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My Love

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My Dearest Patsy,

I have tried and tried to find the right words to say to you – to reassure you, comfort you – but I find myself at a loss. I can’t just plaster on a happy face and pretend I’m not scared, because I am.

I’m terrified of being here at Nonnatus without you. Everyone has been so immensely kind to me over the past year and I’ve truly grown to love this place, but you are my home. Without you here, I can’t imagine these walls will seem half as safe.

I’m also petrified when I think of you out there facing this alone. Hong Kong seems so terribly far away and I know it holds so much heartache for you. I wish more than anything that I could be there for you, to calm your mind when it gets stormy.

The thing I want to assure you of, however, is that I have not been for one moment afraid of losing you. Distance is nothing compared to everything else we have faced together, not the least of which was my Mam. We can beat this. I know you’re not so sure that’s true but at least be sure that I am stubborn, Miss Mount, and I am not letting you go.

I want you to promise me that you will read this letter when it all feels hopeless and let it fill your head with thoughts of coming home to me. I’m proud of you for doing this even though you know it will be difficult.

I know you will be busy but if you get the opportunity I’m sure everyone here would love to hear from you, even if it’s just the odd postcard.

Until you come home, I will be missing you, I will be loving you, and I will be thinking of nothing but how it will feel to hold you in my arms again.

Stay safe my love.

Yours always, Delia.