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edge of glory

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They’d been eyeing each other all day, both of them knowing that the other wanted nothing more than for the day to be over so that they could just fuck already. Yoongi showed it in wrung hands and dark glances and gentle hands on Hoseok’s back that dipped just a little too low. Hoseok took a more direct approach, whispering at least once an hour into Yoongi’s ear about how much he wanted Yoongi’s lips around his cock and to come on his face.

When the lock clicked on their dorm door that night, it wasn’t even half of a second before they were pressed to each other, lips connected and hands wandering, grasping for a perch. Yoongi’s hands found their way to Hoseok’s pants, undoing the button and tugging them down so that he could run the pads of his fingers over the peaks of his hipbones, the dips and valleys of his abs. Hoseok’s hands reached instead for the hem of Yoongi’s shirt, breaking lip contact momentarily so that he could tug it over his head and run his hands over his shoulders and chest, moving down after a moment to suck a hickey into the space where his collarbone met his neck.

Yoongi let out a soft squeak, reveling in the softness of his lover’s lips and the sharp prickling of a hickey being brought to the surface. Hoseok continued to wander over the smaller boy’s smooth pale skin, leaving a couple more bruises and nipping gently. Yoongi reached for the other boy's erection, pushing past the thin material of his boxers and wrapping his long fingers around the length. He felt him growing, and lips parting against his chest to let out a gasp at the contact.

“You want my mouth, Hobi?” he asked sweetly, and Hoseok raised his head so that they were on the same level again.

“Please.” he confirmed, leaning in to connect their mouths again for a moment, Yoongi pulling after only a second to sink to his knees. Hoseok loved him on his knees, and he knew that. He looked up at Hoseok through his eyelashes as he pulled the jeans to the ground, running his fingers up and down the dick, cocking his head to look at it as though he was admiring it.

Hoseok reached down and twined his hands in Yoongi’s hair, not pushing him onto the dick, but ready to if something didn’t happen soon. The tension was growing, Yoongi on his knees just a little too much for Hoseok to deal with calmly. When he thought he couldn’t take it any longer, the soft tickle of Yoongi’s hands stopped, and there was something warm and hot enveloping him.

Yoongi knew what he was doing with his tongue, quickly finding his way to all of the spots that made his lover twitch and groan and gasp. He felt Hobi’s fingers tugging at his hair, and the combination of everything happening made it painful to keep his dick restrained in his pants that had been a bit too tight to begin with. He unzipped them without taking his mouth off of Hoseok, his own dick already completely hard and feeling much better now that it was free of its cloth prison.

Hoseok was moaning faster and louder now, hardly any time to breath between noises of pleasure when Yoongi moved his head.

“Fuck baby, you’re so pretty with my cock in your mouth. Oh god, yes, Yoongi, fuck,” Hoseok groaned, unable to form coherent thoughts that weren’t about Yoongi and his mouth and how he was pretty sure his knees were going to give out soon. Yoongi kept moving, his tongue drawing patterns on the underside of Hoseok’s cock, the heat of his mouth making Hoseok rock into the wet friction so hard he scraped Yoongi’s throat.

Yoongi was pumping himself at the same rhythm that Hoseok moved, but he knew that he didn’t want to just come on Hoseok’s shoes. He also knew that Hoseok was getting close, and thought to himself that it might be fun to bring him almost all the way before pulling off and insisting that he let Yoongi ride him.

He was right. It was beyond fun to watch Hoseok’s face when he removed his mouth with an obscene pop, the noise that emerged from him somewhere between a cry and a shout.

“I want to ride you.” he said softly, still on his knees, and it took Hoseok a moment to process it as he was now leaning heavily on the wall, his legs nearly collapsing from how badly it hurt to be so close to an orgasm and have that taken away.

“You want to, um, yes, okay,” Hoseok nodded in agreement, his eyes barely open, trying not to let on how desperately he just wanted to thrust into Yoongi’s open mouth and finally be done. Yoongi, on the other hand, was trying not to giggle at the way his boyfriend’s face was squished up and he was still whimpering through gritted teeth. He loved that he had that kind of control over Hoseok, even when he was on his knees. There was something about the way that Hoseok reacted that made him smile and also made his dick throb with desire, a rare and wonderful combination.

Yoongi stood and kissed Hoseok hard, then grabbed for his hand and tugged him into the bedroom. Hoseok was entirely willing to be compliant when Yoongi tossed him onto the bed, crawling on top of him and laying so that their chests touched and his lips were pressed to his neck. When he spoke, the words were hot in Hoseok's ear, and what he said sent tremors down his entire body.

“Stretch my asshole so I can take you, okay baby? Can you do that to me?”

Hoseok didn’t need to be asked twice. He sat up and reached for Yoongi, reaching for his asshole from the front. He quickly realized that was not going to work, and Yoongi rotated so that his ass was wiggling in the air, pale and smooth and so, so pretty. He couldn’t resist giving it a sharp smack before coming forward far enough that he could get his fingers into Yoongi’s mouth. When they were satisfactorily slick with spit he began to press a single one into Yoongi, who was shaking with anticipation.

“Baby, please hurry. I need your cock inside me, Hoseok, please.” Yoongi whined, rocking back onto the single finger that was inside him.

“If you’re not patient I won’t give it to you at all. Be a good boy and stay still.” Hoseok commanded, and Yoongi let out a soft cry at the words. Fuck, he wanted to be a good boy, he wanted Hoseok to come all over him and mark him as his own and use his body to make himself feel good, he wanted to be such a good boy.

Hoseok had two fingers in him now, and then three, moving in and out in a steady and tantalizing speed. Yoongi whined again, and he finally pulled out, the signal that he was ready for Yoongi to take him.

Yoongi was breathing hard as he slid down Hoseok’s cock, wriggling until it hit all of the spots inside him that made him want to scream. His hips moved of their own accord, his entire body heavy, sinking onto him so fast that he had the sense to think maybe he should slow down before he ripped something. He was just so, so desperate to be full of Hoseok. He rose up and fell back down, Hoseok bucking up to meet him. Yoongi put his hands on Hoseok’s chest and moved faster, finding a rhythm that satisfied them both.

Yoongi came first, as he usually did. He felt his legs begin to shake, and Hoseok had to thrust harder to maintain the blissful motion that was drawing him almost to the edge, but not quite yet. He came hard into his own hand, only pumping a few times before he clenched around Hoseok’s cock and his own sticky come smeared the skin of both of their stomachs.

He was catching his breath when he felt Hoseok twitch inside him, prepared to curl his toes and come hard into Yoongi’s willing ass. But then Yoongi had a thought, and acted before he could think it through. He hoisted himself off of Hoseok’s lap, leaving Hoseok nearly crying when the cold air found his cock in lieu of Yoongi.

“I want you to come on my face, baby.” Yoongi said innocently, and Hoseok let out a strangled gasp.


“You’re doing this on purpose.” He grumbled through clenched teeth, and Yoongi grinned.

“Doing what?”

Hoseok didn’t find it necessary to reply. Yoongi crawled between Hoseok’s thighs and hovered for a moment, wanting to drag this out as long as possible. He kissed the inside of the other boy’s thighs, biting and sucking until he finally got what he wanted, which was for Hoseok to start begging.

“Yoongi baby, please let me come, I wanna see my come all over your pretty face, please, Yoongi, fuck,” he whined, fingers gripping the bedsheets for dear life trying not to touch himself. His voice was no longer his to control, whining and groaning every time Yoongi so much as brushed against his skin. He needed to come, he needed it more than he needed to breathe.

When Yoongi put his mouth back on Hoseok’s cock it was like nothing he had ever felt before. Every nerve in his body was focused on Yoongi’s tongue, on the warm wetness of his mouth and how pretty he looked with his mouth stretched around him. It was only a minute or so before he was ready to come again, his toes curling and thighs tightening around Yoongi.

And then Yoongi had a bright idea. Wouldn’t it be just great if he pulled off one more time, made Hoseok wait that much longer.

Hoseok did not think that would be great. He felt Yoongi’s tongue slowing, his mouth moving up, and he was not having any of it. His grip on Yoongi’s hair tightened, and he pushed him down hard on his cock.

“You’re gonna be a good boy and make me come now, aren’t you Yoongi?”

He whimpered around Hoseok’s cock and responded by moving so that Hoseok was even deeper inside of him, pressing against the back of his throat. He gagged, the pressure sending Hoseok deep into the throes of his long awaited orgasm.

He came first into Yoongi’s mouth, and then pulled out quickly so that he could spill onto his face. The mouth that he had been practically fucking was replaced by hands, and Hoseok thrusted and screamed until his muscles were weak and his body was drenched in sweat.

Yoongi licked his lips and wiped the come from his eyes, something about the feeling of semen on his skin painfully arousing to him. He loved when Hoseok came for him, loved the taste and the smell and the feel of it, but more than that, he loved Hoseok.

“Good boy,” Hoseok mumbled between loud shallow breaths, “fuck Yoongi, that’s so good. God, you’re so pretty with my come on you. If I had the energy for another boner, believe me, I’d have one.”

“I love your come. And you. Mostly your come.” Yoongi teased, still wiping come from his face with his fingers and sticking the fingers in his mouth.

“That’s all I am to you, Isn’t it?” Hoseok teased, “I’m just a cute and breathing come dispenser.”

“You nailed it, honestly.” Yoongi laughed, and laid his head beside his boyfriend’s.

“I love you.” He whispered, so softly it was almost inaudible, but Hoseok heard.
“I love you too, nerd. Go wash your face.”