom again, the door creaking open as I walk into the closet and grab his sweat shirt, pulling it over my shoulders and sitting down on our bed, inhaling the smell of him and praying that he makes it out alive, that my feelings that have been looming will go away and that everything will be just fine.

Stefan's P.O.V.

I watch as Damon throws a kitchen towel at me. "Hey little brother! How's the wife and kids?" He asks teasingly. Damon watches as I ball up the towel and throw it back at him in a playful manner.

"Captain! She's fine, Olivia and Sam didn't keep her up all night..You know, she finally got enough sleep." I tell him, watching as Damon nods and then turns towards the stove, making sure that the boiling water doesn't spill over.

"Aha, and..I take it that you didn't keep her up all night either?" He asks, his voice teasing as he smiles and then turns back towards me.

"No! I didn't, Damon..Matt called me at 2am this morning and told me to get my ass here, He said that the Chief wanted us here. Tyler called him in early too! So, enough about me..How's Bonnie? The new bride." I ask him, watching as Damon steps back from the stove and lets out a laugh.

"Let's just say, my new beautiful bride kept me up..all night. Until, like you..I got a call from Matt telling me that the boss man...Tyler, wanted to see us!" Damon comments, wanting to add more to what he's telling me. But, we're both stopped to the sound of familiar heavy boots and of Matt and Tyler storming into the kitchen of the fire house in a flash.

"Boys! So, glad that you could all make it! Now, I just got a call from fire station 54. They need us. A fire broke out at a warehouse in a rural area and they need all the extra hands they can get, to stop it from spreading!" He informs us, watching as Damon shakes his head and turns off the stove, brushing past me as he pats me on the shoulder and says "Let's go fight some fires, little brother!"

It's blazing and I know from what I've heard it's probably going to be one of the worst fires that I have ever seen in my whole entire career. I've been working as a firefighter for the last 6 years. First as a volunteer when I was 18 years old and now at the age of 24. I met Elena at a diner, after work the guys and I had just gotten off of our shift and decided to go to this cute little place that was on the outskirts of the busy city.

Who would have thought that on that day, I would have met the love of my life. A year later we were engaged and two years after that, Elena was pregnant with our twins. She hates this job though, hates that I spend most of my nights at the fire house and that I'm always in danger. But, I always tell her, always remind her that I have a reason to come home to her, to our beautiful babies.

Maybe that's why I carry a picture of her around in my pocket, at every shift. It's not like it's fire resistant. But, I do believe that our love is. She's my best friend, the one person that knows me inside and out and like every day, every night..I always make sure to come home to her.

But, it's in the air, I can feel it. The way Tyler speaks to us loudly, the blaring of the sounds of the fire truck in my ears. Today is going to be different and I can feel it, it's like a dream as we park the truck in front of the blaze and my insides churn with fear.

I watch as Damon jumps out of the truck, yelling at Matt and me to get a better picture of the inside of the blazing two story warehouse. He screams at us to be careful as Tyler does the same, grabbing the water hose and taking a few steps towards the fire, pointing the water at it.

I pass by them with Matt, and the water sprays against my suit. It's cold and as I look up at the building, hear the windows shattering from the heat. I watch as Matt finds a safe place for us to enter. Our one job, the one that I hate doing the most is going in and making sure that there are no dead bodies. Part of me is sick to my stomach as I hear Matt shout from in front of me. "Be careful! Let's split up, you take this room and I got the other one. And, Stefan, do not get yourself killed!" He shouts through his face shield.

I pat him on the back as I pass by and walk up the rickety stairs. A small laugh escaping my lips as I nod at him. Those are the words that we always speak to each other before we know we're going into a dire situation. We know the risks of this job, But we always make sure that each of us always make it out alive, together.

I feel the heat of the room against my skin. Even though, I'm wearing a protective suit. I can still feel the fire burning, the heat of the room engulfing me and the smoke filling my lungs. I guess that's what messes me up, makes me take one wrong move, because right before I take a step, right before I turn around to tell Matt that we're all clear and that he can tell Tyler that I've found nothing on this side of the building in the upstairs rooms. I feel the floor rattle under me and suddenly, I'm sucked into the black hole, into the darkness and heat of the blaze and all I can remember is the sound of my name being screamed over and over again as Matt shouts into his radio "Firefighter down, Firefighter down!" Then I feel it, the pain increasing in my body and all I can picture is her face in my mind and the thought of me dying here without having given her a proper goodbye.

Elena's P.O.V.

I close the door to Sam and Olivia's room as I lean against it. I'm exhausted and it's already late in the night. Stefan should have been home already and whenever I try to call his cell phone it goes start to voicemail. I don't want to think the worst. But, I'm thinking it as I walk to the front door of the house, sitting down on the steps and looking up at the stars. Like Stefan and I had done when we were younger and dating.

He should have been home hours ago and as I sit here, the cell phone in my hands, ready to call the fire station. My heart stops when I see the car, the familiar blue police car that is the same one that goes to police officer's homes after a tragedy. My heart stops, my hands begin to shake and tears fill my eyes as I watch them both step out.

Tyler takes off his hat, he's dressed in his blue uniform as he makes his way towards me. Watching me cover my mouth, my tears and gasps and cries filling the air as Matt steps out of the car too, leaning against it, his head down and tears in his eyes as he hears Tyler clear his throat and in a shaky tone, tell me the one that thing that I had been fearing.

"Elena, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. But-" Tyler tries to say as I lean against him, raising my fists to punch at his chest. But, Tyler's rough hands stop my actions and he wraps his arms around me as I cry.

"No, He's not..Dead! It's Stefan, we're talking about..He can't be! Tyler, Please..He's not dead!" I sob over and over again as I stand there in the cold, Stefan's sweatshirt still around me as I shake from the bone chilling air that surrounds us.

"I'm sorry, Elena...He's gone." Tyler tells me in a soft tone as I crash against his shoulder, clutching onto him with all the strength I have left to stand and feel as he supports my now fragile body as I close my eyes and it starts to sink in. The love of my life, the man that I had planned to live out the rest of my life with is gone...


A/N: So, What did you all think..Should I keep going? And please don't worry..the "death" of Stefan will be explained throughout the story and in Chapter One.
Thanks for reading & Until Next Time!