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Fire, Ice and Lightning

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A large group of Level 5 Trainers from all over Kanto were gathered in the square, some of them talking incessantly, some just waiting in suspense. It was the first of the annual team introductions, and each of them was waiting for the three team leaders to make their appearance. This was the biggest event of the year, more Trainers travelling to Harmony Centre just to see it than to compete in the Indigo League.

A bright burst of light from the stage startled them, and they watched, dumbstruck, at the mini-storm now brewing before them. A young man stepped out of it, his blue eyes bright and spiky blonde hair tousled, flashing a wide grin at a group of cheering yellow-clad Trainers before making his way to the podium.

“Hey there, you guys!” he called. “Are you ready to join Team Instinct?”

“YEAH!” The shouts were deafening.

“That’s awesome! The name’s Spark, by the way. I’m the leader of Team INSTINCT, the very best! My team is all about trusting yourself, and your Pokemon! You’ve got to believe that together, you and your team can do anything! I may be a Pokemon breeder, but I’ve also got a team of awesome Pokemon here with me. Want to see?”


“Yeah, I’d love to show them to you, too. However, their combined electricity means that you either have to be me, or wear several layers of rubber suits to get out alive.”

There was some silence as the Trainers exchanged glances, wondering whether he really meant it. On one hand, Spark seemed the kind of person who loved a good joke, but on the other hand, life-and-death matters were not something to joke about.

“Pokemon Trainers forever!” Spark shouted, waving at the group of Trainers. “I hope to see you in Team Instinct!”

A resounding cheer echoed around the square as he was engulfed in streaks of lightning. Then there was a loud boom, and he was gone.

“It’s Valor next,” a small girl wearing red whispered to the group in yellow excitedly. “I bet we thrash you guys!” She grinned cheekily at them, but there was no real malice in her voice.

“No way, Lia!” her friend protested, grinning back. “Instinct’s the best!”

Lia shrugged. “Whatever you say.”

Their attention was drawn back to the stage as an explosion shook the ground. And, in a burst of flames, the leader of Team Valor appeared on stage. Her eyes were blazing as she crossed over to the podium.

“My name is Candela, the leader of Team Valor!” She introduced herself quickly amid all the noise. “Valor is about following your heart! It’s about having passion in anything you do, and the courage to find your strength inside!”

“Yes!” The Valors in the crowd cheered, pumping their fists into the air. “VA-LOR! VA-LOR!”

“But most of all, Team Valor is about being doggedly determined to the very end! It’s about keeping hope where others have given up, and always striving to BE THE VERY BEST! Here at Team Valor, we seek to find your power inside! We are the ones who take the paths less traveled, who push on where others stop!”

“VALOR! VALOR! VALOR!” The cheer continued, only increasing in volume.

Candela took a deep breath before screaming the team motto. “IN THE DARKEST NIGHT,”

“WE – ARE – THE – FLAME!” everyone chorused.

“Go Team Valor!” she finished. Another burst of fire, and she too disappeared, leaving the stage empty.

As the Trainers all began chattering at once, no one noticed the winter wind blowing across the stage. Well, not until the temperature in the surrounding area dropped considerably from 32 o Celsius to 23 o . White snow began swirling, getting faster, and faster. Then just as suddenly, it cleared.

A silver-haired woman was standing on stage, her pale green eyes slowly sweeping across the audience. One by one, amid many whispers, they quietened down and watched her attentively. Once there was silence, she began speaking.

“I am Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic. However, I will not be touching on the basic facts about my team. Should you wish to be a member, I expect you already know most of what there is to know about Team Mystic. The rest, you will learn in a few minutes, and in your journey as part of my team.”

She paused, and everyone began protesting at the same time.

“What!?” someone shouted. “That’s a total lie! We were told next to nothing about all the teams!”

“Silence,” Blanche said, and slowly, the talking died down. Looking directly into the eyes of the Trainer who had spoken, she asked calmly, “So then, tell me how you know the mottos, icons, and leaders of each team.” The boy’s mouth opened and shut like a Goldeen, but finding nothing else to say, he subsided.

“Team Mystic is not just a game. If you wish to join me, you are expected to honor your commitment. Induction of new members or swapping of teams after you select will not be permitted.

Team Mystic is not just a team. You must – not should , but must – uphold all we believe in as a team. At all times. Whether you are an aspiring Pokemon Master hoping to evolve your Pokemon successfully, or a future researcher, or even a Pokemon Trainer or Breeder, once you join Team Mystic, there’s no looking back. This decision will stay with you forever. Choose wisely.

Team Mystic is,” she paused, waiting for the buzz to quieten. “our past, present and future. Join Team Mystic, and you will be the ones writing our story as one team. Join Team Mystic, here and now. Join Team Mystic, and you will be the pioneers, leading others towards a better future.”

Silence reigned when she finished, though everyone had questions. But there was simply no time for that, as she was whisked away in another blinding, icy swirl.