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Escape From The New Alcatraz

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Charlotte tapped her foot nervously as she sat in the waiting room with her mother. Her mother noticed and took her hand into her lap.
“Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon,” she assured, not for the first time wishing she could take her daughter’s place.
“I’m okay,” Charlotte assured with a smile, though it wasn’t entirely true.
She was worried. This could be her last chance. If this didn’t work out she doubted that they would try again. She’d already had two tries at it.
“Miss Hunter?”
The two women looked up as the doctor called her name before both stood to follow her down to her interview room. Once inside with the door closed all three women took a seat.
“Miss Hunter, I’m sorry to hear your last liaison didn’t quite work out,” the doctor began absently, “but not to worry, we still have some options on the table.”
“It was only my second time,” Charlotte felt the need to point out, “maybe I just need more… practise?”
She ignored the look she got from her mother as the doctor looked over her glasses at her.
“I don’t think that’s quite the problem,” she assured, “however we have been monitoring the other end of things and the council are prepared to let you try again with a more… successful donor.”
“You mean more fertile?” Charlotte’s mother confirmed.
“Yes,” the doctor nodded, “perhaps connecting Charlotte with someone who already has a high success rate will ensure that your daughter gets pregnant without any need to look further into artificial help.”
“Good, good,” her mother nodded.
“How soon?” Charlotte asked worriedly.
“Let me check your cycle…” the doctor turned to her computer, quickly going through a few files before replying, “in another three weeks you should be ready. I’ll organise the liaison with the council for then and you’ll receive a call once it’s all been confirmed.”
“Just like before?”
“Just like before,” the doctor smiled, “don’t worry. Third time? It’ll be a walk in the park.”
Charlotte paused to take a deep breath.
“Is there anything else I can help you with?” the doctor looked between them.
“That’s all,” Charlotte’s mother answered for her, already standing and heading for the door.
“Um… thank you,” Charlotte offered the doctor a smile before following her out.
“Goodbye Charlotte.”